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First Time Flying | Lele Pons

September 27, 2019

Excuse me miss? Can you help me? Where is this, um Seat? Welcome, in the back. Oh and when can i order a drink? Please take your seat. It’s my first time flying so I’m really no risk. Please take your seat. I’m new here please be nice to me.You know. Please take your seat or i’m gonna punch you in the face! What… Diana it’s been like two weeks bro so if she got one eye, I don’t care I’m still tryna’ Smash Excuse me um…so set it up when I’m i sit there Go ahead Me? Yeah go ahead go ahead Your not gonna stand up? Yeah but um like i said bro i mean i’m out for honesty whatever bro.. i do.. Can you put this down! Yeah i still *Gibberish* I smash bro you know what i’m saying?It’s fine. Maybe you could… *hits head* Yo man my bad yo this girl tweakn’ bro but.. yo back to them drugs. What’s good with that bro? Hi i’m Lele this is my first time on a plane YOU DON’T HAVE A ROSARY! Lele: No… They say your chances of survival are higher if you have a Rosary. I’ll pray for you. (POPS GUM IN FRONT OF HER) (???) Excuse me? MISS! Can I switch seats? Please take your seat. Ok. (Sounding sad) You, I love you, I love you, I love you so much. How do I get so lucky? (Indirect Chattering) Good afternoon everyone. This is your Pilot Kyle speaking. I’d like to welcome you aboard flight number 742. With Non-stop service to Houston, Texas Ehh Buon Pommeritto tutti questo. Why is he talking Italian when we’re going to Texas? (Pilot)We’ll be experiencing minor turbulence. But overall. (Guy on the phone) Bro, just put the money in a bag, bro. (Guy on the phone) I set everything else up for you. (Guy on the phone) All you got to do, is put the money in the bag and take it to my grandma, bro. (Guy on the phone) I told you. (Pilot)Please prepare the cabin for take off. Thank you everyone. Enjoy the flight. Pilot out. The most dangerous time on a plane. Is three minutes after take off. And we are about to take off. It’s happening! It’s happening!! I’m gonna go to sleep. *Guy farts * *Lele sniffs the air in disgust* What? We all fart. Can I… Can you put that down please? No. Why? In the case of an emergency. Ok. (Sounding bugged) Ya Leave it up. Just you know what. I’m just gonna. *Little kid starts kicking Leles seat* DUDE!!! CONTROL YOUR KID! Hey, shut up. Yeah, shut up. Your serious right now!!! Show some respect, that’s my son. Oh! Ha! I’m disrespectful? Oh, sorry. Watch the language and shut your mouth Yeah, shut up. Shut up? (Shocked) Shut up? Ok cool. Ok cool okay. *baby crying* Psst!! Excuse me, sir. Can you just? Isn’t he so cute? He’s only three months old and he’s so loud. I don’t care about your baby. Don’t worry, your have your turn to hold him. No, I don’t want to hold your baby. I think everybody here is really happy to have a beautiful baby like this beside them. It’s fine! You know, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom. Just, gonna go to the bathroom. (Couple) You ready to go to the bathroom? I’ve never done “it” in the bathroom. Come on, it will be fun. It’s a rush. Alright, let’s go. Follow me. No, no, no, no, no. Um, sweetie, this is first class i think you have it a little confused. Oh, no, no, no, I just wanted to pee. No, no, no. We don’t have peasants here. Oh hold on, she can pee. Yeah. Exactly, I just want to pee. I just want to pee Back there where you belong. This is first class. So you better get out of here. This has nothing to do with money. My father paid a lot of money for me to sit in this seat, and not gonna share my bathroom with you? Ok? I don’t really want to breathe the same air as you right now. Ok, don’t worry about it. I’m gonna pee over there. You won’t see me again. Good Not like I want to see you again. No I don’t want to see you again. Ahhh!!! Not so fast. Get back there. You’re in trouble. I know. I still need to pee though. That was quick babe. Not quick enough. *gasps* She’s just jealous. Worst day of my life. Anything else!?! Howdee, hahaha. I’m your captain Kyle, yeah. Yeah I just came out here cause you know out here cause my co-pilot you know went to the bathroom, and it got lonely. You know how that goes. Uhh. Uhh, that’s a little turbulence. TURBULENCE!?! Were experiencing unexpected turbulence. Please, take your seat. *screaming* WHAT THE HELL!!! ¡Lea la descripción y suscríbase a Lele Pons!

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  1. I would've literally punched the kid in the face or did something worse t him if he kicked my sit and annoyed me no joke XD
    I would've been like BOI IF YOU DONTTT

  2. Flight attendant: please take your seat
    Lele:well it's my first flight
    Flight attendant: please take your seat or I'll punch you in the face 😀😁😁😀😀😀

  3. If you look closely, when lele hits her head on the roof of the plane, the little space where she put her stuff opens 🤣

  4. There was an ad in the beginning of the video it was a Chapters ad showing a girl that looked like Lele crying and meeting a girl who a second later got drunk trying to have sex with the girl that looked like Lele when she was drunk


  5. The first time I flew I was about 4 and every single time I had to sit down I started screaming but when I was able to stand… I was okay.

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