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August 23, 2019

Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 for more superhero action. We are right back where we left
off about to go and check out this Fisk Hideout over here in our new spider suit but first we’re just gonna pick up this surveillance tower up here to
uncover more of the map. I don’t know if it’s gonna help out we’re gonna do it
anyway and if you haven’t already done so make sure you hit that subscribe
button and the notification bell down below the video so you get a
notification to your device every time I upload and as always guys thank you all
for your ongoing support. Let’s do this then let’s descramble this tower wanna do
it and there we go so we’ve activated 1 out of 3 towers in this district and now
of course we unlock all the backpacks and things like that around here as well
which I’ve decided we’re gonna pick up just when we have a bit of spare time
between missions but not enough time to really take on a new mission so here we
go we’re level 4 it’s two backpacks here we’ll get those at some point but we’re
gonna go and do this Fisk hideout because I saw our next mission
how big is the map it’s pretty big isn’t it
anyway let’s head over to this fiscal then and see what this is all about I
guess it’s probably just like a case of clearing some enemies out or something
but it’s the main mission we’ve got an amazing instruction site there’s a lot
of guys here aren’t exactly constructing I want to go find out
huh just got a text from doc looks like he attached an idea for us
Spidey gadget man does he ever stop inventing press that to open the gadget
page woo web-shooters rapid fire web shooters shoot enemies near halls to
stick them to the walls okay we can craft that was that impact web powerful
web blast instantly web sup enemies okay we’ve got craft fur okay I’m not new gadgets with tokens or
parts found in missions you can use tokens upgrade and tokens were complying
side missions okay also we’ve got that and then we can upgrade them so we’ve
now got a better web this looks like it could work hold l1 to bring up the
gadget use R to select impact web tap r1 to fight in the awesome dad could be
proud oh okay anyway patrols to draw out real reinforcements okay bonus
objectives performed 10 finishes and web 5 enemies to the walls whoops okay then I’m here it doesn’t
matter we’re just gonna do it this way I was
going to trend it stealthily but I think there’s probably too many of them
oh that’s that new Dodge thing you’ve got isn’t it where when you actually
execute the perfect dodge you web them in the face so it blinds them
temporarily it’s pretty damn cool if you ask me nice try running away me there’s a lot
guys here I love it when you kick one into the other one I mean that is pretty
cool isn’t finishing life I hope that Dale’s that wedding is so cool spider
sensible whatever that is I guess Pete dodged a certain amount of attacks oh
man they’re so cool but there’s a lot of guys here isn’t there we’re actually
doing alright though so far we’re not really taking any damage then that would
probably be famous last words Wayne it yeah there we go wave three well saw this way it’s
business you have to get through like a certain little waves or something
oh crap look at that oh that gun running here oh he’s got like some so stun stick
I’m gonna get hit with that this is cool isn’t it okay what do we have to do to
that guy again I mean you can just wear them to the war I suppose well some sort
of okay some sort of light flash grenade there and now she did there’s new suit
comes of a suit power a current suit power continuously builds focus press L
free and are free to activate the suit what does I actually do about the focus
let’s make you more likely to do good attacks instead Wallace is pretty cool actually of God
is another story so what I’m guessing is gonna be like five waves or something
tonight you want to test that feeling crap
I’m about to die how did I take that much damage okay I died really sure what
happened I think it was something to do like Renee to the got chucked and maybe
I didn’t see the grenade come in or something it’s really annoying that
these guys can get back up there we go I mean it’s lucky there it doesn’t take
you all the way back it’s quite helpful actually
I just blown up by his own grenade am I like to think you have but you haven’t where time I still don’t really
understand what happened there for me to die is it like a grenade or something now a final wave here we go I only see
don’t think you guys have might be clutching at straws a little bit they’re being targeted by something like oh I see it’s like an RPG what’s
not like an RPG isn’t happy gee isn’t it sure who’s Gloria whoa okay it does pack
a bit of a punch doesn’t it let’s go up here and take this guy out
bye have a nice flight oh crap how do we do with these shitty
guys again there was a special button come on it wasn’t there did we just have to wait for him to
attack and we can we definitely can’t whip him see depends how bad you are me
we don’t avoid him we can look didn’t really do any damage though can we do
something with that well we can look they would go focus buyers for either we go he completed it okay so I
wasn’t too bad all those guys cool there we go oh we didn’t perform 10 finishes
that’s annoying what – bass token so wherever they s we’ll take those down
and we learn more bass tokens I see wait hand obviously we can still earn so do
they just stay there forever what does it say yeah I guess it just stays there
forever that’s kind of weird okay fair enough if I’m gonna find all the physics
construction sites I should recalibrate my mapping software
to be more accurate using a depth map post-process on photos up some of you
flying much should do it and I know just the one to start with go
to the vantage point okay it’s not too far away 600 meters landmarking so I guess we’re
still almost in a sort of tutorial for some extent now that was cool wasn’t it God the web slinging I say every episode
but is so flippin cool it never gets old good ol Empire State time to grab a
snapshot okay press up to equip your camera hold l2 to aim when the
viewfinder turns green press r1 to take a picture that’ll do and won’t discover
it to be recalibrated now okay focus locks flip I know there’s a lot
collectibles in this game so now I’ve got landmarks as well
geez okay I mean this isn’t gonna be a 100% play through that I’m kind of
tempted to do a lot of the collectibles never mind if I will carry on let’s disable the Custer leap hello
Peter its Martin Lee I just wanted to let you know we need a little extra time
to get set for Mays party I guess the cake delivery is stuck in
traffic oh sure thing just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll swing by
great okay got some time to kill let’s see what’s happening out in the
city explore City to upgrade your gear and abilities also we’re literally just
gonna look around the city a little bit what missions do we have them suits
gadgets skills missions here we go well currently unavailable
brilliant it said there was a side mission anyway we’ve got an upgrade
haven’t we yeah we’ve got one point available do we want any of these
increases perched eight downrange whole triangle t-yong swarms of enemies hands
that might be useful what other things do we have swing kick might be useful I might go for this for now take the guns
out of their hands tonight it just feels like it’d be quite a good thing to have
so we can kill a bit of time until we see it oh let us update it now so we can
kill a bit of time let’s collect this backpack here and then we’ll wait for
the next mission to go live so that’s quite cool see you sort of get little
bits of time in between missions where it doesn’t give you anything to do so
you have to explore and I kind of like that I wouldn’t say it forces the free roam
stuff on you but it encourages it and that’s nice get to explore the city a
bit alright here we go they would prototype tried mixing up a
prototype web fluid at Oscorp while Harry had his internship there work that
place has always been bad luck for me yeah you can say that again
Peter good news I think smooth things over with the grant committee if Lance
Corporal types endorse fitting tomorrow goes well we should be okay
that’s fantastic doc we’re back on track provisionally as long as our little
incident escape the mayor’s attention – definitely it’ll go great we’re gonna
change the world doc I’ll settle for not starting any more fires indeed right
there’s something going on here there’s an assault let’s go and check that out
that’s happening literally right beneath us on a rooftop do you believe that okay
bit busy mr. Lee can we can we practice like taking that
gun of him oh we can look that’s pretty cool I’m glad I bought that okay here we go
oh I was gonna use the finishing oh there we go why are you up on a roof how did you
even get up here like what are you actually doing up here
it’s a pretty weird place to get assaulted I don’t know so we can go and
do that that’s our next mission I think I’m going to collect up a couple of
things over here though these four things and then we’ll go and do that
mission so I think that’s the way I’m gonna play okay if we go here first get
this one and then we’ll go around the other way I think that’s the way I’ll
probably play it do a mission do a bit of collectible hunting or side-missions
stuff then do another mission seems like a nice varied way to play the game
doesn’t it I might cut out some of the web-swing in this stuff later I don’t really want to cut too much help
I like my let’s plays to be pretty much like you sitting here watching me play
the game playing it with me I like to explore everything on the game so that’s
what I’m planning on doing with it can we take that picture from here doesn’t
look like it does it okay let’s try actually getting onto the
bridge Yeah right wonder why we have to take this from maybe over here hmm okay so is here honestly don’t know maybe we have to come over here to take
it it’s definitely here isn’t it oh there
we go we have to see we had to leave the camera thing I can’t afford to live I forgot to actually zoom the camera in
that helps isn’t it what an idiot alright let’s go over to this one see
how no that’s all the side missions and collectibles and things on everyone’s
cup of tea but that’s the way I’m gonna play this let’s play what welcome there Confucius Plaza wisdom right about now
hmm interesting all right let’s get this backpack where
is it just over here I’m also gonna like look at what comes in the backpacks and
things like that as well I like to go in depth with in sign up my injured
shoulder eventually healed the bill took a lot longer to pay two and a half
thousand dollars guessing that was as a result of some sort of spider-man
related injury it’s pretty cool and there’s also a landmark just over here
isn’t that yet tree right around this corner hmm well know what it is sit ah Street the Main Street Oak Street
touristy but fun OSE wondered what I was about right okay let’s head over towards
our maze I’m guessing is our maze it’s for a party anyway which is our next
main mission but yeah we can see on this district we’ve got quite a lot of stuff
is quite a lot locked as well so I don’t know what will those things are I’m sure
we’ll find out the more we play and so I think I will call an episode here guys
and we will check out this next quest mission whatever you want to call it
where we do our maze party in the next one so as always guys thank you very
much for watching if you enjoyed the video click on that like button really
does little channels grow so I do appreciate it make sure you hit that
subscribe button and the notification but if in you or just haven’t already
done so and I’ll see you all next time

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  1. Also use objects as weapons when you can. It's a very useful and damaging mechanic. The Doc is such a nice guy. But you know things in general are going to fall apart, because Spidey is always lucky and fortunate. I like that idea too. Have a mix between main and side content.

  2. Hell yeah Spiderman!!! Great game for the channel! This game is so amazing. This is what I'm talking about 💥KICK HIS ASS!!🐷💯

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