Flying QANTAS to MELBOURNE! – One of the BEST Airlines?? (Flight from Cairns, Australia)
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Flying QANTAS to MELBOURNE! – One of the BEST Airlines?? (Flight from Cairns, Australia)

January 14, 2020

Good morning adventurers. Good morning. From up here in Cairns We are up kinda near the northern tip of Australia But there is still so much of this country that we haven’t seen So today we are heading down to Melbourne, which is one of the other cities that we wanted to see before we leave Of course, we don’t have time to see all the cities We wanted to go to Western Australia, but we’re gonna have to save that for next time because we just didn’t have the time Yeah, but so we’ll go from almost the top on the East almost the bottom on the East Coast So we’re seeing a good little portion. It’s gonna be a little chillier down there So we’re told, so Yeah, every time we tell somebody we’re headed down there from Cairns they’re like it’s chilly down there, like, dang it Don’t tell us that cuz this is beautiful up here. But we just came to a little cafe That’s down the street from where our Airbnb that we’ve been staying in got a little bit of brekkie What did I end up getting? I totally forgot bacon and egg sandwich The most boring sandwich. Turkey cranberry, it looks like some veg on there too, ooh. And a latte. We’re gonna have hopefully a nice chill travel day We’re gonna head to the airport after we smash this. We’re gonna be off to Melbourne Made it at the airport plenty of time to spare. We are all checked in super easy We’re gonna be flying Qantas today, which we have grown to love Qantas. Yeah, flown them a couple times. I’ve had really good experiences They give you a free bag check Which is amazing cuz we try to sneak our bag on sometimes but it’s always technically over the weight limit So this is nice you don’t have to pay extra and you get peace of mind Yeah, and they usually – we’ve had pretty good food on Qantas in the past So hopefully that continues today Typically feed you and maybe even give you a free glass of alcohol We’ll see you stay tuned But we’re gonna head to security and we’ll see you on the other side We’ve got some time to kill before our plane boards And we actually have a really cool sponsor for today’s travel day that we wanted to tell you guys about AirHelp is this really cool service that we love because they help you get compensated for flight delays and cancelations They also compile a list that ranks airlines and airports based on a bunch of different factors Yeah, so things like on-time performance and quality of service so that they can help you decide which to choose For example We mentioned that we’re flying Qantas today and how much we like them They’re actually one of the top ranking airlines on this list So who else do you think is in the top and who do you think is in the bottom? The answer may WOW you Okay that was a lot funnier last month when WOW Airlines was actually an airline So click the link in the description to see if you picked the right Airlines for the top and the bottom of the list and also just go there to check it out because it’s a really great resource to figure out the best airlines to fly And the best airports to visit And just remember if you do pick a low-ranking airline, which happens to us sometimes AirHelp is there to help you get your money back Should you run into any claim issues Our flight should be boarding pretty soon. So we’re gonna go hit the skies! So they don’t really have a monitor on this plane, but they just announced that you can download their app and connect to their Wi-Fi But our internet – our cell signal is very slow So I don’t know if we’ll be able to actually download it before the plane takes off sadly So do that ahead of time – download the Qantas entertainment app. That is the key. So lunch is served and we got the cheese and spinach pie It is, in fact, a superfood pie apparently Homemade with love It looks surprisingly legit. Although it is very very tiny for an entire lunch It’s pretty yummy it’s actually surprisingly flaky and there’s a bunch more vegetables in there than I thought there would be I think there’s like peas and maybe some carrots and stuff definitely onion and It’s very hearty. But still I think this is more of a breakfast sized pie than a lunch sized pie Sadly the wine wasn’t included, but we just got our own anyway. Worth it It may not look like much but I’m completely blown away by this pie It tastes super fresh and really legit considering it’s airline food. Easily, one of the best airline treats that I’ve had I just wish it was bigger. That’s my only complaint So we are starting our descent and before we land that they walked around and gave us some Fantales Which if you guys don’t know what that is, it is a delicious Australian treat We actually did a whole video on Australian snacks You should go back and watch it because we tried these little guys They have little movie trivia on them. They’re a lot of fun When the trivia isn’t cut off Well, yeah when it’s not cut off but they are super delicious. Even if it is cut off We’ve arrived in Melbourne. We are getting really good at flights you guys I feel like we’re just sitting there and she says “oh it’s three-hour flight” and all the sudden before I know it, we’re landing I know. It’s like nothing Really easy. We didn’t leave anything on the plane Which we’ve been doing. Well not necessarily on the plane, but we’ve been leaving things behind guys we’re trying to just make sure we’re aware of all of our belongings. We’re just moving so fast recently is it? You know You stay one night in a place in the next morning You’re trying to repack everything is just a frenzy, but hopefully we’re at the end of our losing streak But now we have to find a bus. I didn’t quite look up where Airbnb was before we landed and just realized I think it’s gonna be like an hour and a half journey and multiple transfers. So let the fun begin Before we start the montage we got to tell you it is chillier here Noticeably the minute you walk out of the airport, but it’s not too cold, right? No, everyone warned us but I was secretly hoping it’d still be warm. It’s only like light jacket weather not too bad. Alright, now, travel montage journey begins We made it to some station, I think we’re in the right place that catch our next train But I have no idea. I’m just fumbling around Hopefully I could figure it out. The station is friggin huge though, and there’s all kinds of delicious food options making us realize just how hungry we are So we are finally on the right track. We had to go to information and ask them because we were very confused Apparently, we were supposed to get a myki card. I think that’s how you pronounce it but the kiosk had no information about How much we needed to put on it or what it was exactly for And I guess you can’t buy a single ride ticket At least I couldn’t figure out how to do it. You had to get the card, but all right We got it our train’s here. So we’re good to go Hooray! We’ve made it to our Airbnb It wasn’t really that most hectic travel getting here, but it was just long and three different buses and train combination And we’re gonna do an uber but the uber was like 78 AUD and then we’re like Well obviously we have to do public transportation because that’s an absurd amount to pay. It ended up costing us 60 AUD to get here via public transportation Yeah, but we did have to get those cards that we mentioned earlier and I think those might cost like four bucks or so But still – I still wish we would have just done that car But you never really know cuz Google wouldn’t tell us how much it all costs So now we know probably just bite the bullet and take the uber. But anyway, we’ve made it to our place It’s a bit out of the way of downtown. But that means it’s nice and secluded and check it out. It’s super charming So cute! It’s very vintage, I love it. But we were saying this is just like our apartment in San Francisco except Imagine this bedroom isn’t here and that’s basically our apartment we lived in for five years This. We had a kitchen about that size Imagine this back corner is a closet that we slept in. There you go home sweet home Who’s hungry? I got so excited that I ran back. I’m a little out of breath. This here is dinner. We got here We’re so worn out There were ads for Uber Eats all over the city. So yeah, that’s what we did We’ve been cooking a lot lately And staying in and this sounded really delicious plus I think we are going to watch the new No, the old Pet Sematary movie Eric’s been dying to get me to watch it Yeah, there’s a new one coming out I’ve never seen the old one so the plan is to do that and then maybe when we’re here in Melbourne We’ll actually go see the movie. We never see movies on the road. I just literally cannot get this bag open That’s why I’m talking so much Also, for some reason the couch is here in this Airbnb and that’s the TV So unless we want a really sore neck we’re gonna have to be something different You look nice. I had a nice shadow framed up, but then I’ve not been messing with you All right. We are going to dig into this and watch the movie and today was just kind of a travel day So we wanted to keep the vibe going and tell you what our upcoming travel plans are gonna be Oh my gosh! At least what we know so far. What we do know is that we are going to be going to Vegas after Melbourne Yes, and when we lived in San Francisco, we went to Vegas all the time And it’s one of our favorite places on the planet, but this will be the first time we’re gonna be filming there yes, so we’re very excited stay tuned cuz I think we’re gonna do some fun stuff some comparisons of Buffets there And then after that we will be popping down to Mexico to Cancun We film there a few years ago. It’s been a long time. So we’re gonna go back there. See some amazing beaches and then We’ve decided that I think we’re gonna go down to Columbia. That is the plan so far We’ve never been to South America believe it or not. So this’ll be our first time there. Mm-hmm So pop down there and then after that up to Canada We’re gonna be – we’re planning on doing like a campervan road trip all through Canada But we’re still in the early stages of sorting that out, but stay tuned It’s gonna be so beautiful. Yeah, but that covers the next I think it’s literally just a month of travel we’re gonna be moving around a lot So we have a lot of fun content from all over the place. I think that’s as far as we’ve got. Yeah, that’s as far as we’ve gotten but yeah, okay. Yeah, but we’re gonna have some fun adventures here in Melbourne coming up So stay tuned for that Goodbye adventurers. (We’re gonna eat) We’ll see you on the road

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  4. Trivia Fact: Those Allen's Fantale given out on Qantas Flights are made for Qantas with Qantas Related Trivias

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  17. gee where did you stay that took an hour and thirty minutes from the airport . Also that pie was so small but I glad it was nice. Qantas use to be my favorite airline but I had a food issues plus issues with sitting to my kids They keep trying to separate us)so Virgin is my new favorite.

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  28. Nice vlog, as usual, and I just became a Patron!

    We loved Quantas! (When you fly first class, they give you pajamas!)
    As an American, it totally threw me when I realized that going south, it got colder, and north was more like our southern weather. We loved Australia, and this is making me yearn to go again, especially since I wasn’t vlogging yet when we were there. I have some beautiful photos but only a tiny bit of video from a whale watching cruise we took. I NEED to go back!

  29. I’m from Melbourne and I’m a travel agent. Here’s some fun facts:
    1) Qantas is the worlds oldest airline (along with Royal Dutch)
    2) They have the worlds best safety rating

    I’m so happy you got to visit my home town!! I hope you loved it!! X

  30. That’s great you’re coming to Canada! You MUST go to Quebec for some mind blowing authentic poutine. I tried La Pataterie Hulloise in Hull, Quebec and it was unbelievable.

  31. Qantas USED to give a full meal. Either breakfast lunch or dinner with a little tray, real knives and forks and glass of wine, cold drink then tea and coffee even on short flights between Melbourne and Stdney!

  32. If / when you come to Canada, please come to Edmonton! It has one of the world's biggest malls (with a rollercoaster, waterpark, theme park, sea lion show, pirate ship, hotel, and awesome shopping inside), fantastic summer festivals (like Taste of Edmonton, Fringe Fest, and Heritage Festival), and it's not far from beautiful mountain destinations, like Hinton, Jasper, Banff, etc. You need to instagram search all of those places; they're gorgeous. Moraine Lake is beautiful too, and the Okanagan in British Columbia (the next province over, and just down the road from Jasper). The Okanagan is warm, and has a lot of vineyards, wine tours, and orchards.

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  35. In our industry we say that QANTAS stands for
    Q = Quick
    A = And
    N = Nasty
    T = Typical
    A = Australian
    S = Service

    Although really its stands for Queensland And Northern Territories Air Services .

  36. You unfortunately just missed Good Beer Week & Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular festival. But still make sure you hit up a local craft beer brewery while here as food and drink is what Melbourne does best! Stomping Ground brewery is great, lots of beer, good food and really great layout/atmosphere and easy to access from the city.

  37. Awesome update guys, and so nice to hear about your upcoming trips.. look forward to seeing them. Just wanted to warn you, about Mexico, according to a travel site I just read, you have a 0.4% statistical chance of being mugged in Cancun. Nice. Always be vigilant guys and be on the lookout!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Oz xx

  38. If you visit Vancouver, it apparently has one of the largest communities of Australians of any city. Auckland, London and Los Angeles have big populations too. But you'll def run into more Aussies in Vancouver!

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  50. I don't believe it. Eric praised the food on QANTAS. You should have told the buggers on the QANTAS flight I was on from Singapore to Melbourne. Breakfast between those two cities was a bloody Muffin and nothing g else. What was more galling was that I LOTHE MUFFINS. I have had head of trips on QANTAS and none of them left me with a pleasant experience.

  51. You are so disrespectful how do you think wowair is on the bottom they operated flights from New York to Iceland for 299 dollars icelandair was almost 600 dollars

  52. I miss WOW air. It was always a nice and comfortable journey. Once I missed the connective flight in Reyklavjik and the airline paid a nice local hotel for one night, which gave me the opportunity to visit Iceland's capital. I honestly don't understand, why WOW air, when it still operated, was so low-ranked.

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