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August 10, 2019

– Time for a quick survey. Raise your hand if you’ve never dreamed of flying like a bird or a superhero. All right, I don’t see any hands going up, except for you, red shirt
over there in Jersey, and you’re probably
just scratching an itch. All right, so while all of
us have dreamed of flying, only a relative handful of
people, like the Wright brothers, has actually done something about it. Well, now we can add one more stand-up guy to the list of innovators
who didn’t give up on a quest to go up. (upbeat music) – For us humans to soar in the sky, we’ve had to invent things
like hot air balloons, airplanes, wing suits;
heck, there’s even a guy who strapped wings and
jet engines to his back. But to take off from the
ground and fly intuitively anywhere your mind and body
desires is still a reach. Luckily, one fearless
Frenchman is obsessed with making it happen. And his first attempt in 2012 was this: a recreational flyboard
that launches you into the air with powerful streams of water. Today all he needs is a
backpack filled with kerosene. I flew, in a regular airplane,
to Lake Las Vegas, Nevada, to meet Franky Zapata,
world champion jet skier and self-taught engineer
who zips through the air like a superhero on his latest innovation he calls Flyboard Air. What exactly happens? You strap yourself into those boots, and are these jet engines? – Yes, we have five engines
and I have two boots. Put my feet on it, I just
strap the boots and that’s it. Just press the triggers and I fly. – You realize you’re
making this sound very easy and it’s very complicated. (laughing)
– Yes, yes. (upbeat music) These five engines provide thrust. It’s proportional to this trigger. So if I squeeze the trigger,
that increases thrust. So we use, also, stabilization, an algorithm to stabilize the machine. – So the machine also
provides some equilibrium, some balance, but you have
to be able to kind of balance your weight, as well? – Exactly, to develop an
algorithm like something help you, but you’re still in control,
was the hardest part. So it’s your brain and the
machine working in tandem? – Yes, it’s your brain and
the machine working together and flying the machine. – And are these five jet engines, are they similar to something we’d see on an airplane but smaller? – This one is a turbo jet,
so it’s smaller like they use on the fighter, for the– – Like a fighter pilot? – The fighter pilot. – So this is like five
mini fighter pilot engines strapped to your feet? – Exactly (laughter). – Franky wears safety gear, which includes a flight
suit, helmet and parachute because he can reach speeds
of up to a hundred miles per hour and an altitude of 9,000
feet on the Flyboard Air. He uses a launch platform for takeoff to minimize debris blowback. And it quickly gets really loud. (jets whirring) Oh, my gosh. That was insane. (upbeat music) The Flyboard Air is being
tested by both the French and US militaries. So this model won’t be
parked in your backyard anytime soon. But he is developing a
consumer-friendly version. – We imagine a future
that humans can go to work with our flying machine. Not with this one, but something
similar that we develop by using this technology. – So we’ll see if it takes off. – Yes.

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  1. LOL where are all the people saying "Its fake! herr durr its fake!" now? Cant hear ya'll? What's the matter? This invention is absolutely amazing. Huge congrats on its development and continued refinement.

  2. This Frenchman works for the Ministry of Defense in Paris.
    He is working with the French special forces to develop a more efficient prototype:
    200 km per hour in top speed, cruising altitude 9000 feet.
    Commandos will treat the target and join their helicopter 25 or 50 kilometers with this machine.
    The recovery of the commando will be less risky for the extraction teams.

  3. So when you flip head down, you go literally six feet under. I wonder how safety works here. Dude was tilitng a lot while in air.

  4. I wonder what happens if the rider somehow goes upside-down. I don't think the jets could reverse themselves, so he must have to eject. Or maybe there's some "auto-righting" capability in the design.

  5. I was thinking of creating a device that can make myself to fly. All of the sudden this pops up in my recommendation

  6. This equipment offers multiple applciations for Govenments, Fire Departments, Ambulances, Highrise buildings in major cities, search a rescue, monitoring heavy traffic conditions, major accidents on highways, natural disasters, and of course the Police Departments; monitoring parades, support for Helicopter details, and military usage.

  7. Has somebody actually seen it with their own eyes(mobile phones)? If yes could you upload please? Why there is no any amateur footage of his flights anywhere? Seems like everybody recording everywhere but no uploads at all. 🤔

  8. This is so unreal, and yet real. It will surely not be that long until we see show offs flying around and crashing

  9. 0:20 I've never wanted to punch some one ive never met so much. all hail the internet for being the parent that never loved me

  10. When l first saw this on the news last week l was elated. He is having a lot of fun. I pray he doesn't get hurt on that.

  11. What will happen if he accidentally drops the trigger….. uups. Anyway this is by far one of the best invention that I see in my life. This will definitely be used by military and the police in the future, by rescue teams and probably by drug cartels, thieves and mexicans trying to fly over the Wall.

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