Flying Helmet | Motu Patlu in Hindi With ENGLISH SUBTITLES!
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Flying Helmet | Motu Patlu in Hindi With ENGLISH SUBTITLES!

January 23, 2020

Patlu, you are always busy reading newspapers. Eat some samosas! I don’t like eating samosas. Where did the two samosas disappear? You said that you don’t like samosas, then why did you eat my two samosas. I did not eat them. Look at my mouth. I am leaving you this time. Next I will not tolerate it. Where did the other two samosas disappear? If you have all the samosas, then what I will eat. I was talking to you, then how can I eat the samosas. Then who is eating the samosas. How did the samosas disappear? You are surprised! Look here. This is great. Let us show your special gadget. Don’t wait, show us quickly. Listen, this button will help you to fly upwards. And this button will help you to come downwards. And these two buttons will help you to move in right & left direction. Big brother, I will come soon. You wait here. I will bring some samosas. Long live! Hey, brother! What are you doing? Sorry, I am in a hurry. I will pay you later on. Am I seeing a dream? Is our Motu flying in the air? Wow, boss you said a great poem. Isn’t it number 2. Boss, it will be great, if you get hold of that flying helmet. Isn’t it number 2. It is useless to ask you anything. John will become the don. John will become the don. He will fly using the flying helmet & who will stop him!! Wow, boss! I know that. Come on follow him. Idiots. Move it more closer. Move my seat more closer. Useless fellows can’t you see it. I forgot to ask big brother, that how can I move upwards using this. Hey, leave my leg. Hey, boss are you alright. Idiots, you need to save me & not hit me. Boss, I am coming to save you. Boss, are you alright? Both of you bend down, then I will show you. Big brother, it was great fun. For the first time, your invention is successful. This is indeed great. I have caught him. Thank you, Jhatka and bye bye. Now, John will become the don!! Catch him. He should not be able to take my helmet away. Catch him. Leave my leg & go down. Hey, bring him again. If I leave your leg, then I will go to heaven forever. You move it downwards. If I move down, then you will ask Chingam to arrest me. Good boy! You are very cute. Give me the cycle & I will wait here. I will come soon. Once again if you steal my son’s cycle. Then! Help!! Motu, help me. Help me. You stop jumping & save me. Help. If you leave my leg, then I will fulfill your any wish. If I leave your leg, then I will die. I won’t be able to ask for any wish. You move little downwards & I shall jump on a roof. Ok, alright. John, will become the don! Nobody, will be able to catch me when I will fly in the air! Wow, boss! It was a great poem. Isn’t it number 2. Boss! Boss! Should, I try wearing this flying helmet for once? Idiot! The crown looks good on a king’s head! Boss, at least show me the remote. Take it & keep it safely. Boss, I cannot believe that with just the push of a button, a person can fly in the air. What are you doing? Give it to me. Give it to me. Give the remote to me. Please save me. Oh, boss! Idiots, what are you doing? Bring me down. Boss! What are you doing there? Let me come down & then I will tell you. I will break all your bones!! Wow, boss it was a great poem. Idiot! Give me a rope! I cannot jump down! Sorry, boss! I will use the remote & bring you down. Leave the remote & bring a rope. Ok, boss! Hey! Why are you guys not saying anything? Get me out of here. Idiots!! Boss, take the rope! Help! Ok, boss! Help!! Both of you, bring back my flying helmet at any cost. We will find it. But let us have some samosas first. I am very hungry. When you are not hungry? First find the flying helmet. Otherwise. Look, John is here. Catch him! I swear on my patients, I will not spare him. Boss! No! Not there!! Oh, god! Who is there?? Oh, John the don! Welcome! Welcome! It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web! Impossible! Boss!! Take the remote. Come here! Close the lock! I am going to hit you really hard. Oh, both of you have once again helped to arrest John. Thank you, Motu Patlu!! Thank you! Thank you!! I will give you a prize. Oh, I will give them a prize. They have destroyed my years of hard work. Coconuts in the police station, impossible. Impossible! I mean it’s impossible!

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