Flying? Print your bag tag at home
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Flying? Print your bag tag at home

August 25, 2019

With Alaska Airlines, self-tagging your luggage prior to a flight has never been easier. Simply look up your reservation And indicate the number of bags you’ll be checking in Then, print your boarding pass and bag tag Fold the bag tag Slide it into the sleeve and attach it to your bag Reusable sleeves can be ordered at or picked up at the airport Once you are at the airport just follow the signs to Alaska’s Self-Tag drop off area with your ID and boarding pass. That’s all there is to it. Alaska’s Self-Tag Online. It’s your fastest way to the plane.

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  1. Nothing like a big gigantic plastic bag tag designed to catch on anything in sight and get ripped right off your bag.

  2. Alaska Airlines send me several Self-Tags to my Canadian address but their Website says that Canadian customers cannot use Self-Tags. So why did you mail me these tags?

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  5. This worked great. I printed my bag tag, and since I didn't have the plastic bag that they recommended ordering from Alaska Air, I cancelled my flight until the bag arrived a week later.

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