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  1. Actually calling it FLY VS JERK not that accurate anymore… 8 teams.. Only ONE fly team… Come on now kanalgratis.. Do better 🙂 But still great videos as always….

  2. Hope you go for some other kinds of fish in the next time:) pike is so boring. And maybe take a place where its a challenge to catch something, netherlands and sweden is to easy. There they drive to spots they know, there nothing special. But at all your content is still awesome, just hard to enjoy the 24/7 spot driving stuff. Take them all to a river they dont know and let them run:)

  3. But now it´s time for Leech to change some Glases…
    in a Color what nobody could understand on that conditions…
    Blue Lenses in sunny Sky and Brown Water….. yes… sure…!
    Now it´s time for Green.. its windy

  4. I would have 0 fish, too, if i would desperately go for a 9 kg+ fish, lol. But i hope team mouse will catch a big one in the end, so they don't go home with nothing. They are probably good fisherman and don't deserve to go home emptyhanded.

  5. Team Raymarine, you are very unfriendly, unfair and rude team. Professionals never demean competitors. No Raymarine in Fly vs Jerk any more, please.

    Great fish, Gunki!

  6. Goooooooo Team Vision. Fight back and make the win watertight against the others. Win this fly vs jerk. GO!! 🤛💪🎣

  7. Good morning ladies. Keep hammering. Låt de prata sitt modersmål och kör undertext för guds skull. Det blir outhärdligt.

  8. god dammit bring the episode 6 now!!! 🙂
    i can't wait!

    i hope the flyguys can get 1 point!! <3
    it would be nice if there were at least 2 flyfishing teams.

    cheers from austria! 😉

  9. Illex yre my favorite team I hope your fish goes long way, but by the comment of main man about mouses I think team mouse will surprise uss

  10. Such outstanding photography, you spoil us for other fishing shows! Loved the cut-away to the film editing room ("Really?") lol. Nice fish Team Gunki!

  11. Salut les gars bon visionnage mais vraiment dommage qu’on n’ait pas eut de sous titrage en Français 😲🥴🥴🥴🐟🎣🐟🎣👋PS: FREDO Pourrais-tu me dire où t’es potes se procure les empiles monter avec des émerillons ROLLING c’est trop TOP essaye de m’envoyer un lien ou je pourrais m’en acheter ok!👍👌🐟🎣🐟🎣👋👋👋👋

  12. Les gars pourriez-vous nous mettre la description complète du Matériel que vous utiliser sur cette compétition ont serait ravis FRÉDÉRIC pense un peu à Nous 👌👍🐟🎣🐟🎣👋👋👋👋👋👋

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