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January 14, 2020

*music* Matt: Flying about 5,000 miles this week, after Sun n’ Fun we’re heading to the Bahamas for a couple days Ok you guys all set back there? Luke & Brian: Yep Matt: Ok, let’s go to the Bahamas! Luke: Let’s do it! Matt: North Palm Beach Traffic, Bonanza 7HP departing Runway 31 North Palm Beach BeechJet 307MT: North Palm Beach Departure Traffic, BeechJet 307MT departing the pattern to the northwest 964JA: Traffic 964JA departing Runway 31 Matt: So now before we head out over the water I’ve got my life vest on, we’ll go over a quick little safety briefing. So we’ve got this lovely uh life raft right here between the seats uh there are life vests in these seat back pockets and also under that seat but mostly under that seat Luke: Ok Matt: Um in the event of an emergency, uh you’d wanna open the door before we impact the water or whatever so to do that you push the button, rotate the handle clockwise, open it just slightly, then rotate the handle, don’t push the button, rotate the handle back counter clockwise so that it’s latched *altitude alert* can’t shut again and the other thing is uh don’t get out of your seatbelt until everything kinda comes to a complete stop and you know how to get out of the airplane cause otherwise if you fall out of your seat you’ll be very disoriented and probably not know how to get out of the airplane Bimini Traffic, Bonanza 7HP is 5 to the north, gonna be entering the left downwind for Runway 28 Bimini Bimini Traffic, Bonanza 7HP is left downwind 28, we’ve got the departing traffic South Bimini That water is just so nice Luke: It’s so shallow out here Matt: Right Miami Center, Bonanza 367HP ATC: Standby Luke: So the message to the guy who is supposed to pick us up uh didn’t get through so I guess I’ll just call him when we get there and hopefully he can come get us Matt: I mean we can call him from the sat phone Luke: Yeah that’d work too Luke: Can you hear him? Matt: Uh how’d that go? Luke: Good, he will have a ride I think Matt: Ok cool Brian: Damian sounds amazing Luke: Damian sounds like a total bro *laughing* Luke: *accent* I was wondering if you were still coming man Brian: I am Matt: Miami, Bonanza 367HP I think we’re just gonna forget Miami and figure out how VFR in the Bahamas works Brian: He’s just blown you off so many times now Matt: Nassau Approach, Bonanza 367HP, like to transit at 7,500 to Rock Sound ATC: Roger Negative flight plan, contact Radio 128.0 for a flight plan on file Luke: Is that where we were? Matt: No that’s…apparently we have to file a flight plan or something, I don’t know how this… Radio, Bonanza 367HP FSS: Roger, a flight plan has to be on file um go ahead and put the flight plan the information Roger, flight plan will be on file, standby for squawk code Matt: Ok! Rachel: *laughing* Matt: And that is how you fly VFR in the Bahamas *music* Brian: I don’t think I brought a toothbrush ATC: 367HP service is terminated, squawk 1200 Matt: 7HP goodnight ATC: Goodnight Matt: Do you suppose we have to close the flight plan? The water just looks so pretty Ok gear’s down Luke: Oh cool Matt: Hi this is N367HP uh can I close a VFR flight plan in the Bahamas with you? Luke: It’s fascinating Matt: Then they gave us a squawk code, I don’t actually know exactly how it works Ok awesome, thank you Got somebody on the west coast so he’s transferring me to Miami *laughing* Luke: *laughing* that’s gonna be helpful Matt: Yeah so Miami didn’t seem to know either but he said he was gonna send a message to Nassau telling them that we got here so we should be all good Luke: Ok they’re helpful! They’re crushing it for us Luke: Are you Damian? Awesome, we’re the group yeah *music* Brian: Damian, how many people live on this island? Damian: Not sure, not sure Matt: So there was a frog in the toilet this morning, and uh now we’re gonna go check out the Ocean Hole Brian: Is your machete part of your business? Brian: I think I chugged that water too quickly, now I just kinda feel weird Matt: The Rock Sound control area is 700 AGL to 6,000, it says to contact Nassau Approach 121.0 so we’re not gonna do that, we’re just gonna fly at 700 AGL *music* Matt: So pretty Luke: Amazing Brian: Super pretty Brian: Matt, I got your text when I got back, I liked it it said “we’ll be there in 20 minutes, we’ve had an incident” *laughing* Luke: It could mean so many things Brian: It could mean anything Luke: Anything from a frog up to the house burned down Brian: Right, the house burned down, I broke my leg, like I’m at the emergency room Rachel: We called the one doctor, he’s on his way Brian: Right, *laughing* I was waiting for Damian to be like, “I’m the doctor” *laughing* Matt: So we’re coming up on Norman’s Cay which is this really fun little island uh back in the late 70s, early 80s it was the headquarters of drug lord Carlos Lehder uh so some pretty interesting history around here uh but there is still a crashed DC-3 just off the coast so we’re gonna fly over that, we’re gonna land Oh hey there’s somebody else here! Brian: Oh I see the resturant Matt: There are two planes Luke: Oh man Matt: Ok three green, prop’s full forward *music* Matt: So last time we were in Norman’s Cay we didn’t actually have any way to get out to the crashed DC-3 cause we didn’t have a boat, it was too far to swim, so this time we decided to bring our own boat, inflate it, and paddle out there except that we actually have no idea now where the plane crash is cause we can’t see it from the ground but we’re gonna try to find it, see what happens Brian: We have no water, we’re gonna die Matt: We also have no water Matt: We’re currently going 2 knots Man: Are you okay? Matt: Yeah we’re just trying to go see the wreck! Man: The current’s pretty strong! Brian: It’s so strong! Man: Where are you from? Brian: We’re from Boston but we flew here in an airplane and we brought this little raft out Man: Ok, so you’re land-based? Brian: Yeah Man: Not on one of these boats? Matt: Yeah Man: Ok, well be careful cause that current gets ya, next stop is Andros Luke: Could you give us a tow out there? Man: Sure Brian: Yeah! Luke: Thanks man! Brian: We basically made almost no progress while rowing and those guys were like, look at these pathetic, land-based pieces of sh… Man: Are you guys Patriots fans? Brian: No! Wait which one should I say? Luke: Always say no, always say no *laughing* *music* Brian: Oh fishes! Luke: They’re everywhere! Brian: That was a good adventure, I feel satisfied with that adventure Luke: Yeah Matt: That was good So we just left Norman’s Cay and uh well here’s Brian with an update Brian: So we’re leaving Norman’s Cay, we um spent some time in an inflatable raft paddling upstream, we made no progress whatsoever Luke: Yep Brian: and um a nice, fine gentleman from South Carolina came and towed us out to the wreck Luke: I’m pretty sure they were from Baltimore Brian: Baltimore, South Carolina Matt: South Carolina was the lunch people Brian: Oh, Baltimore Luke: We met lots of great people today *laughing* Brian: They towed us out to the wreck, we spent some time swimming around it in the current, it was pretty fun Matt: and now we’re gonna head to Exuma, get some fuel, and then over to San Salvador Brian: Should I mention Christopher Columbus? *music* Brian: Awesome sunset Brian: Does anybody have any idea where to go? *music* Matt: So it turns out the only restaurant on the island that’s supposedly still open this late isn’t actually open so we don’t really know what to do but then we found this lady here and apparently she’s gonna give us a ride so Brian: You missed an important part, it’s not open, it’s a gambling cafe Woman: Little mobile food van right under the tree here, don’t know if they’re still open, if not, there’s a club further on down *music* Brian: *singing* “on the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again” Matt: Hi this is N367HP we’d like to arrive at 12:30 Ok perfect, thank you so much San Salvador, Bonanza 7HP is departing Runway 10, San Salvador ATC: N367HP, Miami Center, radar contact 14 miles northwest San Salvador airport cleared to Fort Pierce International Airport via direct SURFN, Sierra-Uniform-Romeo-Foxtrot-November, Bahama Route 62V, ANGEE, direct climb and maintain 8,000 Matt: Ok we’re cleared to the Fort Pierce Airport via direct SURFN, BR 62V, ANGEE, then direct, climb and maintain 8,000, Bonanza 367HP ATC: Bonanza 367HP, read back is correct and uh correction to climb and maintain flight level 080, use standard ocean altimeter 2992 Matt: Ok we’ll maintain flight level 080, 7HP Luke: Do we need to eat the rest of the food before Fort Pierce? Matt: Yeah Luke: It’s the perfect size for snacking, we’re snacking so hard right now *laughing* Luke: I haven’t snacked this hard in years! Brian: Perfect size for breakfast ATC: N367HP, radar services are terminated, contact Nassau Approach 125.3, and if you’re not able to reach them on 25.3 you can try them on 121.0 Matt: Nassau Approach, Bonanza 367HP, flight level 080 ATC: 367HP what’s your position? Matt: Uh 367HP is 84 miles from the Nassau VOR on the uh 102 radial ATC: 7HP confirm you’re requesting a clearance as well, sir, say your destination Matt: Yeah we’re going to Fort Pierce uh we had a clearance from Miami Center ATC: Ok roger, you’re radar identified just east of uh northeast of the Rock Sound airport, 8,200, Nassau station pressure 3011 Matt: Ok 3011 and uh we were maintaining flight level 080, you want us at 8,000 now? ATC: Affirmative sir, uh flight level 080 Matt: Do you want the flight level? Or just 8,000 on 3011? ATC: Ok confirm you’re on 2992 Matt: Yeah we were on 2992 ATC: You can remain on that altimeter setting sir and uh maintain flight level 080 Matt: 7HP ATC: N367HP the Miami Center is a little busy, radar service is terminated, and give them a call now on their frequency 125.7, maintain, and confirm you received a clearance already or are you still requesting a clearance? Matt: No we had a clearance from them and we’ll contact them 125.7 Bonanza 367HP, good day ATC: roger, good day Matt: Fort Pierce Tower, Bonanza 367HP visual 10 RIght ATC: Lance 6CH you have a stuck mic sir ATC: Cessna 84U Runway 10 Right, line up and wait 1183U: Line up at wait, 10 Right, 1183U Matt: Ground, Bonanza 367HP, 14 going to Customs ATC: N367HP, Ft. Pierce Ground, roger, continue down the runway sir, turn right on C4 straight into Customs *music* ATC: N367HP Fort Pierce Tower Runway 32, line up and wait, traffic landing Runway 10 Brian: A lot of the early Apollo work was done like out on the tip of that thing that juts out the launch complex that SpaceX is using is if you look at the VAB and you go maybe like one clock direction to the right. And you go directly south and you see those complex of buildings, that’s where I used to work Matt: Last year on the way to Sun n’ Fun we saw the SpaceX launch that ended in the first successful barge landing Luke: Yeah that was pretty epic, we were, what, about this close right? Matt: Yeah Brian: Welded, 3D printed, carbon fiber *laughing* Luke: Matt, you said we’re going somewhere close to Charlotte? Matt: Yeah it’s the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport ATC: 367HP contact Savannah 120.4 Matt: 120.4 Bonanza 367HP, good day *music* Luke: So our pizza’s gonna be waiting for us while we’re 155 miles away, that’s kinda fun just sitting forlornly in this box waiting for 367HP to arrive *laughing* Brian: Waiting for the confusing mass of numbers and letters to show up I liked the way you described that, “I’m going to give you a string of what seems like random numbers and letters, but someone that you deliver it to will know what it means” She was like, “Ok, whatever” Luke: That’s exactly what she said *laughing* ATC: Bonanza 7HP I have an amendment to your clearance Matt: Direct Utica, V490, Cambridge, direct Keene, direct Gardner, V431, LOBBY then direct, Bonanza 367HP Matt: Approach, Bonanza 367HP we were wondering if we could do one turn in holding at the Cambridge VOR

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  1. This might be a stretch, but if you can figure out how to fly into Havana, you should totally do it. The culture is incredible and it’s really not that hard to find an excuse to go. You’ll need to know some Spanish once you’re in Cuba but the controllers definitely speak English

  2. I did all my primary training at EQY. I now live on the other side of the country, but it made me smile to see you coming over the church and quarry to 23 on such a pretty day. Great video!

  3. Lol there is plenty of enthusiasm among young people. However, a plane like your flying is probably 300,000 dollars. Fuel is 5 dollars a gallon, and a bonanza burns it a rate of 15 gallons per hour. That is why there is a decline in general aviation. Such a huge cost for what is pretty much just having fun.

  4. Pilots and Ait traffic Controllers sound so cool when their voices are heard on radio. Matt sounds cool even without the radio 🍉🍍

  5. Thanks for sharing … wonderful views … brilliantly edited … please keep it rolling … love it.
    Hey one thing, you might try to listen to a weak radio signal and shortly turn the ignition off, since I believe most of the noise is coming from your ignition circuit … you may look for shielded high voltage cables to fix this … but be aware that a moist shielded ignition cable is more prone to fail if the isolation has tiny cracks.

  6. Note to photographers using professional gear…

    Be sure to completely turn off any type of image stabilization (in camera body or even for lenses) when flying. Somehow the vibration of the plane and other factors can easily cause most any type of image stabilization to fail within a rather short amount of time. I've already seen it happen with numerous camera types/names such as; Nikon, Canon, Sony, Sigma, etc…

    It can easily be one of the most expensive items to repair (outside of the sensor itself), and is an item never covered by a warranty.

  7. Great video Matt, what a cool trip!! Recently became a pilot and hoping for some trips like that In the near future! Safe skies and keep the videos coming, awesome content!

  8. What was that lens/filter on the GoPro filming the cockpit front view? Great video, love these inspiring places you go to!

  9. This was really great, thanks! Made me check the distances from the best Northern European beaches to the nearest airfields. That will be next summer, though; before that, there's going to be winter flying over snow covered lakes & forests. 🙂

    Also, kept waiting to see steveo1kinevo's C208 on one of the aprons…

  10. You make great videos Matt. Very well edited and executed. I enjoyed the part flying over Kennedy Space Center. I make space flight videos that may interest you. Keep up the great work.

  11. Champagne Socialist white kids from Boston that probably spend their whole time calling everyone Nazis and hashtag resisting when they aren't burning leaded aviation gasoline for their own amusement. But but but the Paris Climate Accord!

  12. I’ve flown into Charlotte – Monroe executive airport for touch & go and other flight training! Also, loved the video!

  13. Attention whiners. Yes, flying is expensive. So is golf, fishing, and say, the hot rod hobby. I started flying in 1973 (I was about 21), and didn't get my license until I was about 28. But I got it. 1 stinking hour at a time.

    I remember the first time I was outraged at what someone had spent on their hot rod. The guy was just a blue collar machinist, and in about 1975 his Nomad made the cover of Hot Rod Magazine (or some such). He said he had spent more than $40,000 on the car, and he did a lot of the work himself! $40K in 1975 would be about $186K, today.

    He was not unusual.

    How much is a set of 28" wheels and tires? A really nice custom paint job can easily cost $10-$20K. Just a chromed out engine compartment can set you back $5,000. A really strong custom engine may easily cost $15-$25K and more. None of this takes into account the cost of the car you are customizing. A pos Mustang convertible that needs everything can cost $10K or more.

    If you are working, you can find the money, if you want it badly enough. If you can't… work harder.

  14. One Critique- Brief the exit on the ground and have them actually work the door release. It could make the difference of getting out or not.

  15. Dude just found your channel…….nice. Question…what the name of the big back pack you travel with thanks. Keep posting bro.

  16. Your production/editing skills are pretty sick my friend. Keep doin' what you're doin' (especially the tidbits for the aviation nerds haha).

  17. Hey nice video. I am actually from the Bahamas. The capital next time you visit you should hit me up
    . I like your great coverage of the Bahama Land. Beautiful views next time you decide to fly here contact me. It will make your venture a whole lot better.

  18. Love the videos—fun to watch and a great guide. I’m flying a 182 to the Bahamas in June and confused by the radio procedures at untowered but “controlled”airports there. Is there a good walkthrough for talking to Nassau radio remotes vs the local Unicom below 700? Should I treat Nassau radio in the out islands the same as center in the US or is talking to them required above 700?

  19. At 12:47 there’s a beechjet 400 N68GS parked next to your plane that is based at Signature in Frederick, Maryland where I work. Very cool

  20. Man your landings are amazing. Front wheel off and put down smoothly. Amazing videos overall. Keep it flying.

  21. That looked pretty pathetic when you weren't flying. Inflatable raft, walking to motels. Sucks to have to land at a remote airport and not have an alternate means of local transportation with you. You'd probably have been better off with a helicopter, assuming they let you land close to your destination. Otherwise a boat, maybe with bicycles/mopeds on board.

  22. Colin,s dad here.  Your video reminded me of my first visit to Rock Sound Eleuthera back in 1978 when I flew several friends on a tour of the islands. loved it, especialy a restaurant on North end in  the back of a little bat, great lobster appetizer and outstanding food all around.  The Rock Sound International Airplane Patch was much smaller and was straight in from the water. the club was nice and was one of the best islands to visit. (Get some Eluthera Pineapple Rum, Dino-Mite…). I had a Cessna Stationair and a Beech Queen Air (Pre King Air, Recip engines rather than TurboProp.).  I miss flying dreadfully.

  23. Newbie here. Is it standard to just say "Bonanza Seven Hotel Papa" instead of the whole identifier? Is this an uncontrolled tower VFR thing?

  24. If you're over water at 700 feet, I'd have thought everyone should be wearing their life vests, not just the pilot. An engine failure at that height wouldn't give people much time to put them on.

  25. Weird how ATC keeps saying flight level "080". Flight levels, just like altitudes are not always three digits, but whatever required. It's not a heading. Just like you wouldn't say zero-eight-thousand, it's just "flight level eight-zero". Maybe ATC in that area isn't used to IFR traffic down low, but I've never heard this literally everywhere else in the world.

  26. Hahaha he gave you an altimeter setting that was different from standard then said to maintain FL80, how confusing was that.

    Those exuma cays though; we had a nightmare of a time there this year… told Becki we’re gonna go back flying ourselves though 🚁🚁🚁

  27. Hi Matt…Check out the new Netflix documentary about the Fyre Music Festival music festival on Norman’s Cay that ended up as a total nightmare for the folks that flew over there. It was a total cluster!

  28. We just did this in a Cessna 172 – great time!!

  29. I don't think I'd ever be able to fly across the Bahamas in a single engine airplane, my anxiety just wouldn't allow for it… But I think with your calming demeanor and personality, you'd probably be the only person I'd be comfortable with, lol. Great video, Matt!

  30. Just a note, dont wait until you are in the air to do a safety briefing in real life…great to include in the video though! Great video!

  31. I would suggest to include info on landing/parking/tie-down fees, if any, as well as gas prices for the airports visited. Great video!

  32. That's some fancy avionics. I flew to Nassau with some buddies when I was in college in my V Tail Bonanaza. All we had back then was LORAN (didn't work more than 50 miles off shore) and VOR's. Brings back memories…thanks for sharing!

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