Flying Spaghetti and Pastafarians – Hell Yeah! – Episode 04
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Flying Spaghetti and Pastafarians – Hell Yeah! – Episode 04

February 25, 2020

Jesus Look at that one, it looks like bread Please consider letting me back. Oh! Ten points! Just give me one more chance. Ahh! Satan, look problem is, I just don’t trust you, and there’s
no place for you at Jesus & Co. But it’s Hell down there! Get out of here. I am an outcast, and I’ve learned my lesson.
I wish I could return to Heaven. With it’s fluffy white clouds
and air conditioning. What? What’s going on here? Arr, we’re the Pastafarians. F** Pastafarians. Who are you? Captain Mosey. F** Captain Mosey. What are you doing here? Hostile takeover bid. We’re here to commandeer Heaven. We’re gonna rule this b*tch muthafukka! Oh yeah! Choke me! What the heck is that? The Flying Spaghetti Monster. The f** Flying Spaghetti Monster. His Noodly Greatness. As Pasta is our witness
(hiccup) The Flying Spaghetti Monster
(hiccup) will overthrow
(puke) Jesus & Co. Ramen! Ramen! Flying Spaghetti Monster? I have an idea. If I help Jesus defeat the spaghetti, I will be forgiven, and they’ll let me back into Heaven. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Money cash hoes. I’m gonna stop you! I’d really rather you didn’t. Or what? Whatever, I don’t give a f**, I’m drunk. Shit-faced Captain Mosey! Arr! We need more beer! MORE BEER M O R E B E E R M O R E B E E R M O R E B E E R M O R E B E E R M O R E B E E R more beer, more beer, more beer, more beer
more beer, more beer, more beer, more beer Arrr! I gotta go tell Jesus! Hey you viewer! You mothafukka, what are ya waiting for, subscribe
already. Say Paul, Yes Captain Mosey, What’s a pirates favorite letter? Rrrrrrr What’s a pirates favorite color? Arrange What’s a pirates favorite thing to drive? A Carrrrrrr Why are pirates pirates? Because they Arrrrr. We can do this all day. Hell Yeah!�

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  1. I thought everybody already knew 🙁 I mean, it's pretty obvious. If Barry White and Morgan Freeman tickled each other and put it on CD, wouldn't that be the best thing ever?

  2. I didn't know Varien helped you guys ! Shout out to him I love his music 😀
    Could I also be animated in the next show ? That would make my year (2013, the whole year) !! Keep it up, you've been great from the start =3

  3. Wow that is awesom…. yea thats it. I try to work with duik too and have seen all your tuts. are you able to make a tutorial where you show us how do you handle all that stuff and how do you make a short scene. Oh and when I creat a charackter there are so many layers… how do I sum this sh** up ?? thank you

  4. Why thank you. That would be my voice. Google "Shy layer after effects" I can't post links in comments.

  5. Ok jea thats good… But there are a few more problems I have ^^ after effects say that there is a funktion that is based on a plug in that dont exsist ( it have to be duik) but duik work perfekt. And I cant copy a character in a new composition. Then it is a big chaos. Sry for my english im from germany. 🙂

  6. It's a big mess because all your expressions and nulls need to have unique names or they get confused what they are connected to. We use 3 names for each bone/controller. For example, Satan's shoulder bone on his left arm is named, satan_leftarm_shoulder. This way, Captain Mosey's leftarm_shoulder will not conflict with Satan's. This is one solution, the other is to not bring two rigs into the same comp. Animate them in their own pre-comp.

  7. Ok thank you for that great help. If i have another question soon i will write it in the comments. Good job 😉

  8. YOU ARE GETTING IT! Epeisode 5 is our favorite and I can't wait to show it. We've been backed up with work the past 4 months like you would not believe. It's a good problem to have, but takes away from the things we enjoy most.

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