Flying 15 Hrs in 1 Day – Electrical Issues, Falcon Heavy & Apollo 8
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Flying 15 Hrs in 1 Day – Electrical Issues, Falcon Heavy & Apollo 8

January 14, 2020

Oh, there it goes, there it goes. Five, Four, Three, Two Oh, shit. It’s going dude. One. (upbeat music) Matt: It’s early. It is five am. It’s 23 degrees outside. But, we’re going to Florida. (upbeat music) Approach Bonanza three six seven hotel papa, on the ground at Lawrence Boston Approach: Bonanza Three six
seven hotel papa, Boston Approach, good morning, looking for the IFR to MCZ? Matt: That’s affirmative. Boston Approach: N7HP looks like it’s gonna be a full route clearance for you this morning You’re cleared from the Lawrence
airport to the Mike Charlie Zulu airport via radar vectors BOSOX — Bravo, Oscar, Sierra, Oscar, X-ray — Victor 1, GRAYM — golf, Romeo, alpha, yankee, Mike. Victor 14. Norwich. Which is Oscar Romeo Whiskey. Victor 16 Richmond. Victor 157, Lima, Victor, Lima. Victor 155, Direct. Maintain 2000. Expect 6000 10 minutes after departure Departure frequency will
be one two four point four. Squawk three five four zero and hold for release (static) Matt: Okay, just confirm,
after Lima, Victor, Lima, that was, was it Victor 155 and then direct? Boston Approach: That was uh,
Lima, Victor, Lima, Victor 155, Direct. (static) Matt: That doesn’t make any sense. I mean, so, after Victor 155, we need either a point or I mean we can go Lima Victor Lima and then direct. But we can’t just do an airway and then direct from that. Boston Approach: N7HP very good, I’ll make the amendment for
Lima, Victor, Lima direct. And if I can’t find anything
before you get air born, then I’m sure we can figure
out something further down the line. Matt: Victor 157. Lima Victor Lima One button here. Send it to the panel. (upbeat music) Okay, that looks good. (upbeat music) Controls are free and correct, this stuffs all set. Everything is in the green. trim is set for take-off. Everybody buckled up? CHRISTINE: Yep. Controls, instruments, we’re on the fullest tank, We have gas. Attitude, that’s all good. Run up we just did. Boston approach Bonanza
three six seven hotel papa’s ready to go at Lawrence, we’ll be using runway 5 Boston Approach: Bonanza 7HP upon entering controlled airspace, you are cleared direct to the BOSOX intersection, Climate maintain three thousand. And you’re released for departure, clearance void if not off by one zero three five. If not off by 1035, advise ATC no longer than one zero four zero of intentions. Time now is 1026 and a half. Okay, direct BOSOX, three thousand, we’re released, void 1035, intentions 1040, Bonanza 367HP Boston Approach: 7HP readback is correct (upbeat music) Boston approach Bonanza
three six seven hotel papa one thousand four hundred. Climbing three thousand direct BOSOX Boston Approach: Bonanza 367HP Boston Departure, good morning, ident, climb and maintain 6,000 Matt: Ident, up to 6,000 7HP Boston Approach: 7HP, radar contact 2 miles north of the Lawrence airport. Boston altimeter three zero three one. MATT: Three zero three one. Okay, so it’s five thirty. We just took off from Lawrence. We’re gonna climb up to six thousand feet. Burn about 400 pounds of fuel. And land somewhere in
North Carolina for fuel. Refuel, fly down to Florida. Probably refuel again BOSTON APPROACH: Bonanza 7HP KIERAN: The information they gave you there, it’s just essentially
checkpoints on the way to the next stop? MATT: Okay, so, if you just take this. You can see where we’re at. You can see the whole route. All the traffic around us. (engine roaring) If you can grab that. Hold on. NEW YORK APPROACH: 7HP Traffic
three o’clock and three miles gonna be turning Southeast bound shortly
out of three point five for 5, will be 787 CHRISTINE: Which canvas bag Matt? MATT: 7HP looking LOCHIE: That is absolutely spectacular. Wow. NEW YORK APPROACH: Shamrock 203 Heavy, traffic no factor, climb Maintain one one thousand. KIERAN: That was ridiculous. LOCHIE: That’s really close, that’s awesome. MATT: Okay, so the sun’s finally up. We’ve been in the air
for just over two hours. Got another hour and a half
to go to our fuel stop. In, uh, somewhere in North Carolina. Martin County. Williamston, North Carolina. Stop there, get some fuel. And then head on down to Florida. Go watch SpaceX launch
the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V for the first time. And then land two of the
boosters back at Cape Canaveral. So that’s gonna be pretty cool. But, right now, we’re just kind of. Working with ATC to get
a little better route. They originally gave us this kind of long winding thing
that was like forty miles out of the way. Just kind of took us to North Carolina, but not to where we’re actually going. So instead we asked for the
one that just went direct. We got that, so we got that now. And talking to Dover Approach. I guess one disclaimer, like in
general, twenty hour days of flying aren’t like a
great idea, but in this case, also, just good opportunity
to introduce everybody. We’ve got three pilots, four
MIT aerospace engineers. We got a couple of pairs
of eyes on everything. So this is Sean. You’ve seen him in. SEAN: I was in the Red Bull air race. MATT: Right, yeah. So he’s been in one vlog. Yep. Lochie back here. Well, he’s the one that threw
up in the FlightChops vlog. And then he’s helped me shoot
a bunch of other stuff. So I don’t know how he hasn’t
ended up in a vlog yet. But he’s shot a bunch of stuff. Then we’ve got Christine. She’s another pilot. Helps shoot stuff. And then we’ve got Kieran,
he’s learning to fly. And we’re all heading down
to watch this launch happen. We’ve also got a extra
little addition today. This second voltmeter down here. Been having some electrical problems. You’ve probably seen that on
my Instagram and stuff, so. Still troubleshooting that. No one’s quite figured
out what the problem is. The voltage just ends up sometimes, but not most of the time, just occasionally jumping
all over the place. So we’re trying to figure out if it’s just an indication error, or what the problem is. We’ve replaced the voltage regulator. The alternator, like all
kinds of connections. Current working theory is it’s either static electricity buildup
that’s not being dissipated properly. Or it’s just some bad
ground wire somewhere or something else. You know, maybe somebody’s
got a solution here. Has had a similar problem. Let me know in the comments. No one I’ve talked to
seems to have any idea of what’s going on. So I’ll grab some foggles here. I have to do an instrument approach by the end of the month for currency. So we got Sean as the safety pilot. I’ll go ahead and throw these on. So uh, you’re watching for traffic? SEAN: I am watching for traffic. MATT: If I can get these on. And then we’re gonna want NASIE for the glide slope
intercept at sixteen hundred. Two hundred feet until minimums ALERT: Minimums. Minimums. Got the runway, throw in the last notch of flaps Toss those down there. And bring the power out. The autopilot’s doing a remarkable job. Like that’s, this is pretty sick actually. Like. SEAN: Autoland? MATT: Almost. I mean, I wonder what would happen if you pulled the power out right there. So that it would like
pitch up to try to maintain the glide path. (gentle music) KIERAN: You’re talking about the
Dodge Caravan right there? LOCHIE: No, not the Caravan, the vans, the vans aircraft KIERAN: Oh, okay. ‘Cause I heard you were a van guy. LOCHIE: The Caravan is like the
most unremarkable piece of automobile crap ever. (gentle music) MATT: Washington Center,
Bonanza, three, six, seven, hotel, papa. WASHINGTON CENTER: Bonanza,
three six, hotel, papa, call back in five minutes. We’re splitting off some frequencies. MATT: Okay, so we’re back in action. We got about, what, three
and a half hours to go three hours to Florida. ATC: November three six seven hotel papa. Contact Seymour Johnson
approach 123.7, good day MATT: Okay, we’ll see more Johnson on one two three point seven. 7HP, g’day. So now we’re down to
twelve gallons per hour. So. Now we’re getting twelve miles per gallon. So at this speed and everything. SEAN: That’s two, we’re gonna
need to go faster than that. MATT: What’s three, wait, ten, so that’s eleven. SEAN: Two. MATT: Two. So we do have to go faster. SEAN: Yep. MATT: Oh, and Sandro’s friend
also invited us to go to the strip club with
them after the launch to celebrate. Because apparently
that’s what SpaceX people do. SEAN: Oh. (laughing) SEAN: So we’re going, obviously. LOCHIE: Matt, do I accumulate miles for this flight? (laughing) KIERAN: Hopefully you’re aware, but launch has been delayed until 2:20 pm for upper level wind shear. SEAN: Ahh, Dammit. MATT: Ahh. SEAN: We had it so good. CHRISTINE: You guys were jinxing it with the “we had it so good.” Matt: …they wouldn’t give us flight following… ATC: 367HP you guys going down for the rocket launch? LOCHIE: Remember when we tried to go and find the ship? MATT: 7HP affirm and we just heard it’s delayed about 50 minutes or so. ATC: Yeah, that’s the last we
heard, so it should be a pretty good show. MATT: So now that we’ve got some extra time. Since the launch is slightly delayed, one of the things I’ve been
meaning to do for a while now. Is a little Q and A. (radio talking over) Leave comments every one, and that’s where I got these questions. Some people wanna know if I have anything about flying around the world. I do have plans to make a video telling the whole story of
flying around the world. So just subscribe if you’re not already, and then you won’t miss that. I get a lot of questions
about what gear I use. The descriptions of all these videos, there’s a link to all
the gear, the cameras, drone, audio recording stuff,
batteries, mounts, everything. I get all the music for
my videos from Epidemic Sound, if you use the link in the description you can get a free trial of
that, and it helps support this kind of content, so I can
make more videos for you guys absolute favorite part of flying/aviation. I guess really the freedom. You can get in a plane and just go anywhere. I get a lot of questions
about how to start flying. Basically just find a local
airport, find a flight school, an instructor that you like
and start taking lessons. A few people have asked
if I’ve thought about upgrading to a Cirrus
or something like that. I used to fly a Cirrus, I
would never go back to a Cirrus I mean you can just do
so much more in the Bonanza, you can hold five six people, bags. Go 1500 – 2000 miles at a time. So you can just do a lot
more with this than you can with a Cirrus. And same goes for this versus the 210, which you kind of already know
my thoughts on the 210, if you haven’t watched
all those 210 vlogs… What do I do on long flights, like this today? Listen to music, all these headsets have bluetooth Actually another thing I’ve enjoyed recently is just using Audible. So you can listen to audio
books as you’re flying. Learn all kinds of stuff. So right now I’m reading
this book about Apollo 8 by Jeffrey Kluger, which
is really especially relevant today, that was
the first manned flight of the Saturn V. Today is the first unmanned flight Of the largest rocket since the Saturn V. Got the shuttle landing facility, the VAB, and I think SEAN: You can see the rockets. MATT: Yeah I think that’s Falcon Heavy. SPACECOAST TOWER: November Three six seven
hotel papa, Spacecoast Tower MATT: Yeah 367HP we got the 150 in sight. SPACECOAST TOWER: November seven hotel papa, that’s what I was telling you about
sir, you’re number two, runway nine, cleared to land. MATT: Number two, runway nine,
cleared to land, seven hotel papa. (engine rumbling) MATT: You think one of these jets is Elon’s? CHRISTINE: Elon’s tail number is six two eight Tango Sierra. LOCHIE: Six two eight
tango sierra, that’s it. MATT: So that’s that one. SEAN: 158X… (upbeat music) MATT: So people here are
saying the actual reason the launch is delayed is cause
Elon just rolled up, so I don’t know if that’s
true but apparently these three right here — couple Gulfstreams And a Falcon 7X, are
apparently Elon Musk’s. Space X’s, something like that. SPACECOAST TOWER: N12Z I did not see your
ident, numerous aircraft in the class delta and also
just slightly above too. Seems like everybody and
their brother wants to watch the launch today, so. I didn’t again, I did
not pick up your ident. (engine rumbling) MATT: Holy, there’s just so many planes there. SEAN: What’s that old PC, old video game where you’re a spaceship
and you try to dodge other spaceships? CHRISTINE: Galactic destroyer? SEAN: Yeah that’s what we’re doing right now. CHRISTINE: Yeah, yeah, here we go. MATT: 100%, okay so keeping our eyes peeled. ORLANDO APPROACH: If you’re flying around in the vicinity for the rocket
launch, it’s maintain VFR frequency change approved, unable services for that MATT: So much for that,
we’ll just listen to them anyway, see what happens. MATT: oh I see him. SEAN: You see him? MATT: I think so, I mean there’s like three targets right there,
one seventeen below. SEAN: I got one, one thousand above MATT: So as soon as we’re
going to pass behind him and then make a right turn. ORLANDO APPROACH: And one five three, traffic 11:00 two miles northbound altitude indicates 4500, if traffic not in sight suggest you
turn 30 degrees right descend and maintain 3000 immediately ALERT: Traffic 11:00 same altitude, two miles. SEAN: Jesus, yeah, right there MATT: And then we got the guy behind us, a thousand above, so this guy
is just going straight past us. We’re gonna go just like this. Fortunately we can out
climb most everybody here. (altitude alert) We got five four Three two one. SEAN: Nice MATT: Holy shit, look at that. (radio) It’s in the air now. Just launching. Got a rocket over here
at about 3:00 going off. The rocket’s in the air. MATT: That is so cool. That’s so bright. LOCHIE: It’s like the Falcon nine
one, it’s really bright. MATT: But that’s even brighter than Falcon 9 was. LOCHIE: Oh of course, it’s three of them MATT: like way brighter, it’s just crazy. That is so so cool. Lochie: Come on, explode (laughing) MATT: Gonna hand fly That is one of the
coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Its so bright when it takes off. SEAN: Damn (radio) MATT: So that was pretty cool, this is pad 39A where all of the Apollo
missions, except Apollo 10 launched from. Most powerful rocket in
the world since 1973, with the last flight of the Saturn V. (radio) MATT: It looks like what? LOCHIE: It looks like a tiny moon now. MATT: Yeah. I wanna know what it looks
like when the boosters separate You can’t see the rocket anymore. So do we have any idea
exactly how long it will be until the boosters come back? LOCHIE: I think about seven minutes. MATT: So we’re four minutes in right now. So those things go up 100 miles, and then they come back
and they’re gonna land right here. Which is just insane. LOCHIE: It’s gonna be really
hard to spot coming back. MATT: Yeah, I just hope they don’t hit us. LOCHIE: The crazy part is this is just one dude, dinking around with aerospace textbooks like what 10 years ago? MATT: Right, yeah no this is insane So the book I was reading
on Audible on the way down is about Apollo 8 which is
the first manned Saturn V launch. The first launch of the rocket that sort of preceded this one. And it was a crazy time,
it was 1968 all kinds of crazy stuff going on in the
country, assassinations, political unrest, war, and in December 16 weeks after they decided to do this. They sent the first manned Saturn V rocket with three people to the moon. Which is just insane,
and that was only like, what seven years after we
sent the first man to space and decided to go to the moon That’s just incredible. LOCHIE: Now we’re barely just getting back there MATT: Just barely getting back there, and this is the edge of that. That’s why it’s so exciting,
and it’s just amazing. LOCHIE: Let’s keep an eye out for these guys. MATT: If you wanna read the
whole book about Apollo 8, you can get a free trial of Audible, click the link in the description it’s LOCHIE: Got it got it, 10 o’clock, 10 o’clock MATT: Oh it’s right there. Damn, that is, holy shit that’s cool. Did they just come out of nowhere, like do they just fire right there? LOCHIE: I was looking over
casually, yeah they do just fire right there, they keep the
engines off for ages MATT: So that’s cool so those
two rockets just landed. SEAN: Wow, that was frickin cool. MATT: That was, that was pretty cool. They just launched three
rockets tied together, nine engines each, five
million pounds of thrust. can carry 37 pounds of stuff to Mars. And then landed two of them back here,
presumably the other one landed down range on a drone ship. And now there’s a Tesla, on it’s way to an elliptical orbit around the sun. There are a ton of cars just pouring out. Look at how many people
are on the beach down here. It’s just far as you can
see lined with people. Took seven hours to get
down here, a couple hours waiting on the ground, and then it’s over in… ORLANDO APPROACH: Bonanza 7HP squawk 5551, fifty five fifty one MATT: Triple five, one, 7HP Gear’s coming down, first notch of flaps. CARDINAL 8TC: Tower, Cardinal Eight Tango Charlie, final approach fix inbound ALERT: Traffic 12:00
low, less than one mile. (engine slowing) (upbeat music) MATT And we just ran into
Bill Harrelson’s Lancair here at Flagler executive,
somewhere in Florida. Got a nice restaurant,
Hijacker Restaurant, we’re gonna check that out now. He set the world record for the fastest Polar Circumnavigation
a few years ago, and also like the longest non
stop, single engine flight, flew from Guam to
Florida, in 26 or 30 hours something like that. So another around the world pilot. I haven’t seen him around here, but that’s Bill Harrelson’s plane. (upbeat music) Flagler Tower: Bonanza seven hotel papa, on departure, fly runway heading, maintain one thousand five hundred, runway 11, cleared for takeoff MATT: Runway heading one thousand five
hundred, cleared for take off 11 Bonanza three six seven hotel pap. Ok looks good, airspeed’s alive and it’ll just glide right
on off when it’s ready. There we go just over 80 knots. Good rate, almost out of
runway we’ll get the gear up. Gear’s up, and we’re climbing. And it’s dark out here tonight. Jax approach Bonanza
three six seven hotel papa seven thousand. JAX APPROACH: Bonanza three six seven hotel papa Jax Approach, Good
evening Jax altimeter three zero three zero. MATT: Three zero three zero. JAX APPROACH: Y’all
headed up for the parade? MATT: We’re headed back to Boston, we flew down for the Falcon Heavy launch. JAX APPROACH: Nice yeah,
I didn’t get to see it, I was working, but I saw a
video, it was pretty sick. MATT: Yeah we got some video from 9000 feet, it’ll be up on YouTube on Friday. JAX APPROACH: Nice, yeah those burners touching down simultaneously was pretty cool. MATT: Yeah it was crazy, and they
just came out of nowhere too, they come down so fast
and then just light off at the last second. JAX APPROACH: Yeah, I’m
gonna definitely go down for the next one. MATT: Okay so it’s been a long day, been flying for probably like 14 hours,
we took off 14 hours ago, but it was totally worth it,
we saw this incredible launch now we’re gonna fly
back another six hours, we’re heading to Wilminton
Deleware right now. Ice cream. SEAN: Just go to Walmart and
buy a Ben and Jerry’s tub. MATT: Yeah I could do that,
also I’m not entirely sure I want ice cream, I almost
want more of a dessert like go to TGI Fridays
and get like a brownie with ice cream type of
thing, you know what I mean? KIERAN: Ohh, that is. MATT: Like more substance, not just ice cream. Not just a frosty, not
just like a cheeseburger. Like I want. LOCHIE: Real American obesity. MATT: Exactly, like an appetizer,
or a legit dessert. (laughing) SEAN: Oh my god MATT: Center Bonanza three six seven hotel papa. WASHINGTON CENTER: Yes. MATT: Yeah we’d like to change
our destination to Richmond. WASHINGTON CENTER: Okay what’s the reason? MATT: They have a TGI Friday’s
that’s open until 1:30. (laughs) (radio voices) LOCHIE: He started out super
unprofessional, like yeah what’s up? And then you came in with the
“we wanna change route cuz of TGI Friday’s” MATT: I mean they have to, so here’s the thing, since 9/11 they’re required
to ask you for the reason when you decide to change destinations, just so that, you know, like the terrorist has an opportunity to tell them that they’re
hijacking the plane. (laughs) so I mean, it’s just the dumbest thing. Everybody changes destinations,
like hundreds of times every day to go to the bathroom, to get something to eat, whatever. WASHINGTON CENTER: Bonanza 7HP cleared to Richmond via direct MATT: We’re like 20 minutes out. This is going to be great, I am so pumped. (laughs) LOCHIE: Matt, what is this Tokyo Drift action you’re pulling? MATT: This is called a forward slip, so we… SEAN: I thought you wanted to land long anyway? MATT: Well I do but not quite this long. I wanna land on the runway. K, gears down, props full forward. Mixtures good enough,
speeds good, bleading off get it nice and straight. RICHMOND TOWER: FedEx 1639
heavy, push onto Tango is approved, use caution for UPS is also pushing LOCHIE: Christine I’m still chewing that gum, three and a half hours later CHRISTINE: Are you
really, that’s impressive. (calm music) MATT: K we’re cleared to the lima whiskey mike airport via the COLIN7, COLIN, victor one six patuxent v157 as filed, climb via the SID, departure one two six point seven five and two four one one, Bonanza 367HP RICHMOND GROUND: Bonanza seven hotel papa, wind zero five zero at five, runway
two, cleared for takeoff. MATT: Runway two cleared for takeoff bonanza three six seven hotel papa. Okay so it was a nice
little refueling stop, got six gallons of fuel, 3000 calories. Much needed energy for these last, holy it’s already midnight, dammit. Okay, these last two hours to Lawrence, we’re going to get to
Lawrence about two am. This is like, this is
the edge of what I can do in one day. Wouldn’t be particularly
fun without like Sean here. Just kind of second set
of eyes on everything. POTOMAC APPROACH: 367HP go ahead MATT: Yeah do you have any tops reports out here? POTOMAC APPROACH: N7HP, negative MATT: Got some stars total
air temperature is two, there’s some thermodynamics for you. No icing, the static air
temperature is zero Celsius, but because the air
stagnates at the surface of the wing, the air at the surface of the wing is actually
two degrees Celsius, because the temperature
increases as you trade kinetic energy for thermal energy. NEW YORK APPROACH: Seven
hotel papa traffic 10:00 five miles turning east northeast bound, leveling at 4000 dreamliner. MATT: Seven hotel papa’s looking NEW YORK APPROACH: North shuttle 7020 Heavy there’ll be a Bonanza above you at five. Um ok, this is the same thing that happened on the way down. They’re gonna pass right
underneath us again. SEAN: And of course please stow
all large electronic devices. MATT: Make sure your seatbacks and tray tables are
in the upright and locked position. We’ve just been cleared to land. (laughing) CHRISTINE/SEAN: Thank you for
flying Limitless Horizons. (laughs) MATT: Hope you enjoy your stay in Boston. (laughs) Actually wait, we hope you enjoy your stay in Lawrence Massachusets. SEAN: Hope to have you back here real soon. (upbeat music) SEAN: Well it was the best of the day.

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