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August 24, 2019

Who is faster The Flash or Dash from The
Incredibles. Let’s take a look into this. This video will be part of a new series
I’m doing called the vs. series where I compare the two people who have the same
powers and find out who is better, so if you want to see more like this please
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section what other superheroes you want to do next. So in this video we’ll be
taking a look at who is faster between two of the fastest people ever, we will
be comparing their speeds, for the flash you’ll be using the speed for the CW TV
show version and now that we talked about the Flash let’s start off by
calculating his speed. So in season two of episode 16 of the flash, Barry fails
to run across a cliff at escape velocity Harry: “So to reach escape velocity you’re gonna
have to go.. that fast” Barry: “Well that fast is impossible, I can promise you that.” However, at the end of the episode he’s able to do it after trying
really hard so knowing that he struggled to run at escape velocity at first, you
could say that his top speed is about escape velocity, but how much is that?
Well Harry tells us that he has to run at Mach 3.3 in order to reach escape
velocity but is that true let’s take a look at the physics of this. Escape
velocity is the speed you need to move across the ground to escape the
gravitational pull so if you kept on running you would end up in space, instead of going around the world so the escape velocity really depends on
how strong the gravity is, but since we are all on earth the escape velocity of
Earth is 11 kilometers per second and if we convert that to miles per hour we’ll
get a number closer 24,000 miles per hour and Mach 3 is only 2,500 miles per
hour making escape velocity almost 10 times what they claimed in the show, so
completely disregarding what Harry had said in that episode we know that his
top speed is around 24,000 miles per hour.
However, later in the season Barry gets a tachyon enhancer which allows him to run
at four times his original speed if we multiply his top speed before by four,
we get a number around ninety eight thousand miles per hour.
Now that we know Barry’s top speed let’s take a look at Dash’s top speed. Dash as we
know can travel on water which is pretty impressive,
however traveling on water only requires you to run at around 30 meters per
second for an average child’s weight converting that to miles per hour we get
around 89 miles per hour which is nothing compared to how fast the flash
can run, but remember this is only the minimum speed Dash needs to run to be able
to run on water so he might be able to even run faster. If we take a look at the
scene where Bernie, Dash’s teacher, takes a video of Dash putting a thumb tack on his
chair we can actually find out how fast Dash is going. The Incredibles plays at 15
frames per second and if we look at that clip frame by frame we can tell that the
clip of Dash was either more than or equal to 15 frames per second as there are no
glitches or stops in that recording now the time it took for Dash to run to the
seat and go back was 5 frames and since this is recorded in 15 frames per second
it took him one third of a second to run that distance now let’s just find out
the distance the average desk length is 0.5 meters assuming the distance between
the desks are about 1 meter and the distance from the front desk to the
teachers chair is about 3 meters. If we add all that up we get a total of 8
meters but Dash didn’t just run to the chair he also went back to his seat, so
he ran a total of about 16 meters. Now we know he ran a total of 16 meters in one
third of a second so that means he ran 48 meters in one second in that clip.
Which is slightly faster than 30 meters per second, if we convert that to miles
per hour we get around 107 miles per hour which is still very far from the
Flash’s top speed. What’s surprising is that Dash isn’t even as fast as Barry when
he first started. Barry’s top was around 300 miles per hour when he first
got his speed which is about three times more than Dash’s speed
we don’t know that for sure maybe Dash will get faster in the next Incredibles
movie tell me what you think in the comment section down below. See you next

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  1. At 2:33 notice I said "AROUND 98,000mph" I am aware 24,000×4 isn't 98,000, as I used a calculator with all my calculations. 24,000 was a rounded number. Escape velocity is 24,556mph, so when multiplied by 4 the result is 98,224. Which I rounded down to 98,000mph.

  2. Let me tell something
    1. Can Dash go to the past or future
    2.Can Dash create lighting
    3.Has Dash created a different timeline
    4 .Is dash the fastest person alive?
    5.Has Dash increased his speed

    Ans: No

  3. i think barry is just advanced , cause following the logic dash and flash are both speedster and everything that barry can do so can dash, barry is faster then dash but as long as dash also a speedster, he can get just as fast as barry is and dont forget that dash is still a kid.

  4. so he is comparing a kid that can lut a tack on his teachers chair at 1 third of a second to barry allen that beat instant teleportation and can run at a speed of 23 tredicellion TIMES the speed of light

  5. Let’s be real, quicksilver could beat up dash, but quicksilver got beat up BY THE FLASH, so it’s an easy winner

  6. Guys he doesn’t stop time in flash time it’s a ability not based on speed, think about it the flash is way faster than jay garrick but jay Garrick still went into the flash time any speedster could do it but how fast they run determines how long they can hold flash time before it goes back to normal

  7. The flash is going times as fast as light and the dash not even one time as fast as light

  8. Well, compare the fastest runner in the world, to the fastest 10 year old. You can see how many times faster the adult runs and multiply it to dashes speed when he reaches adulthood.

    Also I don’t care what anyone says.

    Dash is faster

  9. Well the flash s more older then dash also tje flash has longer legs then dash that tells us why dash is slower

  10. Dash is also like 10 years old, give him time for his powers to mature and for his legs to get longer so he can take longer steps and then he might be faster 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Sonic versus the Kid Flash 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🎑🎑

  12. But we can all agree that nothing is Faster than The Wally West Flash from the comics :p he's literally faster than instant teleportation

  13. At the start of season 4 of the flash, Barry gained the speed to run through the star lab walls, and gained the ability to stop time

  14. Damn tho. Now with it being the end of season 5 he can run FASTER than light. So r.i.p dash. Flash is way faster.

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