“Flight Into Terror” | Father Ted | Series 2 Episode 10 | Dead Parrot
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“Flight Into Terror” | Father Ted | Series 2 Episode 10 | Dead Parrot

September 6, 2019

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  1. I'm exactly like Ted in this episode.. when things are going fine I tend to worry and become anxious, but when things go to shit I feel mentally prepared because I spent all that time worrying about every possible scenario in which something can go wrong.

  2. I'll tell how much of a telephone for dogs that joke phone is. First squeak out of it while watching this vid and my dog appeared by my side with an expectant look.

  3. I was Ted at 06:00 yesterday! Our plane got into a spot of bother and I was absolutely terrified! Prayed to The Good Lord Above and thought of happy thoughts. We landed safe and sound at another airport.

  4. Sorry but I really don't like the monkey priest. I feel like he's trying to outdo Father Jack on the "crazy old guy" shtick. Plus I just hate monkeys.

  5. Fun fact: The pilot is played by Gerard Murphy, who has been in a number of things like Waterworld, Doctor Who and Batman Begins.

  6. "He doens't know he's a priest" is the best line of this episode, until 11:32 at least! Thank you so much for puttin' this on, Dead Parrot!!

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