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August 18, 2019

you know what is going on guys it is
your boy Yogge here and today got some of you guys a brand new fortnite video so
guys today is something really really crazy in for tonight this is the first
step to because being a poor night actual vehicles but jetpacks are coming
to for night guys yeah y’all heard me so basically today I
hopped on and this is like I already recorded a video but I’m gonna record
this one put it up today first so literally like two minutes after I woke
up my video I checked the new news if for some
reason it says that jetpacks are coming up for night I don’t know we’re just I
don’t know we’re just popped up so that’s all I’m making this video for you
guys today so you guys are interested we went up by the mobile stay tuned but
first what we were I’m sure guys I want you guys to subscribe and hit that
notification bubble because I do go life and when his jetpack does come out be
going live but yeah also have you guys are gonna make sure they like in the
video subscribe man oh yeah let’s roll that intro alright guys so first of all I just want
to say there has been no other news other than other people saying oh hey
there’s jetpacks coming because it’s been on the new news tab but basically
nobody else anything about it for tonight the people on Twitter the actual
Twitter for and I said nothing about it these are the fan pages that are you
know speculating things about it but what I want to say guys is this is
actually really really crazy and guys it’s not the first type of
transportation of porn I actually if you guys go to the store mode you’ll see
that they actually have like a little Back to the Future type stuff they have
like a little skateboard thing where hovers a hoverboard whatever you want to
call it and it basically you think that one has Rockets on it too and you could
travel with that I don’t know if it’s in the game yet or not but I’m pretty sure
I’ve seen it somewhere before as you gotta find where so they’ve been having
stuff like this but this is coming to multiplayer the jetpack is coming to
multiplayer yo I want you on the comments to tell me how you think is
gonna work personally I think it’s gonna be to be completely honest with you guys
I have no clue how this is actually gonna work so another thing that we have
that’s kind of like traversing is the launch pad so you place that and then
you jump off of it and you go into the sky and you know you could use your
little go out or to glide around places but this jetpack is gonna be a little
weird so if you guys actually look at the the jetpack is actually a gold item
or orange on whatever you want to call it so it just says jetpack coming soon
take flight to all new height so you can I’m guessing you’re saying you can fly
what honestly what I think guys is you’ll be able to attach this onto your
glider if you guys look at this thing the little circular thingy is the same
thing on the glider you know those little circle things so maybe this is
something that you can attach to your glider and then maybe you could use a
jetpacks you know put on your glider and then you’re we’re trying to say is you
can pull out your glider and start flying with it everywhere it’s basically
what I’m trying to say this will be the simplest way to do it in my opinion but
maybe they have a whole new system where you can actually literally fly through
the sky again guys there’s really nothing we can go off of this because
literally game has no other vehicles no nothing that you could do to traverse
except T the little launch pad and from that we know that it’s basically the
same same uh same mechanics that’s dropping off at the you know the bus and
using the gliders to fly around I would you guys some in the comments down below
how you guys think this is gonna work this is actually really really crazy so
yeah I’m excited for this to come to the game you guys best believe that when it
comes out I’ll be live-streaming for sure for sure
matter of fact I’m gonna be live streaming today so we should I subscribe
and I hit done notification bubble and all that for your new also make sure you
guys leave a log on the vid yeah I guess I hope you got something
that comes down about how you guys think the jet pack is gonna work this is crazy
I know yeah guys it way I’ll see you guys on the next she said do you love me
I tell only partly I only love my bed and my mom I’m sorry 50 dub I even gotta
turn it on me 81 I bring a crashing sort of party hey
you know me Turner Oh – into the O 3 without 40 Ali
Debbie know me imagine if I never met the broski’s God’s plan

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  1. To be honest I don’t think there’s a point for them to put a jet pack into battle royale cuz it probably would be a downer like cod AW

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