Flying in the UK is Confusing, Epic Formation Flight
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Flying in the UK is Confusing, Epic Formation Flight

December 29, 2019

*music* Matt: So we’re leaving Wick, Scotland, heading down sort of towards the London area a little south of there go to Shoreham, maybe stop in Manchester, do a little fun flying today, do some sightseeing around the coast here, should be pretty epic, views are pretty awesome. Looks like we should have some good weather the whole way, so that’ll be fun but we just had a great time in Scotland, check that video out if you haven’t seen it already and now we’re gonna head down towards London and then in a couple days on to Austria, maybe Germany JP: Wick Traffic N210EU rolling 13 we will be departing to the north for a local scenery flight temperatures and pressures are good full power airspeed’s alive JP: I think that’s the castle, is it? Oh no here it is look at these ruins Louis: Yeah those are the ones we went to JP: Pretty cool Louis: Wow there are so many castles up here Matt: Those cliffs looks so cool JP: Yeah they’re pretty awesome, that looks like a Red Bull Air Race gate right ahead Matt: Yeah that little light house JP: Yeah Matt: So is this that abandoned island? It kinda looks like it JP: Yeah it probably is Matt: The little island with a bunch of little abandoned houses Matt: Originally we just planned to stop in Scotland for fuel and then keep going down towards like London and we ended up spending two nights, it was just so epic, so much to see here we saw this castle that was built in like the late 1400s, it’s like something out of Game of Thrones it looks like something, it just looks amazing. It also has like a bit of this sort of Game of Thrones-ish morbid history, it turns out that in like the 1500s the current earl of the castle imprisoned his own son on suspicion of like rebellion and then fed him a diet of salted meat with no water so that he died insane from thirst which just sounds so horrible but at the same time also just like something exactly out of Game of Thrones so that was just really interesting but all kinds of cool stuff to see here, had some great Scottish food, it was kinda weird but it was good and yeah now we’re gonna head down toward London Scotland Radio, N210EU Scottish Control: N210EU confirm Matt: N210EU we’re just off of Wick, request an IFR to EGKA Scottish Control: N0EU Scottish roger and N0EU what service are you requesting? Matt: We can take a deconfliction service Scottish Control: N0EU roger, squawk 3610 and N0EU what level are you climbing to to cruise? Matt: 7,000 Scottish Control: N0EU roger are you VFR or IFR? Matt: IFR Scottish Control: N0EU roger, flight level 70 to cruise then confirm? Matt: That’s affirmative, 0EU Scottish Control: roger Matt: That’s what we filed in the flight plan, why does he not… I don’t get air traffic control in places like the UK Scottish Control: N0EU you are identified at the moment it’s a traffic service until passing flight level 50 then it becomes deconfliction service Matt: 0EU Ok so we’re leveled off in cruise here at 7,000 feet doing about I don’t know 160 knots 3 knot head wind right now, that’s not too bad and it looks like it should be about, what is this, another 3 hours down to Shoreham, so we’re just cruising along beautiful day, got some clouds, hoping we get to see at least some of the scenery Matt: Aberdeen Radio, N210EU, 7,000 Aberdeen Radar: N210EU Aberdeen Radar, good afternoon, maintain flight level 70, report ADN Matt: Ok we’ll maintain flight level 70, report ADN, N210EU It’s interesting though, we’re talking to Aberdeen Radar and they want us to report flying over the VOR so that’s interesting but whatever, one fun fact about or one little funny story about Aberdeen, Scotland is a few years ago a friend of mine and I were flying home to Aberdeen, SD at night and he took a picture like landing there which — Aberdeen, SD is like surrounded by completely flat terrain, it’s pretty small lots of lights, very flat– Aberdeen Scotland by comparison is right on the sea it’s pretty hilly there are cliffs, castles, all kinds of stuff, waterways it’s all spread out so this friend of mine tweets this photo landing in Aberdeen, SD — the tourism board in Aberdeen, Scotland retweets it and then a number of other people from Aberdeen, Scotland proceed to then also retweet it so like ten people from Aberdeen, Scotland are retweeting this photo like landing in Aberdeen at night JP: That’s funny Matt: of Aberdeen, SD JP: That is very funny Matt: Thinking that it’s somehow Aberdeen, Scotland Aberdeen Radar, N0EU is over ADN Aberdeen Radar: NEU roger you are under radar control service as you transit controlled airspace Matt: 0EU Whatever that means JP: yeah, I don’t know Louis: Is that Aberdeen? Matt: Yeah Aberdeen Radar: N210EU you are about to leave controlled airspace, what type of service would you like? Matt: We’d like a deconfliction service, 0EU Aberdeen Radar: Roger, you’re now under a deconfliction service as you leave controlled airspace Matt: 0EU thank you JP: That’s so weird for me, deconfliction Matt: Like so far we are doing pretty well here but I know there are like large portions of the UK where you can’t get basic services, there’s no such thing as like flight following you know there are places like approach controls that close during the night or something or certain hours or they’re closed on weekends and JP: flight following is… Matt: so there aren’t any services provided there so there’s all kinds of stuff like that you know they just don’t have here JP: flight following is one of things I appreciate the most about Canada and the US it makes VFR flying cross country so easy Matt: right Louis could you hand me my breakfast? Thank you Louis: are you gonna eat all those Kit Kats? Matt: probably JP: also while you’re doing that can you pass me the jug? Matt: *laughing* Louis: look at the droplets and the mist inside from the last piss JP: *laughing* JP: It smells like piss! the jar that’s not pleasant ATC: N210EU you’re now clear of that gliding site, resume own navigation Matt: Own navigation, 0EU ATC: N0EU squawk 7060 Matt: 7060, N0EU ATC: N0EU contact Durham Radar 118.850, buh bye Matt: 118.850 N0EU good day JP: What was the radar service that we were on again? un…something? Matt: deconfliction service JP: Deconflicted Matt: Deconfliction So I think that means if there’s traffic they’ll tell you how to get around it or something JP: ok Matt: What are we up to? JP: What’s that? We’re at 7 Matt: What’s the weather like? JP: What’s that? Matt: What’s the weather like? JP: It was fine, I was just, I didn’t think this was this deep breakout any second, we can probably ask for higher yeah let’s ask for higher Matt: let’s just wait till we get through this thing, we’ll probably be fine on the other side I just don’t like waking up like that it sorta looks like the traffic on these roads are just moving in reverse but actually it’s just England JP: *laughing* JP: London Information, N210EU with you flight level 090 London Information: N210EU, London Information, good afternoon sir, pass your message JP: What did he say? Pass your message? Matt: um JP: I will pass your message, or something like that Matt: Yeah I don’t know we’ll see what he says London Information: N210EU London Information, good afternoon sir, pass your message JP: I’m not sure what that means Matt: N210EU we’re level at flight level 90 and I guess do you have our flight plan? London Information: Affirm, I’ve got your flight plan, Wick direct to Shoreham, is this correct? Matt: Affirm London Information: Ok, and just confirm, you’re IFR? JP: That’s affirmative, 0EU London Information: N0EU thank you, squawk 0027 with mode C, it’s a basic service whilst outside controlled airspace Matt: 0EU we’ll squawk 0027 London Information: Thanks, and are you looking to rejoin controlled airspace? If so position and estimate Matt: (to JP) what? (to London Information) say again? London Information: are you looking to rejoin controlled airspace? JP: That’s affirmative, 0EU London Information: Roger, what’s your position now please? JP: We are 33 miles from BANTO north of BANTO 0EU London Information: understand, standby Matt: I don’t understand how this works here JP: they make things overly complicated here Matt: right no one knows what’s going on Louis: are they just saying silly things? Matt: Yeah JP: things that I’ve never heard in my life Matt: they’re just being very british Louis: What was it, “pass your message?” Matt: Yeah Louis: And you’re like what? Matt: What do you wanna know? London Information: NOEU London Information when you have it please, estimate for BANTO, B-A-N-T-O Matt: Is that us? JP: That’s N210EU we’re expecting BANTO at 1326Z London Information: N210EU thank you sir, we’re just on the phone now to obtain your clearance JP: What? Matt: I think he said something like he’s on the phone to get us a clearance or something I don’t know how this works JP: Copy that 0EU Matt: We’ll see what happens GLUSI: London Information GLUSI request basic service London Information: GLUSI London Information, good afternoon, pass your message GLUSI: GLUSI is a Luscombe L8 from *inaudible* to *inaudible* JP: Pass your message GLUSI: Currently 1 mile to the south of *inaudible* 2,800 feet, 1022, squawking 7000 mode C and proposing to route directly to M4 junction 18 and then *inaudible*, request basic service London Information: GSI thank you sir, squawk 1177 with mode C, it is a basic service JP: and for radar services their name is deconflicted service Matt: right well I think now we’re getting a basic service JP: Well yeah Matt: but I mean JP: Well why do they need to break them up? Matt: I don’t know it’s a pretty ass backward system Louis: are you understanding what they’re saying now? or? Matt: I mean it’s getting a little better but I still have no idea what they’re saying JP: and the way they do things doesn’t make sense, like it’s not logical Matt: it’s completely, well their entire airspace system in the UK is completely nonsensical, the way they run airports just doesn’t make any sense and then they just talk so funny that you can’t understand anything they say, there’s no ‘t’s, there’s no they just chop off the end of every word, they’re just, they’re so Bri-ish Louis: *laughing* JP: so British (with British accent) Louis: He’s speaking what I would refer to as like the Queen’s British, which is like the original British Matt: I would have a really hard time talking to the Queen Louis: *laughing* JP: well he’s speaking really fast, the radio is not the clearest, and he’s half mumbling in my opinion so Matt: Well I mean I think that’s what British is JP: it would be easier if the procedures were, if they made sense, if they were similar to the US Matt: I think it would still be very difficult London Control: N210EU which way are you expecting to route to Shoreham? Matt: 210EU, I guess we’ll take whatever the most direct route is that you’ll give us London Control: Roger London Control: N21EU make a left turn now heading 130 degrees, gonna route you around to the east of London London Control: Speedbird 347 descend flight level 110 London Control: descent flight level 110 Speedbird 347 London Control: N210EU are you happy to leave controlled airspace from your present position in the descent? JP: That’s affirmative 0EU London Control: N210EU thank you, you are cleared to descend now, leave controlled airspace, the London QNH is 1021 JP: 1021 and cleared out of controlled airspace for the descent, 0EU Matt: does that mean we can go direct? JP: Once we’re out of it I think yeah Louis: Where’s the boundary? Matt: One of those lines London Control: N210EU the base controlled airspace in your present position is 5,500 feet JP: Copy that, 5,500 0EU London Information: N210EU, London Information, are you IFR or VFR sir? JP: IFR, 0EU London Information: U, thank you sir, what’s your ETA for Shoreham then and we’ll pass that on JP: standby ETA is 1424Z London Information: That’s copied, I’m on the phone now and surface wind at Shoreham currently showing 220 degrees 10 knots and the QNH 1021 JP: copy that, we have information Q, 0EU London Information: great, thanks JP: Shoreham, N210EU, 8 miles to the east, inbound 2,400 Shoreham Approach: N210EU, Shoreham Approach, QNH 1021, how would you like to join for Runway 20 instrument approach or visual? JP: We can do the visual for 21…20, 0EU Shoreham Approach: N0EU, roger join report 5 mile left base Runway 20 JP: We’ll report a 5 mile left base for 20, 0EU Shoreham Approach: N0EU surface wind 210 degrees, 12, cleared to land JP: cleared to land 20, 0EU Matt: Ok so we just landed in Shoreham here in the south shore of the UK really nice little flight, super confusing cause they just do everything different here but just having a quick little lamb burger, awesome here, I guess you guys know, one of my favorite things in the whole world are just airport restaurants, airport cafes, so I’m really glad that we found we happened to just land at an airport that had one, so gonna have a nice little lamb burger go out for a sunset formation photo flight and just chill here for a few days Shoreham Tower: GYS formation affirm, lead aircraft squawk 3763 and taxi holding point K1 via K Andy: Woohoo, welcome to aviation girls Matt: as soon as he’s off the ground we’ll roll *music* Andy: alright pre-takeoff vital action *sound* Ok so phones, it says to turn em off but **** that its okay, don’t worry about it Where did I put my phone? In my pocket, so that’s good Shoreham Tower: GYS formation with that traffic in mind you’re cleared for takeoff, surface wind’s 220 degrees 7 knots Andy: cleared takeoff GYS formation Matt: go ahead and run the engine up just a little Andy: ok airspeed’s alive, Ts and Ps are good here’s 60…there’s 65…there’s 70 and back everyone ok? Louis: yeah Andy: good good Shoreham Tower: GWO roger, copy thanks JP: airspeed’s alive, temperatures and pressures are good, 65…70 Matt: and so Andy here and another friend of ours, Sam, flew this thing from London to Australia a few years back, so then I met up with them here in London when I was flying around the world they showed me around town, took me out for dinner, all that kind of fun stuff Andy: do you guys need me to slow down to catch up Matt? Matt: nah nah we’re fine Alfie: this makes me want to do my pilot license so bad! Andy: Good! That’s the effect we’re after Andy: Ok I’m thinking about the turn in 5, 4, 3, 2, *inaudible* go to the left man that is spectacular, back on track whenever you’re ready Louis: oh yeah woohoo! Andy: That is Beachy Head Alfie: It’s crazy there’s only 500 feet, my drone goes higher than that Andy: let me know when you’re ready and I’ll turn on track for the sun JP: do you guys have the shot now? Andy: Righto, I want you to take hold of the yoke for me Alfie, and I want you to imagine that what you’re holding is a dog turd wrapped in tissue paper, what would you not do with a dog turd wrapped in tissue paper? Alfie: Hold on tight Andy: You wouldn’t squeeze it very hard, right, nice light touch, you have control so you’re flying, now if we do this…the aircraft will bank left, if we do that…it will hold the turn see the horizon, that picture? Do the opposite, bring it level for me, there you go you’re flying now, follow Matt, that’s all you need to know Andy: for f***s sake what’s he doing? He’s taken over the f****** plane *laughing* Andy: *inaudible*… as long as you can see them we’re going the right direction, ok keep flying till we get there, keep flying, keep flying, gonna start to think about flaring just gonna hold the nose up a touch and as I ease the power out we’re gonna take the nose further and further and further and further and further and further up oh! booyah! how was that? *laughing Andy: Did you enjoy that pal? Alfie: That was sick! Oh my god Louis: Alfie, did you just land a plane bro? Alfie: I might have buy one of these Louis: I’ve got one, I’ve got one Alfie: *laughing* Matt: How much is each landing at this tiny airport in the UK? JP: £33 which is like Louis: Which is $50 Matt: that’s actually insane JP: Why would anybody wanna fly here? Matt: Right that’s why nobody flies here, like GA is basically dead Alfie: that’s cheaper than parking in Brighton Matt: How does ATC work here? Andy: ATC here is kind of discretionary right, if you’re outside of the airway system if you ask nice you might get a service from people, it kinda depends, air traffic control in this country is run by a company called NATS, that’s the National Air Traffic Service, and they are fundamentally a private business they gotta have income streams and so the airlines have to pay airways fees and stuff like that so their resources are all spent for that kind of traffic, when you drop out of that system there’s no one paid to look after you, now you can ask nicely with what we call LARS services lower aircraft radar services, they’re mostly military so they’re not all open on the weekend, they’re not all military, like Farnborough Radar here in the London area is very good, they take very good care of us but beyond that you’ll often call up one of the LARS services and ask for a traffic service or something like that and they’ll just say they’re busy or they can’t for whatever reason, you just have to continue on your own Matt: What is a basic service? Andy: Ok, so you’ve got to ask them for what you want and here we do something non-standard which is ridiculous for people flying into the country like you, instead of asking for a flight information service or flight following, or whatever terms you use in the US. What do you call it, advisories in the US, right? Matt: Or just flight following but yeah Andy: So here you can have a basic service, that means you get nothing but you can talk to them on the radio and ask the QNH or stuff, the altimeter setting, you would call that right? Matt: Right Andy: you can ask them the weather somewhere but mostly they wouldn’t have time to tell you that unless you’re on London Information, that’s a basic service. Or you can ask for a traffic service and around here in the London area if Farnborough isn’t too busy they can help you with that, but they’re very often too busy and that means they will call other traffic and tell you where it is, or you can ask for a separation service and often a commercial aircraft on descent out of the airway system trying to get into an airport that’s not in controlled airspace will get that separation service and they’ll try and give them their three miles and their thousand feet or whatever, they won’t spend time on that with us *music* Matt: So I don’t even remember what this is, we’re here at some little cafe and this is the the Mediterranean… hold on hold on this is the maybe it’s not…am I looking at the wrong thing? This isn’t actually a menu *laughing* But this is the Mediterranean super food salad which JP thinks is the healthiest thing I’ve eaten on this trip so far JP: no no not on this trip, your entire life Matt: Oh in my entire life, my bad. I’m not sure that’s true I think it might actually be the tastiest thing I’ve had on this trip Louis: Really? Matt: It’s really good, got like feta cheese, couscous, quinoa, edamame beans, fresh mixed leaves, baby plum tomatoes, sliced avocado, pomegranate seeds and green olives with some olive oil and vinegar on top, and it is absolutely delicious *music* Matt: We finally made it to London, we’re gonna explore a little bit, grab a bite to eat it’s really cool cause the only other time I’ve been here was when I was flying around the world and that was you know super stressful trying to figure out what’s happening next, where I’m going, all the flight stuff, now I’m just super relaxed, I don’t have a care in the world just get to enjoy the city take it in and share it with all you guys JP: I kinda wish I was you right now, but also not Matt: You wish you were eating it? JP: You will regret this at some point Matt: I don’t think I will, I don’t think I will ever regret eating a chocolate brownie with ice cream and a delicious Oreo milkshake JP: I hate you so much right now *laughing* Matt: If you haven’t seen it in like Louis’ vlog or JP’s or something, yesterday, two or three days ago JP decided to be vegan so he can’t have any of this delicious dessert awesomeness so when you’re flying in other countries where there’s not really GA which is most of the world especially when you get to the Middle East, India, Asia, places like that if you’re not wearing like a pilot shirt and epaulettes they think something’s up like they think you might have stolen the plane or something cause they just don’t see that, they don’t see somebody dressed like this flying a plane so JP’s just dropping by this pilot’s shop to get some official looking shirts and epaulettes and crew tags and things like that so that they don’t have any problems later on in the trip *music* Matt: Well it’s been a fun day of sight seeing, got to see basically all of London, just walked all over the place saw everything, and now found this nice little pub next to the river to grab a bite to eat, head back to the hotel and I think that’s pretty much it for London, now we’re gonna head to Austria and go play with a bunch of Diamond’s new toys, so that’ll be fun JP: I love the cous-cous Matt: How do you say it? JP: couscous Matt: couscous Isn’t that what I said? JP: You said cous-cous Matt: cous-cous, couscous, I don’t hear a difference Louis: I like the way you say couscous *laughing* Matt: How do you say napkin? JP: Serviette Matt: One more time JP: Serviette Matt: I don’t… I think napkin is just so much easier, tissue is like blow your nose JP: Nobody knows what a napkin is here Matt: How do they not know what a napkin is? Louis: I think we know what napkins are

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  1. The Brits say pass water when they mean have a pee. I think 'pass your message' means go ahead and talk to me about what you need.

  2. Not sure if you guys have a Radio Licence ? in the u.k things are a Lot Busier, and stringent A.T.C. is maintained. Plus if you do not know ASK…its that simple. good photography, and must have been a great flight. However Airspace is not for the unlearned in the u.k. A.T.C do there best to avoid aircraft collision's . What was wrong with pass your message ? Hope all ended well for you.

  3. OMG AT MARKER 6:14 your back seat guy is totally getting into a nose picking session WOW !!!!! god kinda gagging right now jesus ….. and then he is handing you guys food in front GACK…… lord man sanitizer guys lol good vid though lol gack ……

  4. To all the people complaining about him "not doing his research" or complaining about the UK, keep in mind he has flown all over the world. Perhaps it is the UK that is different than most places….

  5. OMG its a bit crazy flying in England if you are used to USA…. its like everything is designed to stop you wanting to fly. Everything is verbose and we have a superiority complex. Oh and all the GA planes have pre-WWII avionics.

  6. "Everything looks like it's out of 'Game of Thrones,' 'Game-of-Thrones-ish . . . '" Heh, in truth, everything in GoT is "out of Scotland" and "Scotland-ish."

  7. Yeah, flying in the UK is very congested, do go off how many planes actually fly in the sky, look at it as we have a long n narrow country, much of which is controlled at higher altitudes, the controllers did actually go out of their way filing a plan for you after you were in mid air, they understood that you were having difficulties. If you were used to our system or had done a bit of checking up on Procedures then Iโ€™m sure things would of gone a lot more easier. If you want too know what REAL difficulty then try Italy. Then thatโ€™s REALLY confusing, unless you have pre prepared. We do actually have extremely good radar coverage, pretty much the entire country but itโ€™s geared more towards commercial & most definitely military aspects. Remember this, why is it that ALL pilots from all other countries that are used to flying into the UK have no difficulties. Itโ€™s just guys that pass through n do not know what to expect have issues. The British guy just before the restaurant scene gives a good explanation. Yup, we would all love to have the open skies provided in the US, but we donโ€™t.

  8. Love it that the military atc has off on weekends…. when starting the next Battle of Britain, choose a saturday, gives you 48 hrs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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