Flying To Walmart On My Paramotor
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Flying To Walmart On My Paramotor

January 15, 2020

In 3, 2, 1! Let’s do it! Welcome aboard my magical flying carpet! Today, we are headed to Walmart because I’m craving
a PB&J! and I didn’t have all the stuff at home for it. So, Oh yeah!!! We’re going to Walmart! This is my paramotor setup. That thing up there… That’s my glider. It’s
a fabric wing. I’ve got the bag with me so that I can put all of my groceries away so that I can bring him home. I plan on getting
some bread, some peanut butter and jelly. I think those are the components you need
for a PB&J sandwich. So we’re going to try and make it on the way back. Have a real in-flight meal! Have a nice day, everybody! Man! What a beautiful sunrise! Paramotors are, like, the greatest thing in the world for, like, many reasons! They are the most affordable way to fly. Chicks dig it! My girlfriend found me while flying a paramotor. So, yeah… Man, the stress relief of one of these. Not that it pertains to me, but you could
fly this on a suspended license… But not that it pertains to me. So the first thing I need to do is check to see if the parking lot it’s relatively clear. Is there a big enough space where I don’t
go near anybody? If that’s the case,
I am good to “send it”. There’s a few
videos that are, like, failed attempts at flying a paramotor at Walmart. But today is definitely going to be a successful one
right to Walmart! I wonder what all these El Pasoens think about this. They’re just diving into work, like,
“What the hell?” Oh, don’t forget if you’d like to be entered into a drawing to win
a really sweet looking Parajet Hoodie, make sure you stay tuned until the end!
I’m gonna have all of the giveaway details there. We’re approaching the El Paso Walmart. All right! Bread, peanut butter, jelly.
Nailed it! Here we go! (laughs) Find a good parking spot. All right. Now I’ve got to find a place to set all this. Go and get the ingredients that we need. Bread. Peanut butter. Jelly. Haha! (beep beep, Richie) (beep) I’m gonna go across the street to this
big empty dirt lot, and then take off from there. And I’m gonna make an inflight PB&J. MAN ON MOTORCYCLE: I saw you, because I was practicing in one of the parking lots where Area 51 is and I was like, “There’s somebody flying there.
I should go and meet him.” ANTHONY: You lay [the glider] out and give it, like, full throttle and then you just run up into the air. MAN ON MOTORCYCLE: So, like, the actual current of the air? ANTHONY: Yeah, exactly! It inflates the glider. It was good meeting you. All right man.
Enjoy your ride. Just waiting for the crosswalk. People act like they don’t see a flying
machine every day. There’s my crosswalk. “What is that thing he’s got there?”
Well, you will soon find out! HAHA! I’m seeing this really great looking field right here. It’s not really a field. It’s just a big empty dirt lot. We’re gonna start
way up here at the top of this to give myself the most Naruto Running room. So I’m gonna need to send this wing, like, full speed ahead. Meaning, running at a hundred percent effort because I need to power the wing
manually by inflating it by running forward See you later, Walmart! Clear prop! AIRCRAFT RADIO: Walmart Tower, this is paramotor Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot requesting a straight out departure to Anthony’s Airfield. How copy? (Indistinct ATC Reply) (Rock Music) Woah! Yeah buddy! We did it! And, just like that! Let’s make our dinner dining area. We’re just gonna, YAAAAAAA!!! CHI-YAH-YEH-AAAAAHHH!!! Hey… we’re gonna make this work. What do you start yours with?
The PB or the J? All right. We’re going out this way. I tell you what! This will be a messed up
PB&J if we keep hitting turbulence like this. Okay… So first things first. I’m gonna get some “J” on this! Whoa! Yeah buddy! Don’t be shy with the “J”, ya know! We like the “J” here at Anthony Airlines. Now it’s time for the “P”. (Singing Cheerfully) Ugh, yeah! So now, I take the knife that was so considerably planned. Ooo, this is the world’s ugliest PB&J! But it was made inflight. That’s where it counts! DAYUUUUM, THAT’S GOOD! MuHaHa! Don’t ever litter. Num, Num, Num! oh $#!t! It’s getting all over me! Oh, son of a WOOF GROWL! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ohmmm… Hahaha! OH! OH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Well that was way messier! But epically delicious. Ugh, God! It’s really thick! Ugh! I got peanut butter all over my face! I forgot the napkins. Damn you, peanut butter! Get off my face! Terrain! Terrain! Pull up! Pull up! Alrighty then. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, and your selection of inflight beverages today will be… a 5 Hour energy drink. Ahh! I got one last little surprise for all of you. It’s my wind direction finder. Once I can sort through all this crap! BADDA-BING-BADDA-BOOM, BABY! All right, we’re gonna pop smoke and it’s gonna tell us the wind direction. For that, we got to get back over to our
LZ. All right, So the purpose of this smoke is
to tell me which way the wind is going because I don’t have a wind sock. So it’s gonna help me know, like, which direction to land into the wind. A paramotor, especially, you want to, like, land into the wind so you’re not going
really fast when you land. This is going to help me, like, get the
slowest landing speed. In 3, 2, 1! Ahhh! Ahh! Smoke! WHOOOOOAAAAA!!!!!!! Smokey, smokey, smokey! And, set er’ on down. Wow! Yeah buddy! Yeah! All right, let’s set it up for a landing! And… Dismounting the seat and dropping on down. Yeah! Yee-Haw! All the way to the truck. Let’s do it! Yeah buddy! And brakes. And brake. Woohoo! My hands are all purple. Congratulations for making it to the end
of this video. In order to be entered for that sweet looking Parajet hoody,
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these videos. They’re both highly recommended and a little bit more serious. Give me some privacy! Click one of these videos!

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  1. That was a funny video.- had a good chuckle. Terrain, Terrain, Pull… UP. Pull….Up. I had to subscribe. I have a Parajet Volution 3 and I love it. Yet, I kinda want to swap to a Maverick Sport… The portable travel box they come with looks sweet!

  2. Your the man…. htt ps:// what would it cost for you to do a recon misssion on my property in hudspeth texas. Carlin Comm got within 1-2 miles.. via truck. this could be a great mission… expecially if you could land on top of one of my hills.. I want to drive there this fall with my ford ranger… If your out of El Paso it miht work. what do you think?? 570 265 7203

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