First S. Korean F-35A stealth fighter aircraft makes public debut at rollout ceremony
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First S. Korean F-35A stealth fighter aircraft makes public debut at rollout ceremony

August 29, 2019

South Korea’s first F-35A stealth fighter
jet was unveiled at a rollout ceremony in Texas on Wednesday. It’s considered the most advanced fighter
aircraft ever built,… and is expected to improve South Korea’s air defense capabilities. Park Ji-won has more. The first South Korean F-35A fighter aircraft
made its public debut at a rollout ceremony held at Lockheed Martin’s assembly line in
Texas on Wednesday local time. Some 450 key defense and military officials,…
from the South Korean Air Force and U.S. Air Force,… as well as other officials and politicians
from both countries,.. attended the ceremony. South Korea’s Vice Defense minister Suh Choo-suk
and the South Korean Air Force’s Vice Chief of Staff Lee Seong-yong were among the attendees. In a video message, South Korea’s defense
minister Song Young-moo dubbed the fifth-generation stealth aircraft as the world’s best fighter
jet,… saying the deployment of the F-35A will greatly enhance the nation’s ability
to secure its sovereign airspace. Six F-35A aircraft will be manufactured for
South Korea this year,.. and will be delivered to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona,.. where
South Korean fighter pilots will train with the jets,… before they are delivered to
Cheongju Air Base in South Korea next March. By 2021,… the South Korean air force will
have 40 F-35A aircraft. The F-35As are equipped with radar evasion
capabilities,… and are expected to significantly enhance the country’s defense against North
Korea. Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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