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Fish Out Of Water! iOS iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 27, 2019

The success of Jetpack Joyride has given Halfbrick
Studios a kind of blueprint for future releases to follow. Fish Out Of Water! is the latest
from the Aussie studio, however you’ll be trading in your skilled trigger finger for
something a little more relaxed. The aim of the game is to score as high as
possible from a panel of crabs. Each one will assign you an individual score (ala gymnastics)
and your final is the average of them all – just watch out for the final crab as he’ll
mark you down for no reason at all. Actually, all the judges have their own quirks, and
in knowing them all you can hopefully satisfy what they’re looking for in each of your attempts. “Attempt what?” I hear you screaming. If you’re
familiar with the many long-distance slingshot style games on the App Store, then you’ll
already know what you’re in for here. At its most basic level all you have to do is take
one of the fish (or mammals) at the start of the stage, fling them with a swipe, and
watch them fly, skip, and bounce. However, if that’s all the game offered you’d
probably not even give it a second glance before ignoring it. Thankfully each fish (or
mammal) you choose from sports a unique trait, be it speedy, streamlined skipping, to gracefully
jumping through the waves, to slowly, but surely bouncing around rough oceans. I say thankful because each hour the weather
within the game will change (sometimes drastically), forcing you to think carefully about how to
get the best score. You’ll be motivated to do your best thanks to: the carefully scaling
mission system and its clever way of teaching players new skills; also, by joining a ‘league’
you can participate in a global team effort to see who can get the best overall score. Though by far, the best feature of the game
is the way it feels. Each animal has a distinct weight and buoyancy that feels gorgeous when
swiping and interacts with the beautifully rendered world. It’s hard not to spend a moment
or two enjoying the detail that has gone in to such wonderful visuals. As such it’s a shame to say the game (excuse
the pun) flounders in terms of depth and variety. Despite all the animals to choose from, and
all the environments the game throws at you (not to mention the temporary power ups you
can craft with gems), it all feels far too same-y no matter what you do. The missions
provide some direction, but it regularly deviates from the core gameplay in a way that’s less
exciting than watching fish bounce. Early adopters will no doubt get their fill
and it’s definitely worth playing once it goes free, just be wary of Fish Out Of Water!’s
initial lack of variety.

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  1. Knowing Halfbrick, I'm sure there's at least some chance of the game going free at some point.

    Also, I'm guessing the narrow-eyed red crab on the far right is the "Simon Cowell" of the game.

  2. Awesome review. I 100% agree. The game is interesting and enjoyable, however with a lack of any real progression it can get repetitive. That's why the game seems to focus so heavily on leaderboards. Even a coin system used purely to buy accessories for your fish would have been cool. As well as this, not many of my friends play ios games, so I have no one to compete with :/

  3. give it a month and im sure it will go free. it would have been wonderful if they added HATS! or at least different fish you could purchase with ingame currency, from the score you get.

  4. I agree with this review. The game is nice and all but after a couple hours of playing youve pretty much experienced everything the game has to offer. Wish there were around 50 fishes to choose from to make it seem really chaotic but the selection is weak. Plus, it doesnt have that addictive game play like fruit ninja

  5. Thanks for the review, definitely waiting til this one goes freemium. I loved Jetpack Joyride but this looks kind of boring.

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