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  1. Evil Santa, Snowman army, a sword. This, along with seeing the sneak peak of pass rewards, has actually convinced me to buy the next battle pass, unlike previous seasons

  2. Hello playstation i would like to say that i have spent most of the money ive made on my playstation 4. Nonstop grind to earn that money to buy certain things. My mom went on a rampage and broke it when she was drunk and she never paid me back. Can you help? @playstation

  3. En si fornitevse convirtio en un cancer social, lo digo por que veo a muchos niños ir al cyber a jugar esta mrd y no van a la escuela y el colegio

  4. Can we get real snowball DEATH MATCH??? Like where we can build GIGANTIC snowballs and ride em or throw them, you get it

  5. Welp, I think my Christmas skins are coming back… crackshot and merry murader. (I don't think I spelt that right)

  6. All these fortnite haters are just losers who try to bash popular game to be cool 😂😂😂

    Half of em probably nvr played the game

  7. My theory is that in Season 8 Polar Peak will melt and a town will come out, and Greasy Grove is coming back. (Made 3 days after Season 7 launched.)

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