Footage of aircraft crash in Iceland
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Footage of aircraft crash in Iceland

September 9, 2019

This dramatic footage shows the moment a plane
crashes into the drag strip of a racing club in Iceland, killing two of its three occupants. The footage captures the aircraft smashing,
a Beechcraft King Air 200 air ambulance, smashing into the tarmac at and bursting into flames. It was filmed in August 2013, but only broadcast
for the first time this week. Staff rushed to the scene of the crash with
fire extinguishers to try and put out the flames and save those on board. Miraculously, one of the occupants of the
plane survived.

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  1. How on earth did they crash like that..? Did the pilot not see the ground..? Or did he just faint and fall onto plane controls thereby resulting in the crash..?

  2. Looks like the pilot was going down & radioed for help & the pilot advised that they weren't going to make it to the airport & they directed him to this race track as a alternative landing site, a bit like that pilot who landed in the Hudson River in the USA

    How someone survived that is miraculous or the video was fake!

  3. Surely it’s pilot’s error? Flying the aircraft at such an angle will loose lift and therefore too close to the ground for the manoeuvre?

  4. the pilot never passed lessons.. never let ur airplane's nose  down,  stay gliding, unless the flapper malfunctioned too

  5. What a miracle! One man walks away from an explosive plane crash and survives! Here is pure evidence of gods existence!

  6. @inconvenientruths

    It looks like I may have upset some people by suggesting that the video was fake. That was not my intention.

    Btw what do you mean by "beat up"?

  7. Aircraft are the safest vehicles, well refering to the stats. after The wing crashed of he also leaked the oil from the mid and the right tanks, making it possible after the Contact that they light up only left backside of the aircraft. So it's possible that the co-pilot that sits at the right sight of the cabin is don't gets as much heat and flames as the the pilot and and the passenger, wich could mean that the few feet the co sitted to the right maked a difference of life and death.

  8. The investigation found that the captain deviated from the planned route to fly over the racetrack, which he planned to visit after landing. Causes & contributory factors: The captain's attention to the activity at the race club area and his association with the club was most probably a source of distraction for him and most likely motivated him to execute an unsafe manoeuvre; the flyby was executed as a low pass; the approach to the low pass was misjudged; a steep turn was most probably made due to the captain's intention to line up with the race track; the bank angle was outside the aircraft manoeuvring limit; the captain's focus on a flyby that he had not planned thoroughly resulted in a low-pass with a steep bank, causing the aircraft to lose altitude and collide with the ground.

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