Fortnite: Insane Close Encounters Ninja Jet Pack Victory Royale Solos
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Fortnite: Insane Close Encounters Ninja Jet Pack Victory Royale Solos

January 28, 2020

let’s do this let’s win I need a gun
right off the bat why is it how many shots all right well I got it
think I gotta see me thanks appreciate it all right well I’m
gonna just get your teammate and I guess I will go up and kill you now
John John Doe that I got really no no I gotta get out of here
we got another kid coming up oh yes Emme Oh we’re out I will fight 17 that’s a start
don’t what’s up night I see top cleared out and you want five damage another five ‘we are the top
what dog all right we keep building up where are they do I can’t see them well I got one of them let’s go over there to pump let’s go o
people we are coming I’ll get locked Oh No right say bye to
your teammate no all right I’m sorry he left you for dead Oh yo you had the best food I’m not even
joking oh this guy’s actually good I’m scared this kid does not die I need a one pump
this kid where’d you go I’m just gonna go down to on the way I don’t want that
dog I’m scared oh I’m gonna be a little I’m gonna be like a little spammer with
ease no I want to keep the shockwave the shop words are literally so good in this
game mode it’s not even funny that could just fly there well my jetpack won’t last you’re
sitting here I’m hurt I heard those footsteps it you cannot fool me
all right I’m gonna keep building maybe he doesn’t build maybe the guy that
Amana oh oh yeah you’re scared let’s go so we’ll clip that right now
click that oh my god no no nice if you aim well I don’t know
what what was that it sounded like so winding
right there all right what do I do no they’re stuck or you die yeah I’m literally so scared I’m not
talking thank you I hate people do that oh no way that was a hot guy no really no way that is what I’m talking about
Shack that morning win domination

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