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  1. De superbes paysages, de superbes équipes, de beaux poissons, du suspens que demander de plus. Le prochain épisode bien sûr.

  2. En liten fråga. Återvinning av gummi är förstås bra. Men om det förstska forslastill Sri Lanka. Hur går det då ihop miljömässigt?

  3. More Fly teams would be nice, but maybe there is only one team good enough on the flyrods to compete.
    Great first episode looking forward to the rest! I hope Vision wins!

  4. What is the name of the braided line, which the guys from team Leech are using?
    (changes between dark green and bright green)

  5. Hey, question for all the European pike anglers – Are inline spinners not popular for pike fishing in Europe like they are in Canada? I don't think I've ever seen a fly vs. jerk angler fishing a spinner. Are they not productive there?

  6. j'adore votre émission et attend patiemment chaque année le retour de "FLY VS JERK" !! merci!
    Par contre là,3 épisodes pour une journée je trouve ça pas terrible…peut être auriez vous dû juste rallonger un peut les épisodes .Et puis franchement il faut vraiment que vous trouviez des moucheurs!!Votre chaîne est top,bravo !!!

  7. Same as many others, where are more fly teams? Nicholas needs more teams like him, how about 4 fly teams and 4 jerk baits!???

  8. Why aren't the teams looking for numbers tossing spinnerbaits, spoons, #5 Mepp's, and fishing faster? Yes, I know the water temp is cold, but they sure can fish faster. I doubt European pike are that different from their incredibly stupid North American cousins!

  9. Team Leech is on the east coast in Northern Sweden as they say. So, is there a west coast in Northern Sweden that I'm unaware of?

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