Francine’s Initiation (1×06) [The Rockford Scheme]
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Francine’s Initiation (1×06) [The Rockford Scheme]

August 26, 2019

CIA Leader: I am happy to pronounce this woman as our new spy! Francine: Thank you Horace! I will work VERY hard at the CIA! Horace: I know you will! You will be the best spy we’ve ever had! Francine: Let’s go party! Horace: OH MY GOD! What on EARTH is THAT?!! Somebody do SOMETHING!!! *yells at the problem*

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  1. what the hell I just watch your theory about syndrome from the incredible​ , and this just pop up

  2. I'm guessing that she will go on to try to solve this, which I guess it's a murder. This leads her to the wedding. OR he takes his death, and runs the Rockwell scheme 🤔

  3. Dear Mr. Theory Man,please make a theory about Jack Sparrow. Maybe about his mom, or his hidden superpowers… or something..

  4. The is after on of them but I don't know which one. To be honest I'm too lazy to look back. Sorry for my laziness

  5. Sees the guy walking in zig zag patterns across the screen

    Me: Oh he's probably going to say something normal

    Man starts shrieking

    Me: (0_0)

  6. I like how Francine is continously smiling with that blank, dead stare to let you know that she is very dead inside.

  7. Why did Mayor Bellwether become a villain in Zootopia and try to make the predidors (animals) go savage.

  8. I got another theory for Coraline. After Coraline dropped the key into the well. Yes, I believe the beldam recovered it. But it was no use. The door has to be opened from the real world. If she entered the real world, she'd die. So the beldam having the key meant she'd never have another victim again.

  9. it is possoble in the lorax that that wasant the last tree cut doun becauce the lorax doaent want enyone to cut them doun so the lorax tells the onesler that that was the last one so he dosent look for more and to give up

  10. But theres more a few minites after the tree was cut doun the fish bears and the swans gose behand the vally to find them

  11. Just saying I'm an long time fan 2 years i fact I was here since your Mario cart vids keep up the great work

  12. I looked at an old video the Missing Connection Between Pixar Movies and my theory is that Emma Jean is a cousin to the Andersons and is Andy's grandma. I don't think Carl and Emma had any children in the time gap of his marriage to Ellie because there is no evidence of his children in Up.

  13. This is obviously before episode 2 "Francine's Suspicion." The only theorization that I can do is say what happened to the man in the top hat, though the voices didn't't match with the scream, thats just because the voices weren't recorded, that scream is the terrified voice of the man in the top hat. I think this much farther back than just a few days, on the timeline, i would put it right after, but only by a few days at most, after episode 4, "Elaine's Elation" and it is the brainwashed priest that ultimately ends the man in the top hat. The Theorizer is a smart man (or whatever they identify as) and wouldn't add this episode if it wasn't important. I thought that Francine wouldn't be an important character, only serving as a way of showing that Ted is evil, but now I believe that we will see much more of her and towards the end, team up with the rest of our main characters to put a stop to what is going on as she's been through it before and lost a dear friend, the man in the top hat.

  14. You should make a theory about the short films bts released last summer and the music videos they released this year and last year that intertwine with the films. Yeah, I know, I'm k pop trash. XD

  15. what if oogway was the bad guy in the kai vs po arc, and oogway used the power to destroy kai so he could become the strongest warrior in the world. this is led on by oogway helping lord shen destroy the pandas, but oogway foresaw po surviving. oogway then secretly put the boxes in the stork's shop where po as a baby lived so that po wasn't raised by people who knew how to use people's chakra and chi

    but then oogway decided to teach the panda, but it was too late because tai lung was going to kill him

    so oogway banished himself to the spirit world where he met and fought with kai until po was ready to use chi

    so then kai thought he sent himself to back to the overworld to save the world from oogway's goons but really oogway sent kai to the overlord so po could kill him once and for all

    and po did it without knowing oogway is the real villain who tried to kill his parents

    so then kung fu panda 4 is when oogway kills shifu after shifu learns too much, and then po witnesses it. oogway lies to him but po sees through his lies and initiates combat, but oogway it too powerful because oogway gave po his power

    so po goes back to the panda village but they are all dead b/c oogway sent orders from the other villages who are under his tyranny to kill them

    so then po and the furious 4 challenge oogway and he accepts, but oogway defeats him with ease

    but then po stands up, he takes of the dragon warrior armor, and he starts meditating and glowing

    then po starts glowing and he realizes the dragon warrior status was just oogway's way of saying he was oogway's strongest warrior

    once po initiates combat again, he gets some headway. this forces oogway to show his true form, and he breaks his shell to reveal he is a dragon! and that's why its called the dragon warrior

    po uses he new powers given to him by past warrior in the spirit realm who believe he can do it and sacrifice their spirit chi to power up po, and a long battle commences

    and then the movie ends with po winning because light always beats evil<3

  16. So the girl we see in the beginning was trained as a spy and on a mission she was sent to catch a man who was trying to steal from a woman at a party, this man was the boy who was the husband at the wedding. The priest was acting strangely and was probably in cahoots with the wife as she bluntly ignored the murder of the wedding guests as she leaves with her husband. Due to the daunting situation of the murder conspiracy with the priest and wife working together, the husband went it defence mode and eventually became a criminal himself, risking it to steal the money from the lady. He also caused the gas leakage in the spy's home as after the party I believe he knocked her out unconscious as she was trying to interrogate him, whilst she was knocked out he set up the house to lock all doors and windows so escape would be unlikely and fresh oxygen would be also unlikely so that the gas could take effect. But his plan was foiled due to other spy agents come and rescue the female spy.

    Am I close??

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