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Flying Witch Girl|Japanese Anime Drawing Advice

January 18, 2020

The clothes is waving with the wind Drawing the details correctly will make the pictures more convincing Thank you for coming
-Hello Hinoe-san for Discord advice series is here again
-Hi again This time we have a girl on a broom stick This is from Strategize Something feels off…Can someone tell me what it is? thx Strategize seems to feel something is off on this drawing Well, since I’m a guy… so it’ll hurt if I ride on a broom I don’t think that’s the problem here A witch-like character on a broom stick I drew a character like this before It’s drawn in an angle, but it has ended up facing forward And the proportion may need some adjustment There are places which could be adjusted overall The critical part is, she’s flying on a broom stick, but her hair isn’t waving Things like that So various adjustments that would suit that scene Could you draw those parts in?
-OK Witches are common characters but You won’t know how to ride a broom unless you try it First, straightening out the broom Since it’s the part you sit on Pick the position of the upper body Well, the position of the lower body is decided
-I see Oh I see. You changed the pose Well this is more natural right? so it’s being viewed from below Who’s idea was it to have witches fly on a broom stick? Well it’s folklore right? Why broom?
– I wonder… Maybe it was a useful item to carry around For cleaning Though I don’t associate witches with cleanliness really Rather than an image of cleaning up, they were famous for being persecuted right? Interesting details in the broom I was curious about that Drawing bent legs are so hard Boots are nice. Without the boots, your shoes may fall off while flying I guess Crocs could do the job as well That’d be too cold surely? The clothing is waving with the wind The hat is affected by the wind as well The hair is waving in the back as well Are those buttons? Drawing a face with the buttons and the stitches Cute In the past there was a manga and anime by Go Nagai called Dororon Enma-kun The main character was wearing a living hat The setting for the newest Super Mario game is an living hat too How bout dat? Wow! The original drawing was like this The biggest difference from the original drawing was the pose This looks less painful than straddling it For the proportion, the waist part is a bit bigger And the shoes. On the original drawing, the shoes were hiding in the back and not shown Probably better to correctly draw the shoes Since she is flying, having the hair waving in the wind gives it good atmosphere You can feel the situation clearly as well The interesting thing was, in the original drawing the hat was tilting upward The shape was changed a bit here This way with the brim of the hat is larger so the sides go up, and thus you can create different shapes Give different expression to the hat Basically the wind is blowing from here so Even if this side doesn’t go up, You can actually have the wind blowing here so the sides can go up instead Since that makes this part more visible, could add the face here on the front For the details of the broom, this part is a little undefined If you show the details more clearly it will look more realistic This too. For here, you can show it that she is flying As an animator, if this were an animation, even if this part is not moving, for the movement of the hair, how many sheets would you add in? I would want around 3 key drawings So you would draw around 3 key drawings Depending on the speed of the flight, I would add in-betweens accordingly If it is fast, a quick show of the 3 key drawings would be enough How many in total including the in-betweens? If the flying speed is slow, I would say 8 would be enough Any final advice at the end? Depending on the situation, think of a pose which would look cool If you think that and draw, it would be fun You could even stand on the broom like surfing That would be fun. Thank you very much! If you want some advice on your drawing, log-in to the free Discord Freely upload your drawing You can get some advice from other users or get a video like this So please upload Please subscribe to the channel There are many other videos in this series so please watch them Bye bye

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  1. I actually still have an unfinished piece from Halloween 2018 which is a similar pose and clothing which I never finished because I did not know how the clothing and the broom would interact, so I really appreciate this, maybe I'll go back and finish it now.

  2. I mean, I guess girl could sit like that. Maybe just how her foot and waist's kinda weird. Do you guys watch Kiki's Delivery Service?? Kiki sat on broom kinda like that

  3. actually the original design is good enough for anime like chibi maruko chan and shin chan..its just the pose need to be corrected

  4. I want to learn english and japanese.
    Learn Japanese to understand what is happening on the dokidoki channel.
    (English too, my english is bad)

  5. Is that an ipad? What program is that? Im interested in a tablet or device I could use to draw. In a screen like this. Do you guys know any?

  6. The reason behind why witches are shown riding on brooms has the kind of backstory that I think would be too inappropriate to explain here. However, it is kind of funny and interesting.

  7. .no.noooooo

    The original dude that draw it wants the broom between her thighs. Coz most of the time she would ride the broom between her legs. Also i feel the pro mangaka just literally remake everything, its not called fixing it, its redraw it. The only original thing left is her head and broom stick. Facepalm as a huge fans of Little Witch Academia, im offended.

  8. About the origin of the broom.

    I heard an interesting theory that in olden germanic areas the beers for villages would be brewed in houses run by women. They would have storage units full of seeds so rats could be a problem so they kept cats around as pest control. They would concoct fun brews with exotic recipies found in books from all over the area. And you could recognize their houses by the broomsticks outside the door.

    Later on puritanitan christians didn't think too highly of these ladies in the outskirts of town that brewed strange fluids in giant pots that made the men who drank it behave irrationally. So… the leap wasn't that great to what we now know as witches…

    I have no sources, but it does fit a lot of criteria

  9. Funny part is, this was based on the ending of LWA. The hair isnt moving because Akko wasnt moving. As a fellow yay, i approve regardless

  10. It's pretty impressive to see the improvements from the other drawing from stiff, image to an image that breathes life. Awesome!! X3

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