Flying in Money Land – MONACO Mont Gros
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Flying in Money Land – MONACO Mont Gros

January 20, 2020

Hi there, I’m in Monaco. In Monaco is a lot of money, a mountain, a beach and a bit too much wind. Let’s see if we can create a after work program with that. So, I arrived on top of Mt.Gros, beautiful launch site. It took me one hour. Now I have to wait until 6pm, flying is not allowed before here. Hopefully the wind gets better. I’m going to explain to you, why I probably don’t fly today: Up here the wind is easterly, and not too strong. But, out on the sea, I see white foam tops, which means at least 15kt of wind. My landing beach is right down here, right behind this spit of land, which is creating tuburlences, the boats show this clearly, they sould all point into the wind, but the ones close to the land are a big mess. The wind seems quite disturbed there, probably quite turbulent…. I landed here at this beautiful beach, called Golf Bleu. The wind calmed down and there is a lot of space for landing down here. Awesome flight, followed by a quick swim. …simply awesome…

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