Flying on Unbelievable Russian and Soviet Planes
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Flying on Unbelievable Russian and Soviet Planes

October 15, 2019

(upbeat inspirational music) – Today’s video is all
about Soviet aviation. Many of you may be unfamiliar with this, but I want to show you what’s
flying on the Russian Plane, a Soviet airplane’s like,
and I also have the expert of Russian Soviet aviation,
Charles Kennedy with me. Antonov has the world’s
largest aeroplane ever. – [Charles] Yes, the
Mriya, the Antonov 225. – [Robert] Yup. – [Charles] And also the Antonov 124, the Ruslan transporter. (electronic beeping) (heavy beat music) – [Robert] Still, the size
just leave many people wonder, how does this thing get off in the air. (dramatic orchestral music) (singing in foreign language) – [Robert] The Tupolev 154 is
a three engine aeroplanes , one of the fastest flying
three engine aeroplane in the world.
– That’s true. (electronic beeping) (heavy beat music) It was, yeah. It was very, very fast. The sweep of the wings was very extreme. So it was, yeah, like an arrow. – [Robert] What’s the best
thing about Tupolev 154 to you? – [Charles] For me, well,
it was the workhorse of the Soviet Union. Even to this day, a third
of all air flight passengers ever in history flew in the 154. They built nearly a 1000 of them, so it was the backbone
of the Soviet Union. Which, by the way, is a country
that spanned 11 time zones. – I want to share with you,
my last Tupolev 154 flight. It was a flight from Moscow to a place called Polyarny Odace. Which the Tupolev 154 was used, because Boeing 737-800
couldn’t make the landing. The runway is extremely bumpy
and a lack of maintenance, so the only 154 can do
this kind of hard landings. (singing in foreign language) (landing gear squealing) – [Automated Control
Panel] 80, 60, 40, 20, 10. (rumbling) (upbeat music) – So the second plane
I want to show you guys is recently just retired. It’s also operated by
Alrosa Aviation from Russia. It is the Tupolev 134. (electronic beeping) (heavy beat music) This very trustworthy pocket rocket has done so many trips across Siberia. – [Charles] Yeah. – [Robert] My last flight
on them was in 2017, from a Mirny to Irkutsk. And I wanna show you guys how the men’s are flying
the Russian plane. What difference is the western pilots in compared to the Russian pilots? Why the Russian pilots seems
like pulling every muscles they have to operate the plane? – It’s a good question. I think the aeroplanes were very basic and not a lot of what you
would call power steering. These were– – [Robert] Made for real pilots to fly. – [Charles] Yeah, real pilots. The expression of like–
– No pushing a button. – [Charles] No, no, no. It’s man-draulic. – [Robert] Man-draulic.
– Yeah. Not hydraulic, man-draulic, yeah. But the 134, a real, like
you said, pocket rocket. Very high performance. In fact, it was even used
to train fighter pilots. Before military guys
went onto fighter jets, they’d have flights on
the 134 for training, ’cause it was such a rocket. (singing in foreign language) (speaking foreign language) (dramatic orchestral music) – The next aeroplane I want to show you is an Antonov 12, four engine turbo prop. (electronic beeping) (heavy beat music) Designed probably in the
late 50’s, early 60’s? – Yes, exactly. – It’s still operational
in a lot of countries like Belarus, and the flow
one, which channels together. – Yeah.
– And I remember, they opened the cargo ramp during– – That’s right.
– –in the air, just to show us the capability of it. – [Charles] Yeah. – [Robert] And then you see
all the smoke trail coming out from all the source in the engine. That was a great experience on An-12. – Yeah, really great, really great. Just the cargo net
between you and the sky. – Yeah, and what I admire, is this true airmenship of the pilots. They work synchronizerdly as a team– – Yeah.
– –to operate this An-12. We’ve got navigators sitting underneath, you’ve got engineer and you got two pilots sitting on the upper deck. – [Charles] Yes. (singing in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) (propellers humming) (electronic rattling) We’re gonna show us the Antonov 74. (electronic beeping) (heavy beat music) – Now this aeroplane has two jets engine, mounted high on it’s wing. I was very fortunate. I’ve flown it in Iran, and
they use aeroplanes converting from cargo to passenger. Very lucky, I had the
GoPro in the cockpits to land and you can see how the footage, from how the pilots fly them. (engine humming) (soft music) (electronic rattling) Now Charles, what’s
your favourite aeroplane in Soviet aviation? – I have to say, it’s the Ilyushin 62. – Ah. (electronic beeping) (heavy beat music) – [Robert] Four engines, Soviet premiere. – [Charles] Yes, yes. – [Robert] Intercontinental aeroplane. – [Charles] Yeah, Moscow to
Havanan, Moscow to Pyongyang, to Beijing, and yeah, all over Africa. A beautiful looking
aeroplane, like you said, four engines at the back. A real classic. – [Robert] I particularly
enjoy sitting towards the end, the rear of the plane,
to listen to the four solo FB30 engine. It is a symphony,
especially towards landing. You can hear different
pitch, while the pilot’s throttling the landing. It’s this amazing music to my ears. (engine roaring) (plane engine squealing) (singing in foreign language) The Soviet Union, they’re very creative. – They are creative.
– Their lack of materials, lack of technologies,
but they had to survive, they had to adapt, and came up with different ways on these aeroplanes . – So do you remember in North Korea, we flew on the Ilyushin 76. (electronic beeping) (heavy beat music) The big jet freighter. – [Robert] Of course. Four engine also, same engine as the 62. The solo one, I believe. – [Charles] Right, that’s exactly right, that’s exactly right.
– Solo xc30 engines. – [Charles] Yup, yup. – [Robert] You know, it’s
just, you were inside a shoebox, basically, at take
off, and then you can’t see. But it’s just, wow. Crazy noise, this aeroplane makes. – [Charles] Crazy noise, yeah. – [Robert] Crazy noise. And I’m gonna show you the footage. During one takeoff in North Korea, they have to put lots
of weight in the middle. Carry lots of stuff to
balance the weights, because it was not used
to have empty weight. Just a few passengers inside. I’m really glad that we’ve
flown a cargo plane together. – [Charles] I know. (engine roaring) (singing in foreign language) (plane engine roaring) (electronic rattling) So I’m sure you know this,
the thing to remember, but it’s actually the
fist super sonic airliner ever built was not concord. It was the Tuploev 144. This is a fantasy delivery air courier, never had the 144, but airfloat did. – So I hope you liked the video. I am Robert Glada. I was born at a time when there were still a lot and lots of Soviet
Russian aviation going on, but they were very fast
disappearing in the sky. I’m glad that I seized the opportunity to fly on this planes. Now sharing this video with you. (dramatic orchestral music) (slow dramatic music) (ding)

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  1. I love to fly on rare aircraft types. Have you flown on any Russian/Soviet built planes? Love to hear your experience!

  2. TU 154 is my favorite airliner, never had the opportunity of flying in a soviet aircraft. What a Pity they are so beautiful and unique. Well I usually fly them in X-Plane.

  3. I mean they aren’t really Russian because, like the Antonov some of them are Ukrainian. Like on 2:53 you can see Ukrainian flag out of the window

  4. Let’s remind the naysayers that the AN-125 and 225 were built well after the C-5 A/B had been flying for at LEAST a decade.

  5. These Soviet airplanes are true relics. In the current aviation world dominated by Boeing and Airbus, these planes offer an alternative narrative to flying !

  6. Top video Sam , thanks . The Russian military aircraft are also a treat. As an Australian I am embarrassed by all my governments who are so bullied that they bankrupt the nation by buying US military hardware of doubtful value which then make us reliant on US weapons and ammunition which are stupidly expensive- just imagine that you buy a computer printer and then have to by ink cartridges costing more than the printer- been there? Then you must know that we will go broke defending ourselves.
    But that’s all beside the point.
    It is good that Russian aircraft require experts rather than knob twiddlers and robots.

  7. Hello, Sam. I been a couple of weeks since I saw one of your videos.
    Got an OFF-TOPIC question to ask you: While it's great that you give many tips and tricks about how to attain luxury travel. (I think I know the answer to this. However, I'm going to ask the question, anyway) That being said what do you think about 'stockpiling' multitudinous amounts of credit cards – each loyal to a particular airlines loyalty program – just so, one can build up reward program points? There have been at least 2 or 3 other YT channels that I have seen over the years. Each of them have creators that are 'sporting' massive amounts of credit cards. From what I can gather a typical month for them is spent doing nothing more than juggling either credit card debt or credit card monthly payments; doesn't sound too fun to me.
    I'm just curious what is your take on this strategy: is it a good one or a bad one? Your thoughts, please.

  8. Are individual passengers allowed to fly on cargo planes? I heard that, that is typically not allowed.
    Why was the Tupolev 134 retired if it was so reliable? Is the Antonov 12 or the An 12BK still in use for passenger travel?
    Very informative video. Thanks for sharing, Sam.

  9. The IL-62M is one that I’d love to fly in. Such a classic looking airliner. I’ve seen the IL-76, IL-96 and AN-12 and AN-124 into Brisbane Australia. The IL-76 – What a noise! The size of the AN-124, incredible!

  10. (Ту-154 и Ил 62 ) TU-154 and IL 62 – these planes are known to every Pole and they know that Russian aviation is motherfucker

  11. I flew on the AN124 from Florida to England. It was an amazing experience. I stayed with the crew upstairs. A lot of people don’t know there is a complete second floor on the 124. We landed at an RAF base. The wing span was so big we couldn’t us the taxi ways, had to stay on the runway and this was a C130 base! Great video thanks.

  12. Wow! Talk about being stuck in time, it seems Russia has had little to no development in many industries since the Soviet Union, awesome!

  13. Those are nice looking aircraft and some look like the British airliners like the ones the Queen flew on and what the Australians and New Zealanders use as well. The one which is used to carry loads even the C-5's can't carry is great and the best in the world.

  14. Sam, Mria is Ukrainian Aircraft. It was completely finished in Ukraine. It was also designed by Ukrainian engineers.

  15. Hey Sam,
    Do you remember when plane motors were mounted underneath the wing rather than out in front of the wing ?? Anyone??

  16. Back in the 1980s I flew with different Soviet planes: IL-86, IL-62M, Tu-134 and Tu-154. Except for the IL-62M all planes were operated by Aeroflot on the flights I took. The IL-62M I was on, was operated by Interflug the Airline of the German Democratic Republic.

    One of the most interresting IL-62 today is the one operated by Rada Airlines from Belarus (registration EW-450TR), because this is a former Interflug plane converted to a freighter.

    And just last night I heard an An-12 in the sky above me. I checked with FlightRadar24 and I was right… a freight flight from Sofia to Paris. The An-12 makes a special sound, so it's easy to hear it :)… Also in the sommer months I see a lot very low flying An-2 spraying for mosquito control here in Hungary and this is always a nice experience, because of the nine cylinder piston engine.

  17. I have seen the 124 in person. And you can not understand its size do. Seeing a jeep Cherokee next to the tire and seeing how much larger the tire is in comparison helps.also seeing the tail sticking up feet above the air tower is awww inspiring. I live in an automotive industrial city and Ford had hire it to or.out parts.

  18. amazing , the amount of flight deck crew required to fly these planes.. like the old days of navigator and mechanic flight engineers on older western planes like DC 7-8 etc.. My father (old DC flight engineer) has seen his occupation become more and more obsolete due to the high tech flight desks and increasing reliability.. Thanks for share this video..

  19. In Cubana Airline there is already An-2 and An-24 flying and other russian planes with more than 30 years of explotation… I take one from the Isle of Youth located in southwest of Cuba to Havana, crazy experience…

  20. Imagine. None of these planes (and other soviet inventions such as spacecraft) would have happened if someone didn't decide to write a book in the 19th century. Imagine a person writing a book today and 200 years from now people use that book as inspiration to somehow build a starship to Proxima Centauri. Crazy!!!

  21. Antonov Antonov throw your airbuses at the wall Russia is a great country yuh hu hu hu hu (to the tune of Moscow moscow)

  22. antonov was designed by ukrainians. built by ukrainians, and the part were half ukrainian half russian. antonov is ukrainian and not russian or soviet. it is a huge insult as ukraine was one of the biggest victims next to all soviet citizens of the communitization.

  23. Летайте на списанном говне! Удачно породниться со Всем экипажем!

  24. I am in an Aerospace engineering faculty in Romania. In one of our classes we have a scheme with all the hydraulics in the TU-154, along with buttons and indicators. It's a shame nobody actually uses that for teaching.

  25. Sam, since you have mentioned Russia in the title to your video, I think it would be fair to mention that Antonov is a Ukrainian plane manufacturer.

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