Fixed Wireless Mouse Not Working | Wireless Mouse Keeps Disconnecting
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Fixed Wireless Mouse Not Working | Wireless Mouse Keeps Disconnecting

August 24, 2019

Hello guys, what is up.It’s Anna Fan here from TechAply, welcome back to this channel, hope you guys have a wonderful
day. In today’s video I’m gonna quickly show you how to fix the disconnecting problem on
your wireless mouse. So, let’s get started okay here is a my mouse and some of the
times, it stays like stucking. The mouse pointer doesn’t work on the laptop computer. One of the reason is your USB receiver has problems, so you may replace a new one. If your USB receiver is still working fine then
another problem should be with the battery. So, in this video I’m going to
show you how to realize if you have a loose battery contacts and how to fix it
in a very easy way okay. The easiest way to know if your
battery is getting loosened inside its battery tray is if you hold your mouse
up and then you do like this and then you hear the sound of the battery is you
know clicking on the battery box and now how to fix it okay. First of all, turn off
your wireless mouse, and next you open the tray and get the battery out.
Alright, so let me show you where is the battery contact. One of the battery
contacts is here and this one is another battery contact. So, if you
don’t see any problem with the battery contact mostly it doesn’t have any
problem here or here because you know, it is the inside of your mouse. It
cannot have much of the problem. It’s already fitted there in its frame,
but why the battery getting losing so how are you gonna fix it ? It’s quite
easy guy this video will show you how fix it with a plastic bag ok so yeah
I’ve got a plastic bag like this We’re gonna go and cut this plastic bag,
so after you cut your now what you’re gonna do is
fold the piece of plastic bag into two or three times
folding like this. Twice is ok. Alright, now you hold your battery and you start rolling it up onto your battery. You
don’t need to roll over both sides of the battery you just leave it here make
it make sure that is the in the middle is okay alright so you’ve got a very nice
rolling already. So, next step you know go and put it in put this side into these
mouse contact and then press the mouse in. Alright, so the battery will not be
loosen again. Let me show you how. You get the tray on and now you didn’t hear that big sounds anymore. The sounds coming into is coming from
this roller and now you can start using your mouse without any disconnecting
problem on your laptop computer. Thank you so much for watching this video I’m Anna Fan from TechAply. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more
videos later on. Bye for now.

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