Flying Drones In National Parks | Hidden Document!
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Flying Drones In National Parks | Hidden Document!

December 9, 2019

Welcome to the channel, I’m Jay Malone. Let’s talk about flying drones in National
Parks. If this is your first time to the channel
and you enjoy photography, drones, technology and other related things, then start off by
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to it, that way you won’t miss anything! I get questions quite often asking me more
details about flying drones in National Parks. So, I figured I would talk more about that
today! Before we move on, let’s clarify that the
National Park Service or NPS is not the same as the U.S. Forrest Service or USFS. The NPS is ran by the Department of Interior
while the USFS is ran by the Department of Agriculture. Today we’re talking about the NPS. I recently had a phone conversation with a
National Park Service representative. So, I wanted to share some of what we talked
about! In fact, he gave me a link to a “hidden”
document that you might find interesting, and I’ll share that in just a bit. First off, to simplify it, you can’t take
off, land, or operate a drone within a National Park. I know there are some documents that point
to the fact that you can obtain a permit to fly there, but I really don’t know of any
individuals that have obtained such permit. The NPS representative tried to discourage
even flying over the park. His argument was that flying too close to
wildlife could still lead to a citation for disturbing wildlife. But he did acknowledge that there was that
loophole that allowed flying over the park as long as you did not take off, land, or
operate from within the park. Let’s move on to something that is a little
bit confusing! When you are on the website, you will
see National Parks, National Monuments, National Trails, National Preserves, etc. I’ve had people telling me that only the
National Parks are off-limits, but that’s not the case. There are currently 59 National Parks, but
there are a total of 417 locations in the National Park System. According to the NPS representative that I
spoke with, all of these 417 locations are all off-limits to drones. Now, there are another 146 locations that
are related areas. These 146 locations do not have the same restrictions
on drones that the other 417 do! This means that some Historical Sites, Riverways,
and Trails, are off-limits, while others are not. This is where the hidden document comes in
handy. Buried in the NPS website is a PDF of all
417 locations as well as the other 146 related areas. I’ll leave a link to it down in the description
below this video. I’ll also leave a link to the other document
that he shared with me! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss my
next video! Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing. And until next time…God Bless!

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