Flying Glitch In Fallout 76 (Funnest Glitch With A Jetpack)
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Flying Glitch In Fallout 76 (Funnest Glitch With A Jetpack)

August 8, 2019

Hey guys SpiderGamez here in this video. I’m going to show you a flying glitch in fallout 76 so stick around First of all, this glitch is not game breaking. It’s actually just taking advantage of the current game mechanics and No worries. It’s not like duping items or having an unlimited amount of items in your stash like people are doing right now It’s nothing like that. We’re just taking advantage of the broken mechanics right now And this probably will get patched Since we are going to be using a perk that’s pretty kick-ass to use especially when you have mutations and you’re in a team No worries. Don’t worry about breaking the game or anything Now let’s get into the glitch and how we do it first you need marsupial marsupial is an awesome mutation that allows you to jump really high off the ground and I love it but the other thing we need is a perk called strange in numbers and what this does is it makes the positive effects of your mutations 25% stronger but you need to be in a team and your teammates have to be mutated, too Or you could have one mutated teammate anyways, but other things that help are the jetpack of course and bird bones That will help you not fall to the ground like goddamn rock But you get the jet pack in the Enclave store in the top right corner of your screen There’s a card if you click on it It’ll take you to my video where I show you all about the jetpack and how to get that Along with some of the mutations that you can get that help the jet pack But I will be covering how to get mutations more in-depth in my next video. I want to upload like every day this week But yeah, it’s very easy to get mutations Unless you find them Of course the flying glitch in this game is so fun and I haven’t really found much use out of it except for maybe when we’re farming at the white spring nuke sites and Only because we can fly above all the ghouls and they can’t hit us The reason why this can’t break your game is because like I said, we’re just taking advantage of the broken mechanics right now but this is definitely going to fix this and this glitch can be annoying just because when you have marsupial You don’t always want to jump up in the air and get stuck flying you want to be able to land on the ground eventually? Someday, but yet that’s basically what this does as soon as you jump you’re done You’re gonna be flying for a bit unless you can get down to the ground for me I found that going in a straight line will take me straight to the ground My friend, however, he has more trouble He says that he has to do emotes to get to the ground and even then it doesn’t really help For some reason I’ve always had a good time like you can see right now. I’m just walking straight. No problems But uh, yeah this glitch works without power armor. You don’t need power armor to do this I just like to use the jetpack to get a lot of height Walt in this glitch But yeah, you don’t need power armor You just need marsupial and of course Stranger numbers Which will make marsupial 25% stronger getting downed. Like I said, it’s kind of a bitch for my friend. Anyways, I have an easier time Hopefully you have an easy time as well. But here he is trying to get down to the ground using Emotes, you don’t have to do this. I don’t have to do this Anyways, you might but I never had to do any of that crap guys You’ve been showing me a lot of love lately, and I’m so glad to finally break into fallout. I’ve always loved this game I did some fallout 4 videos. Of course. I had my Lu locking series that I did there but Finally I get to have a second game on my channel other than dying light and I love dying light, of course but yeah, I love fallout so much and Finally I get to upload videos on the regular for you guys And I’m gonna be doing this where as long as Paul out is around You can always count on me to be there whenever a new Fallout game comes out or even elder scrolls because I love Skyrim But in my next videos all weekend, I want to upload every day I normally can’t upload every day because it really wears me out and I have medical problems that Are holding you back, but I’m gonna start uploading every day tomorrow I’m gonna show you guys I had to get mutations easier. So mutation farms And of course what you can do with mutations, that’s really awesome like the flying glitch, for example and I’m also going to be showing you guys where to get the ultra site armor along with that how to get mods for the Ultra site, I need to do some testing today I’m going to be killing some scorch beasts and stuff like that because they should drop mods for your ultra site armor But uh, yeah guys, I think that’s it. I’ve shown you all about this glitch. There’s really nothing to it Like I said, you need two things and that’s it. Jetpack helps. Of course, I’ve got speed demon and Bird bones those help but like I said, you don’t need them. I hope this video helps I hope you found it informative. If you did, please leave like it helps out a lot and I appreciate it and Subscribe for future videos. Thanks for watching. And as always I will see you in the next video

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  1. It's a shame that mutations are starting to get more attention by youtubers, soon everyone will be mutated and I won't feel so powerful anymore. With this attention should come changes to pvp, take the syringer for example, imagine loading a syringe with rad-x to suppress your opponents mutations prior to engaging them.

  2. hope they fix glitch with explosives bullets in future / enemy become superman basically even an ant can kill you easy

  3. I lost all my junk then the next day when I tried to do the duplication glitch again it was patched…. I’m not sure if there are any homies that can help me out with junk or if not then like the comment to help?

  4. Looking forward to the mutation video. Was it just mega lucky that you got bird bones, marsupial and speed demon in that order, or is there a way to remove individual mutations that you don't like?

  5. Did you really get that lucky with your mutations ( exactly speed demon marsupial and bird bone wtf ) or do you have a trick to remove mutations that you dont want ?

  6. Game is such a fucking joke…glitch infested failure…literally just had a scorch beast follow me around for 10mins and would not land plus the added non stop fucking attacks. Literally thinking about unistalling

    Edit: plus my friend and i JUST killed the scorchbeast queen FOR THE FIRST TIME and all i got was a fucking healing combat right arm so needless to say this past hour was the worst

  7. I run all mutations except Herbivore, run class freak lvl3 and the card for buffed mutations if teammates are mutated too, all my special are +25 and have 400 ap, its broken

  8. I've been having this and people thought I was cheating but it was the mutations I've had and the games is massively broken still

  9. Spider this isn’t fallout related but ever since I’ve watched your dying lights video I started enjoying your videos more and more but the reason I’m here is because I never figured out how to air assassination I was wondering if I hold it or spam the attack bottom so when you the chance reply to me and help me out

  10. U still play dying light cause if u do can u please add me and kindly gift some weapons please spider 🙏😥

  11. I know this is not a dying light video but does anyone know how to fix the glitch?
    I cannot play the following.
    It just takes me to the slums to the mission pact with rais
    So I'm unable the following and I'm really mad.
    And also my campaign reset
    I beat the whole game but it took me all the way to pact with rais
    I still have my load out and legend but I don't know what's happening to my game
    Someone help please.

  12. My Man,Spider,Please If You Have Medical Problems Take A Small Break From Youtube!

    Also For You Guys That Say That You Miss Dying Light,

    He Did Not Sayed That He Will Not Play It Again,He Is Probably Just Waiting For Dying Light 2 To Come Out.
    I Also LOVE Dying Light But,When He Plays One Other Game Theres No Need To Make It Such A Big Deal.As I Sayed,He Is Probably Waiting For Dying LIght 2 To Come Out,Anyway Stay Safe Spider!

  13. Loving your videos and I'm sorry to hear about your medical problems I can understand how that goes I have RSD in both of my feet and lower legs and it's horrible.

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