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August 24, 2019

dick where you been you of it answered
your phone for weeks okay look at design canal majestic they
are looking rock take is this what you’ve been doing last two days and lots
of birds Logan flying virus if you’re a person just fly
look it’s most people together if you’re so interested in flying why are you just
play this man legacy if discord looks amazing awesome dude this is this is it
I’m flying Logan flying small baby oh baby let’s go swing pretty wings Logan
Jake I told you you can find they like it did this court it is amazing
different a splash yeah I want to be life the game I wouldn’t be like my
characters like at this point which is those wings I’m going to build my own
wings and jump off the roof Jake that’s a bad idea
do not jump off the roof thank you alright let’s do this like take you didn’t really fly we are back
and today we are revisiting the flying box for challenge that’s right we are
going to be making working flying fox sports this time Mr piggy said he wanted
to come back you wanted to do it again engine Asterix and last accident and
again guys big shout-out to the legacy of discord for challenging us to do this
it is going to be awesome I can’t wait to try and fly we’ve got I believe I can
fly and as we like to make these boxboard
fun hey back dude whoa Oh mr. melon no mr. Miller no I I don’t you miss mr.
Mellinger I do not open the eggs we do not want to see the egg violets from a
big guy guys we’re doing another box for video on 5 of course you’re gonna
pianist thanks to in the carton for that reason Logan so part of this flying box
for challenge part 2 is we need to totally revamp how we’re doing our
flying boxes so the first one is going to be a parachute we’re revisiting a
parachute because I believe this time if we tweak a few things we can make this
box work slowly fall down to the ground next up guys we’re going to be doing a
revisit to the original airplane we’re gonna actually modify it with bigger
wings of time any back tail so that it doesn’t bust no dive like the last video it finally does we’re using a totally
new method this time we’re using something from one of my favorite movies
Logan’s you know what that is the movie frozen Jake is definitely up there my
second favorite movie in the world it’s problem Oreo I’ve got a bunch of
balloons and we’re going to be attaching these balloons to the top of one of the
boxes and right now they have this big weight on them but we’re hoping once you
release all the balloons on top of the box
maybe not fly away but at least slowly fall down to the ground with everyone in
it being okay so we’re going to start off with mr. piggy is a brand new plane
that we’re doing a few different new things on this we’re going to have
bigger wings and we’re also going to have a better tail at the end because
rehearsal didn’t have the tail on both sides we’re going to use rulers as the
structural support for the wings we wanna make sure that they don’t flap and
once these are lined up like this we’re going to start using the cardboard and
then we’re going to tail now we’re going to add the tail which you all suggested
in the previous video would help make sure that this thing doesn’t fall over
well I don’t exactly know how to make a tail Logan’s I’ve never made a plain
tail I know what I’m doing loading up and make a box with a whole lot Hey whoa
good night buddy I know she’ll fly again if you think
she’ll fly put a hashtag I believe I can fly it down below and we’ll know that
you guys have faith in this because right now I have a lot of faith I think
it’s gonna go far Logan I want to my own horn but I think we might be able to fly
this baby across the Lakers it’s like that’s how good this looks at first I
was like yo this thing would be JIT but then I put it up against it I’m like I
don’t know that looks right told you from the beginning Jade dis when we’re
riding so yo I think we’re gonna go we’re gonna go for like this and just
pray it works I still got me I still got faith like I
know we could Google Image Search a plane but that’s not the fun part the
fun part is imagining it big I think she’s just about ready
she looks great she’s almost ready for mr. piggy no no wait could that be yo in the house
guys Oh mr. P you welcome back bro I’m glad to have you get we mean to that
you’re glad to be here yeah okay okay good I know last time didn’t go as well
for you but Mr piggy you’re the only person we knew the bravest pilot we know
you’re the only person you can find is there anyone else they wouldn’t be able
to do it took me prisoner this mr. Melling you would not you would not be
able to do it all right mr. piggy this is your time to shine for everyone
I believe you can fly mr. P I believe you – fuck wait mr. piggy we we were
going to make a dorm but you inside you want to ride on top my godness is some
of the greatest return here on what the bridge next up we’re doing the parachute
box for now a lot of times it didn’t go exactly as planned
in fact it fell down to the ground like a rock it was not fun at all
but this time we’re back at it and we’re using physics Logan not exactly a
parachute you’d want to jump out of a plane I mean like you could but it’s
also more of the one that you play with as a kid we need to make sure the ropes
are much shorter this time we’re using short ropes and they’re super springy
guys so if the parachute needs it it’ll have a bunch of leeway
Jake what are you doing man why aren’t you helping look at playing leg achieve
just court all right two important right now you just do that over there I have
too much fun Oh baby the violent bear let’s go oh yeah give me all that goal
come to Papa Jake – look what we don’t think we’re building the flying box
courts right gimme five more minutes they want to download legacy of discord
at any part during this video and play this amazing game I’ll have a link in
description down below and guys don’t forget it’s free to play and of course
if you do download it make sure you use our link because it’s extra special and
it might give you good luck everything is tied together it’s ready
to go I’m going to tie it up here though so we can get it all ready
it’s time to choose our pilots okay guys who wants to fly in the box or okay okay
all right guys guys one minute I’m here one at a time all right I want taking
two of you okay here we go yes you can jump you will have your
chance yes no i don’t i know it excited alright yup
let’s drop the eggs is and hopefully if everything goes as planned they won’t
crack don’t worry you jump okay I’m backing
that’s a very bad thing for an a so the very last box for we are attaching all
of these balloons on the top but oh my very delicate balloons if they ate pops
in the car on the way here so our pilot for this is gonna be mr. watermelon
money day mr. watermelon can’t fly one it’s way too dangerous I know you want
to fly but anyway you point to one come on Jay can’t fly too dangerous ding what
do we do then we’ll get how about this if we get seventy thousand likes on this
video you have to let mr. watermelon fly alright fine deal this is the bridge
we’re gonna be throwing it off of yo that is bull man that’s freaky before we
throw all the different box sports down there I want to show you guys just how
hard something hits if it doesn’t have a parachute or airplane wings or even
balloon so we have this little block here this has nothing on it it’s gonna
fall straight down and we’ll check out how fast and how hard it hits the ground
here we go guys in three two one oh dude I think the main thing that’s going to
do the best are these balloons they are so buoyant it’s crazy
so we’re going to tape it to the box and once it’s ready we’ll be able to throw
it off just like this I don’t know about you but I believe I can fly right now
man I think with the new modifications we have a good chance you can tense
number one we’ve got our eggs inside so hopefully they don’t break here we go
three two one God why would so awesome for the first
two seconds it looks like it was working I thought it was flying it was hovering
and then it went down oh my god his Nextel mr. piggy he’s gonna be flying in
the plane we completely redid this is plane to point out mr. pig you ready
three two one I mean blend straighter line the dead I
mean you all right and finally we have the balloon yeah that looks pretty good
I think the eggs inside I might be okay right now as a bonus round we’re going
to be dropping both the plane and the parachute again because I think we can
get a better go at each of these I didn’t start with the plane now it’s time to check out each
individual and see if they survived right off the bat though mr. pinky how
you doing looks a little shaken out it does okay
he survived let’s check out the parish you guys let’s open this up looking how
you think our eggs are doing all right here we go
Oh No all right oh wait wait hey buddy yeah you liked it you liked it oh so
then you can’t do it again no no you’re not you’re not doing that again but
you’re that’s that’s unfortunate for his friend there we had one little leg in
here let’s see how he did dude I’m getting strapped in here we go oh I hear
something not here he did oh okay she’s very targeted but guys look he’s okay
both the balloons and the parachute actually worked this time man high-five
guys we decided to revisit this we thought you know what let’s do 2.0
version of this and guys big shout-out to legacy of discord for sponsoring this
video I’m all hot I’m all sweaty we’ve been out here flying in real life I
think it’s time that we go back home and play some of the game because I want to
get back to flying in that game as much as it’s fun to do it in real life that
gave us some awesome flying mechanic and I think it’s time to play some legacy
this course all right guys so I’m back home now and here is some gameplay of
legacy of discord and if you guys have watched the video which of course have
you’ve seen a bunch of gameplay of the game so far but I wanted to take a
little bit of time and do a quick commentary as well as have a little bit
fun playing the game because this game is just so awesome guys it’s like
honestly unreal and I’m not just saying that
I’m obviously they sponsor the video they helped us out with this video but
to be honest I’ve been playing this game non-stop now they did hook me up with a
really cool account to show off some of the pets and some of the mounts but the
gameplay is going to be similar guys when you start off of course you do have
to level up and get a bunch of the cool gear and in this game some of the gear
is actually insane this is a higher level character so as you can see my cat
looks pretty beefy and I’ve got a pretty awesome pet coming along with me as well
as my mount which you guys saw but all-in-all guys I’ve just been having so
much fun playing this game you basically go around and you do a bunch
of different kind of dungeons as well as other different game modes and you crank
up your character unlock new items unlock new ways to play the game and if
you guys have played a lot of like mmo’s before you’ll definitely feel familiar
with this game it does kind of feel like an MMO on your mobile device but on top
of that the graphics are just really insane like I don’t know how it works
but it works and it’s super awesome the combats really fun as it is kind of like
you use your joystick to move around and you fight people as far as all the
different like ways that you could use your spell’s and your abilities I
definitely didn’t have enough time to mess around with them and figure it out
now I have been playing with my own character because like I said I’ve been
playing since a bunch on my own free time but they gave me this character to
try out for the sake of the video to show off all the cool gear I think
though the character is a little bit to be see as you guys can see
I literally killed the final boss in one hit like one hit and he went down so I
think they gave me a way to opie character to start off with but
nonetheless it is really cool and Mike just looks so awesome I also just want
to show you guys a little bit of the starting area because it is absolutely
crazy how much you can do in this game aside from beating down insane bosses
and monsters there’s just so much stuff in fact I haven’t had enough time to go
through everything that there is in this game but they even have stuff to do when
you get bored I mean you can fish it’s crazy it’s a huge MMO on your mobile
device and I keep saying I’ve never played a game like this before which i
think is why I’m like so addicted to the game right now it just has so much there
if you don’t have a lot of time you know you can set your character to fish for
you or you can go in and start beating down awesome bosses if you do want to
play it but as you guys can see I jump back into a new stage and we’re going to
have it again I got my little pet gear which I really know what his name is but
he looks really cool I did have some other pets on lock’s but for the sake of
the video I kept the same pet and as far as I can tell it looks like you use your
mount only kind of in that starting area but you hope right there you go there we
go again guys which is too powerful we take down the final boss in one
and but trust me it’s not normally easy we did get a lot of awesome stuff though
and it’s really cool we get like a little card system aftertaste you get 2
bonuses but because it is legacy of discord guys you’re probably thinking
we’ll take push the fly in what are we going to go flying well those wings on
my back are not attached to my back for no reason so they’re there for a reason
cuz I’m not I’m not a bird I don’t think I’m a bird I might be a bird but it’s
because you can actually fly in this game which is really cool so there’s
actually a realm it’s like the sky realm and you can go there and do a bunch of
quests and you are flying so here I’m just kind of walking around and taking
down enemies so those are three butterflies but you guys get the point
and then once we’re done here we’re going to go to the sky realm and to try
out some of the flying mechanics which is just really cool one of the things is
the wings on your back you actually can upgrade and get different versions of
them so those just come with my character those are like high-level
upgraded wings I don’t know we start out with because I’ve unlocked them on my
character that I’m playing with but I’m sure they don’t look nearly as cool but
now guys we’re in the sky room and as you can see we’re flying reusing those
wings and I’m doing a little bit better than I did in our video I think but the
aerial combat is really fun we’re going around taking down some the enemies and
there’s also some new abilities that you can do only once you start flying now
you don’t unlock flying right off the bat you do have to work towards it but
once you do that I not sure wings give you different abilities I do know the
different wings and maybe different wings have different abilities but as
you guys can see in this I’m doing a lot of damage I’m taking out some of them
little flying birds kind of walking around this is my first
time taking flight so I was just checking out Tyrell
is going on but there is a lot to do here and there’s a lot of different
things you can do with the aerial combat and like I said guys so just so much to
do in this game I think that’s why it’s so much fun every time I get on there’s
something different to do if I kind of you know don’t be like doing some of the
main quests I’ll go do some of the side stuff like fishing or I’ll go into the
sky roam and fly around not to mention that ranking up to unlock
the mountain pets I think is just so much fun especially when you kind of go
back to the main starting screen here and you can see all the cool stuff
you’ve unlocked it’s just really really worth it but like I said guys I don’t
want to ramble on too much I don’t want to just keep telling you guys how fun
this game is I think you guys should really just go check it out it’s
free-to-play if you guys do download it make sure you use my link down below
it’ll help me out a ton guys interrupt me it’s free-to-play like you you can’t
go wrong but it’s really really fun I’m not just saying that they did not tell
me to say that like you see a discourse that I could say the game is bad if it
is but it is amazing and I mean I’m a Jew gem I’m open you guys know that so
it definitely hits the sweet spot for me I just can’t believe I get to play this
on my phone when I’m out and about it’s just super cool so go check it out guys
go get some wings for yourself don’t start flying but this has some Papa dick
hope you enjoyed the video healthy SXM for another awesome video

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