Flight Attendants Reveal Secrets About Flying
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Flight Attendants Reveal Secrets About Flying

August 21, 2019

– Do not drink the
airplane bathroom water. (funky upbeat music) – Do people attempt to
join the Mile High Club? Yes, it is a big fantasy for everyone. Everyone tries to give
you a little tip money. – Pretty sure I had passengers
give each other hand jobs right in front of me. So what did I do? Well, offer ’em a warm towel. (laughs) – If you get caught doing
it, it’s a big deal. It’s a federal offense. – You get arrested, and you will be fined. You will be banned from the airline, and no more flying for you to Mexico. Do flight attendants
talk about passengers? Yes, all the time. Oh my gosh. That’s the first thing out of our mouth. – We always know what’s
going on with our passengers. From the moment they step on that plane, there should be a greeter
up at the front saying, welcome aboard, and at that moment we know if we’ve got, you know,
a newlywed couple going on their honeymoon, or somebody
who’s a first time flyer who says, I’m nervous,
I’m a first time flyer. Most of the time, they’ll
tell us, or they’ll give us some type of cue. – First of all, when you’re
boarding, we’re always checking you out, seeing
who’s the sexy one, and then we rate, and like
okay, who’s the hottest guy in coach; or girl. Who’s the hottest guy,
or girl in first class. And then who’s the hottest
person in the whole plane. So if you see us in the
back talking and giggling and looking at the
passengers, that’s most likely because I’m talking about you. What is potable water? How is it used on a plane? – It’s the water we
use for the lavatories, and for the coffee. The same water. I’ll leave that up to you if
you wanna drink your coffee. – I wouldn’t drink the coffee on a plane. They don’t clean the tubes
where the water goes. So you’re drinking all of that. So if you want water, get
it from the bottled water. – What is the dirtiest
part of an airplane? Definitely the floor. The floor gets used and abused. People are walking all around that floor, bringing stuff in, taking
stuff off, dropping things. – Do not walk barefoot on that airplane. Especially going to the lavatory. – Everyone’s always
walking around barefoot, and getting like, fungus or something. – I see people walk in
barefoot in the lavatory and I’m like, oh, that’s
a lot of confidence. – Bring your own Chlorox wipes. No guarantee if those tray tables or seats get cleaned after every flight. – In between flights, they
do clean, but what they mean by cleaning is they vacuum
the carpet and, they do wipe down the lavatories,
but every single tray table, no, they don’t wipe that down. They only do that only if
the plane is like, sitting in the airport for like,
overnight or something. – How can a passenger
get into first class? Well, they can buy a ticket. – Upgrade your life. (laughs)
Work harder. You gotta buy a ticket, man. There’s just no way. – Or, they can ask a flight attendant. Never hurts to ask. If they can talk their
way into it, some of them, and they ask nicely, they
can get into first class. I’ve seen it done before. – We’re not supposed to,
but if you’re really cute, we just say, hey, come over. I’d rather have you over here. – If you guys are gonna
be asking, you ask before the plane takes off. – If you wanna get anything
free on an airplane, it’s actually pretty easy. Just be super nice to
your flight attendants. If you’re having like, a
drink or two, I’ve met a lot of flight attendants
that would just be like, oh, I’ll come back and charge you later, and they never come back. – Are diet drinks the worst
drinks to order on a flight? Diet cola is literally the
worst drink to pour on a flight. The bubbles, for some
reason, they never go down. They’re so fizzy. So we’ll open the can,
and pour it, and we’ll literally just wait. – That fizz takes so long
to de-fizz that I coulda poured a whole plane drinks by the time that Diet Coke de-fizzes. If you order a Diet Coke
with me, you’ll probably get the whole can, ’cause I
don’t got time for all that. – Well, thanks for watching. Hopefully you learned some
important, helpful tips for your next flight. Be nice to your flight
attendant, and b’bye. – Have a good day. – Good bye. (upbeat music) – So be nice to your flight
attendants, just like you would be nice to your
waitresses and puppy dogs. We’re just there for your safety, dang it.

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  1. I’m a bartender and I can tell you for a fact that these people don’t tilt the glasses when they pour diet coke. Carbonated drinks and plastic cups don’t go well together, especially if you don’t tilt the glass 😂

  2. I think I might’ve drunk the airplane bathroom water. I was on a ten hour flight and when i asked for water they gave me the grossest water imaginable. So while I was in the bathroom after washing my hands I M I G H T have drunk from the sink. But I can’t remember. And now I feel like I should be quarantined.

  3. not all of them are flight attendants, there’s Fly With Stella and she’s a lovely person and she is a real flight attendant, but others were just reading off a script.

  4. I’m so glad that they can figure out that someone is a first time flyer when they say, “ I’m a first time flyer”

  5. I heard you can get into first class if you’re underage and travelling alone but i’m too shy to ask for that so… 10h eco flight for me!

  6. Tbh I’m just nice to everybody, I try to be anyway doesn’t always work out but that’s how I was raised

  7. Very disappointing to hear some of the comments that were mentioned about the aircrafts environment. I hope every airlines assures a quality cleanliness for every travelers and employees to avoid any disturbing reports like these guys on the video…

  8. Hmmm ne ěčum šalje amerivno hcvo z ěnlejz udžma žno Ohpojčka Evròpa zo hmiši s étetu vòtom èto ilkiče

  9. My mums friend is a percer(head air steward) for Emirates and confirmed that the taps for coffee are cleaned regularly and the bathroom water is not the same as the coffee

  10. Just FYI, tray tables are the dirtiest (bacteria-wise) part of a plane. ANTIBACTERIAL HAND GEL y'all, before and after you touch those.

  11. Now I'm self-conscious bc I have motion sickness but my parents make us travel A LOT and I throw up everytime, so nice to know people judge me.

  12. One time when i was 12 i flew alone from new york to florida cause i had just visited family and there was this grown man sitting next to me that i could tell had just finished smoking, so i asked if i could mov and they brought me to first class ksbaja

  13. oh lol once i was seperated from my parents on an airplane and i got a ton of free stuff from the flight attendent
    interesting fact: i never wanted to sit with my parents either way

  14. I’ve watched this before becoming cabin crew, and I’ve watched it after becoming cabin crew so here’s my take:

    I seem to have a lot less insane passengers than them.

  15. Last year when i was in the airplane me and my family snuck into first class by just walking into first class 😂

  16. After watching those entire videos of people revealing secrets about hotels, restaurants and now airplanes, I came to realise that the world is a disgusting place, especially when we have to be around people for specific purposes….

  17. When I was 11 I was flying by myself and was sitting next to a stranger so they moved me to first class for free and I got free food!

  18. i’ve ordered 2 vodka cranberries on a flight from vegas to Philly and the attendant told me she’d come back and never did. it helps if you use manners! 🙂

  19. "If you see us talking and giggling and looking at you, it's probably because I'm talking about you." Well there goes my self-esteem.

  20. I don’t think I could be a flight attendant. Because I’m a person who always gets anxiety because I think the plane may crash every. Single. Time.

  21. My brother flew alone from New Zealand to Bangladesh, they upgraded his ticket from economy class to business class for free and on his return (he extended his ticket for like 2 weeks or so) again he was upgraded to business class for free idfk how my brother has some good luck

  22. When she said be nice to you flight attendants like your waitresses and puppy dogs all I could think about is how my dad isn’t nice to either of them so good luck

  23. Y’all said I can’t get high on flights without getting in trouble?! Two words: pot brownies. 😋🤤🥴

  24. “What’s the dirtiest place in a plane”: definitely the floor

    Me: thinks back to the time I was seven and slept on the floor coz the chair wasn’t comfortable enough I regret life

  25. I’m always super nice to people who have to serve me but I never had an idea to ask for free stuff. Am I a sucker?

  26. my mom and my grandma were flying out to see my cousins once, and there was a family who wanted to sit next to each other where they were, so my mom and grandma got upgraded to first class for free 🙂

  27. Yeah i was once wiping down my tray with the wipe i was given and the flight attendant said, "yeah that's probably a good idea".

  28. My mom went to Jamaica when she was about 6-8 months pregnant with me and they were giving her snacks and alcohol which she couldn’t drink

  29. Asking to be upgraded to First Class is actually possible. My brother tried it once and his experience for the whole flight was first class while I was stuck at Business Class. I also have families who owns some parts of the airport and some who work very high on top and told me that if you just ask some people will let you upgrade, even at the desk where you get your tickets.

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