Flying a Cessna to Scotland – Medieval Castles & In-Flight Pee Fail #2
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Flying a Cessna to Scotland – Medieval Castles & In-Flight Pee Fail #2

January 14, 2020

*music* Matt: Now we’re headed to Scotland, gonna clear Customs there and stuff and then continue on to somewhere in the UK Matt: 210EU request IFR to uh… EGPE JP: C, PC Matt: We’re cleared to the EGPC via VM 62N 015W RATSU DEBVI maintain 7,000 squawk 3234, N210EU Reykjavik Ground: N210EU read back is correct, check information India Matt: N210EU ready to go 19 Reykjavik Tower: 210EU line up runway 19 Matt: Line up 19, 210EU Reykjavik Tower: N210EU wind 230 at 10 knots, Runway 19 cleared for takeoff Matt: 19, cleared for takeoff, 210EU JP: Ok, power’s set, temperatures and pressures are good, airspeed’s alive Matt: Reykjavik Approach N210EU, 1,700 climbing 7,000 Reykjavik Approach: N210EU, approach, identified, climb direct VM *inaudible* Matt: Ok so we just took off from Reykjavik, Iceland had a fantastic time here, got to see some amazing sights, now we’re on top of the clouds here, just a beautiful day to go flying ok so we’re leveled off here in cruise at 7,000 feet it’s gonna be about 4 hours over to Wick, Scotland got about 3 and a half hours left to go, just out over the ocean now and heading along if you guys haven’t seen the last couple videos, little bit about what we’re doing these guys — JP, Louis — they’re flying around the world and so I’m flying with them across the North Atlantic sort of as long as I can stay or something and yeah we’re just having a great time flying all over the place and I think now I’m gonna grab some snacks and maybe take a nap Louis: What do you want? Matt: What do we have? Louis: We have some potato chips, paprika, we have Hobnobs, we have a bunch of different like breakfast bar kinda vibes, we’ve got bananas, we have Oreos, cashews, peanuts any of those tickle your fancy? JP: Has your time in this 210 deepened your love for the Bonanza? Matt: Yes, yes it has, yeah. No I mean it’s just you know the Bonanza I think is just more comfortable, and I think it also just handles a lot better JP: Why? Matt: I mean it’s just smoother on the controls, it’s not as heavy, not as heavy on the controls and like taxiing on the ground you have a lot more control authority yeah I mean just all around, get a little better rate of climb, climbs you know stuff like that goes a little faster Louis: What you saying about my plane? Matt: *laughing* Matt: I’m actually getting a little chilly, how you doing? JP: I’m hot as can be Matt: Really? JP: Yep Matt: My legs are cold JP: I’m mean we can open it a little bit again but Matt: Oh is it closed completely right now? JP: Yeah cause I started sweating like furiously Reykjavik Control: N210EU, with me? JP: Go ahead Reykjavik Control: N210EU maintain flight level 70 JP: flight level 70, 0EU Reykjavik Control: N210EU identification is terminated contact Iceland Radio on 127.85 and backup is 126.55 JP: that’s 127.85 and 126.55, 0EU JP: Iceland Radio, N210EU flight level 070 Matt: They’re gonna want a position report estimate and stuff Iceland Radio: *inaudible* JP: That’s N210EU flight level 070 we are Matt: estimating 62 N JP: estimating 62 N, 15 W at 1350 Z and RATSU next Matt: Yeah so oceanic flying is a little different than just flying around the US or something cause they don’t have radar out here so instead we just give them position reports about every hour or so at each little point along our flight plan so we tell them the estimated time at the next point, what the next point after that will be and then we report over the next point and give them the estimate at the next point, things like that and of course we wear these immersion suits and life vests so that if we do have to land in the water we won’t freeze to death, we won’t drown, and we’ve got some life rafts so we can get out in those and further ensure that we don’t freeze to death or drown today those seas are looking pretty rough would not be a fun day to land down there but I think we could do it not gonna worry about it cause at this point there’s nothing I can do about it, I did kind of rip the rubber around my neck so I gotta be sure to keep my head above water if we end up down there so I don’t just get a bunch of cold water in the suit Also, Jack sorry I ripped your suit, suppose I’ll figure that out *laughing* also sorry I peed on your suit JP: I think you owe Jack a new suit *laughing* Matt: It’s getting kind of warm up here Matt: So also as most of you know 3 years ago I flew around the world in the Bonanza I’ve crossed the North Atlantic before but I’ve never gone to Greenland or Iceland I went to the Azores which is a little further south, so this has been a pretty interesting experience we’ve just seen some fantastic things, I think I’m gonna try to start making this a more regular thing JP: It’s so close like Matt: Right JP: Totally doable Matt: Yeah absolutely the only problem is the more expensive fuel prices or something JP: Yeah Matt: but it’s even not too steep JP: If you do it right and you time things properly you, it won’t be too expensive Matt: Yeah I think next summer I’d like to just fly, just spend a couple weeks flying around like all of Greenland and Iceland, I think that’d be really fun JP: Yeah JP: Yeah I’m gonna have to pee, I need to start strategizing here I had like 6 cups of coffee this morning Matt: *laughing* why? JP: cause I like coffee, and I forgot that we were flying Ahh I need to pee, I need those bags, I don’t know where you put them Louis: Uhhh ok uh this would be better than a bottle I reckon JP: Alright I’ll try it Matt: You get that in the suit? JP: Pretty sure I can, yeah Matt: Ok JP: Yeah that’s not a problem, I’ll just leave that there I’m gonna have to turn around but this is especially hard ahh Louis: Yeah I drunk way too much before taking off as well *laughing* JP: Oh this will be fine ahhh Matt: I’m just gonna check out the clouds for a little while Louis: Yeah me too, they look so pretty Matt: They do *laughing* JP: You know what? I’m too pee shy Matt: Yeah? JP: Yeah it’s not happening I’ll have to try in a little bit again I’m just gonna leave it down there *laughing* Matt: Iceland Radio, N210EU, position Iceland Radio: N210EU, Iceland Radio, go ahead Matt: N210EU, 62N 015W, 1350Z, maintaining flight level 070, estimating RATSU 1443, DEVBI next, over Iceland Radio: Copy that, 62N15W 1350 flight level 070, RATSU 1443, DEVBI, you can call RATSU on this frequency or on 133.680 Matt: Ok we’ll report RATSU either this frequency or 133.680, N210EU Matt: Ok so we got to switch these to 8.33 megahertz (sic) spacing because 133.68 is not something we use in the US Radio: Asiana 11Z Super, requesting oceanic clearance entry point RATSU at 1430, Mach .84, flight level 360 JP: Well that worked out Matt: Yeah? JP: Yep Matt: Got it all sealed up and put away? JP: Yeah It’s in Louis’ proximity so if we had turbulence and it pops… JP: Anybody on 123.45, N210EU looking for a relay Matt: Yeah we’re a little over 200 miles out from Scotland just southwest of the Faroe Islands over here where apparently I’m getting cell service right now which is crazy and just crossed from Reykjavik’s airspace over into Scotland’s I think JP: Copy that, 0EU thanks Matt: this is crazy we’re like…we’re like 80 miles from land and I’ve got a text message JP: Did you? Matt: Yeah I got like a Verizon message telling me “Welcome to the Faroe Islands” JP: *laughing* that’s cool Matt: That’s crazy! How does that happen? Yeah we are, we are like 80 miles from land! 100% look at that guys! 80 miles that way, and zoom in and there are like no little random islands out here or something like that How?! So why does that say baro 1012 when the altimeter is set to 1013? huh JP: Just an Aspen Matt: Yeah If you haven’t heard about all of our Aspen problems, check out the first ocean crossing video, I’ll link that right here complete Avionics meltdown over the middle of the ocean how does that happen?! JP: I feel like I’m seeing a whale Matt: Yeah? JP: After this one we can pack the suits away for a little bit Matt: Yeah this is our last real ocean crossing, last one for me, last one for these guys for a while Scottish Control: N210EU you are now identified, are you happy to remain on a basic service, or are you looking for something higher? JP: 070 is fine for now, thanks 0EU Scottish Control: roger Matt: We’ll go ahead and get the ATIS, that’s uh Scottish Control: N2EU, sorry, pass your message JP: that’s N210EU just requesting a descent into Wick we’d like to start it now if possible 0EU Scottish Control: 0EU descent flight level 50 JP: down to 50, 0EU Scottish Control: N0EU further descent with Wick you can squawk 7000 and contact them now 119.7 good bye JP: that’s 119.7 squawking 7000 for Wick, 0EU Matt: That’s what’s weird about the UK is we’re essentially squawking you know VFR but we’re still IFR ok um you can go ahead and give them a call, I’ll get the ATIS here JP: Wick Approach, N210EU descending through 6,800 Wick Approach: N210EU, Wick Approach, good afternoon information bravo is current, Runway 31 in use, Wick QNH 1015, report your position JP: that’s QNH 1015 and we are 35 miles to the northwest, 0EU Wick Approach: N0EU report your position and level Matt: We’re 20 miles out JP: 0EU we are 20 miles out and just passing through 5,200 for 5,000 Wick Approach: N0EU descend now altitude 2,000 feet on QNH 1015 JP: Down to 2,000, QNH 1015, 0EU Wick Approach: N0EU cleared VOR/DME approach for Runway 31, next report beacon outbound JP: Cleared for the VOR DME for 31 and we’ll report the beacon outbound 0EU Matt: Ok so they’re non-radar here so we’re just telling them where we’re at and what altitude we’re leaving, things like that, they want a continuous descent final approach, that’s fine we can go down to 450 MSL that’s 336 AGL that’s for category A which we can do as long as we maintain less than 90 knots on the missed approach otherwise minimums go up by 10 feet but that’s not gonna be an issue today anyhow the missed approach though would be climb straight ahead on the 306 radial to 2,000 feet then right turn to the VOR and hold at 2,000 so uh yeah basically just go straight ahead to 2,000 that’s really about it, so it’s a 3 degree descent angle so if we’re descending at 100 knots that’d be about 531 feet per minute down once we cross the VOR we can go down to 1,800 feet and then once we cross 5.7 DME inbound we can start our continuous descent final approach so one thing that’s really common in a lot of foreign countries is they just use DME arcs for everything so you can either fly these really wide DME arcs or you fly there and out to some DME and inbound regular just procedure turns like you see in the US are actually somewhat rare JP: Oh man there are castles everywhere, so cool Matt: It looks like some oil platforms out here or something, some interesting stuff offshore wow that’s a cool view with the sun and the clouds shining on the water and the coast back there Been getting amazing views on all these flights so far Louis: Did you ever manage to take a pee JP? JP: Yep, it’s behind you *laughing* Louis: Woah! *laughing* Wick Tower: N0EU new QNH 1016 report your position JP: Uh 3…1016 and starting our left base turn now 0EU Wick Tower: N0EU report 4 miles final JP: We’ll report 4 mile final, 0EU Matt: Tower N0EU is a 4 mile final Wick Tower: N0EU Runway 31 cleared to land, wind 350, 10 knots Matt: 31 cleared to land, 0EU Wick Tower: N0EU backtrack, vacate left at F JP: Backtrack and vacate left at F, 0EU Louis: Wow, I can’t believe we’re in Scotland, this is so exciting! JP: I think it’s pretty crazy to think we flew this plane here Louis: Yeah *music* Matt: So we officially made it across the North Atlantic, we’re here in Scotland we just met Drew, he’s the handler, fueler, and apparently Customs agent too pretty good feeling to be done with those immersion suits, to have like finished the Atlantic crossing and be in a new country sort of I mean I guess it’s part of the UK but I’ve never been to Scotland so it’s cool! Ok and apparently the building that we’re going into, their office, is a control tower from World War II so that’ll be pretty cool, let’s go check it out Those old buildings over there, are those…? Drew: Those are World War II hangars as well, we’ve actually got the one below it that we still use it’s functional but it leaks Matt: Sure Drew: But it gets you out the wind *inaudible*Scotland wind Matt: Just straight out of World War II Louis: Look at this little tag on it, this is awesome it’s got like a royal emblem on there Matt: So haggis is this, it’s like a sheep’s…sheep or pig? Louis: Sheep Matt: Haggis is a sheep’s stomach with like oats and I don’t know things like that apparently it’s like a big local thing so I figured, one night in Scotland, I’ve got to try the local dish try some local whiskey and uh let’s see here Louis: Yeah Matt: Ok so this is a pig’s stomach actually no Louis: Sheep’s stomach, that’s the chicken Matt: This is just chicken See I uh… ok The chicken’s good, ok so this, see that? So that must be the Louis: Yeah that’s the haggis Matt: Ok Matt: So this is a sheep’s stomach filled with like oats and things like that that is so much better than it sounds, like that’s really good! Yeah so I guess come to Scotland, it’s awesome, they’ve got castles and they’ve got this delicious sheep’s stomach with stuff in it, it’s great! *rock music* *chill music* Louis: So we just bumped into some kids that told us that right over here is the smallest street in the world Matt: I feel a little scammed Louis: Yeah? Matt: Yeah, I’m not convinced, I think it’s just a sidewalk *laughing* *music* Louis: Have you seen places like this before? Matt: Never, I’ve never seen anything like this I’ve never seen a castle before I don’t think, not a real one, it’s crazy

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