Floating Social Media Icon Plugin for WordPress in Action (Updated User Interface..More Features)
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Floating Social Media Icon Plugin for WordPress in Action (Updated User Interface..More Features)

September 1, 2019

Welcome to the Presentation.. Here we have a wordpress blog/website which have no social media icons or buttons which links to the profile To add social media button. We need to install Floating Social Media Plugin From WordPress Plugin Directory.. To install a plugin.. We need to go to wordpress admin… Go to plugins to install a new plugin.. Now Click On Add New Now Search For the Plugin to Install Here we go.. Floating Social Media Icon plugin From Acurax Now Click On Install to Install this plugin… Click on Activate Plugin to Activate the plugin… Yes.. We just activated the plugin Floating Social Media Icon Now go to plugin settings to configure the plugin.. Settings is just above the Appearance Option called Acx Social Icons These are the Icon styles that u can choose…. We releasing updates frequently with more designs on each update.. Click on any design to select that design.. You can also select a size for the icons.. Here we configure our social media URL’s There is 2 kind of display modes that we will explain in a few seconds.. you can also enable or disable Credit Link.. Yes.. Here it is now displaying the icons.. because we just configured it..See them on right bottom corner It floats according scroll with animation.. πŸ™‚ Selecting another design… Reloading Page… Wow see the icons are now in new design.. Changing the icon size.. See the size changed… I am sure u noticed on last previews.. there was no google plus icon.. coz we not defined the url.. now we definig a value in that field.. So fields which have value will only display on frontend.. Now it showing google places.. coz we defined a value for that field.. Changing the design… Design Changed…. I am sure you noticed a link “Web Design” Just below the icons.. its backlink to our website.. Dont Worry, If you dont need, then you can disable it.. See its gone now.. πŸ™‚ Happy na? Just Changed the size again.. Now we are going to play with display modes.. watch carefully, you will understand them clearly.. Making them manual So now.. its not showing.. coz we selected manual.. we need to add code somewhere we need to show them.. got it? Watch Carefully.. You will understand how to add them using php code and shortcode.. Now we copying this php code and going to place on footer of the theme…to show icon on footer of our website/blog Reloading Page… See now icon appears on footer.. but no scroll animation.. because we placed it manually.. so no animation Now removing them… Reloading.. and after reload you can see its gone… Now we using shortcode to display the icon manually… We are going to place them on one of the post starting.. watch it carefully to understand clearly… See it appears on post starting.. Now removing them…. Reloaded.. its gone… Now changing display mode back to automatic.. Reloading.. and see its now loaded automatic and it has the animation… Changing Style Again.. Its just to show u and make it more clear for you.. πŸ™‚ Just making it more clear.. how to hide other icons if you only have twitter and facebook… Reloaded.. see it just showin the only 2.. that is Twitter and Facebook Changing Size.. so it looks more neat.. Added Youtube URL also.. so it will show twitter facebook and youtube.. Hope you got how it works…. Now we moving to Help Section.. so watch what all you can see on help section…. Clicking on www.acurax.com or any of those links will open our website and corresponding service page.. πŸ™‚ Yes its our website… The Developers behind this small plugin.. Our Contribution to Great Opensource WordPress… Few Frequently Asked Questions…. Going Back to Plugin Settings.. Watch and you will understand what we are doing now… I dont think.. i need to explain them again.. πŸ™‚ Yes.. Now We Certified You.. You are now an expert to use this plugin.. Hope the video was clear for you to understand clearly… Thank you for watching…. Thanks for your interest in our plugin… We are here always for any of your wordpress or web related needs… www.acurax.com Thanks Again… Have a great day… — Team Acurax – www.AcuraX.com

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  1. Thanks man, this is our old version video.. check our site acurax.com/products/floating-social-media-icon-plugin-wordpress/ now we have Pinterest support πŸ™‚

  2. this plugin is great! one thing missing tho.. the "PINTEREST" button.. guys please add PINTEREST. and it would be perfect!=)

  3. Yes, PINTEREST is ALREADY ADDED.. This is old version video. Please check our website or wordpress plugin page to see the updated feature list πŸ™‚

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for being with us, In our premium version, there is option to add 3 more additional icons and there you will be able to add instagram if you wish…

  5. There is an option in plugin configuration menu to set the display mode, set it as manual only, It will disable the floating.

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