For Decades Okinawa Suffers From Helicopter Crashes
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For Decades Okinawa Suffers From Helicopter Crashes

December 7, 2019

They don’t have anything here. Planes
take off and they are right over public schools, private housing areas, commercial
establishments. Over the years they’ve We’re at Futenma, Okinawa. Which is the home for the Marine Corps Air Facility. Futenma, which has been
here for almost since the end of the war they started building this right
at the end of the war and back in 1964 when I came back Okinawa for my second
tour I was actually living right here for for two months while a house was
being built off-base with my wife and I ultimately occupied and in those days it
wasn’t an osprey base which it is now it was mainly c-130s which were made even
more noise came in low over the coast then when we built our house
those c-130s which is right at the beginning of the American buildup in
Vietnam, it was like a constant parade of c-130s coming in over the house the
house is just vibrate. My son’s first words, he was born here, my son’s first
words after Mama and Daddy were a dad Ada! He’d point up at the c-130s going by and say ‘ada, ada’. Well, that was 40, 43 years ago. Now it’s the home of the Osprey,
which are these twin rotor takeoff vertically and fly
horizontally also known as a crowd killer because a tremendous number of accidents in the development of this aircraft. The ordinary helicopter has
about five mission-critical parts which any one of them fail the helicopter goes
down. The Osprey has something like 130
mission-critical parts any one of which fails the helicopter goes down. So that’s
one of the bases of the objection for the Osprey in general and being located
here because this is right in the heart of a Ginowan City, intensely populated
area and there are no run outs at the end of the runways which are required of
us both civilian and military bases they don’t have anything here planes take off
and they are right over public schools private housing areas commercial
establishments over the years they’ve been a number of crashes including
crashing through school building crash into college so that for decades they’ve
been an objection to the space and 22 years ago there was agreement on the
part of the Japanese and American governments that this space would be
shut down be located well when they decide to relocate it is another
sensitive area sensitive for another reason
that’s because we require them to fill in part of Oura Bay by Henoko, endangering the pacific Dugong among other endangered species up there. Endangering the water quality so forth so that it’s part of an overall objection and they
have a regular protest here which we join in solidarity today the Okinawans
protest there all the time some of the local city counts of the passed
resolutions against the face and we’re here that supports them in any way we

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  1. Lived on camp kinser for 7+ years! Loved every second of it. I'd go back any second. No questions asked. No looking back

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