Francine’s Suspicion (1×02) [The Rockford Scheme]
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Francine’s Suspicion (1×02) [The Rockford Scheme]

August 30, 2019

Francine: Marla! This is a GREAT party! Marla: Thanks! Our wedding is going to be the BEST thing that’s ever happened to us! Francine: Cool… But the band seems to be playing some VERY strange music… Marla: Indeed. Francine: Ted! Where are you going? I have spotted the target! I repeat! I have spotted the target! I think he’s going for her money safe!

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  1. maybe the music made her fall asleep and maybe the girls is a spy trying to stop the the person from stealing whats in the safe. and maybe the girl is a undercover detective and that she maybe dose not have back up

  2. The weird music is some kind of mind control, either making everyone but the groom lost in their thoughts so they can't get him but the main character is also somehow immune, or it's making the groom steal the money from the safe. Second option is probably more likely.

  3. Starting out great
    have no clue whats happening and will already be trying to decode sh!t hahaha, You better make that strange music be important

  4. Ted. I never did trust that name. Sneaking into a safe to steal all the money for himself. As a spy, of course the main character went after that shady ted guy. Ted must've been a girl scout. Just think of the cookies he could make with that dough.

  5. I GOT IT


    also go watch the first episode to get what I'm talking about. go look at the comments for mine to explain everything

  6. Ted catches Francine, lock her in her own house and gasses her.

    That's the connection so far.

    I'm ready for the next one.

    1×01 – Pilot
    Taking place 1 hour after 1×02
    Deborah Pan was knoched out and is now locked inside her house. The door is infused with iron, and the windows are made of plexiglass. Suddenly, green gas comes from her vents.

    1×02 – Francine's Suspicion
    Taking place 1 hour before 1×01
    Francine was at Ted Vienna and Marla Dwaynes party, when Francine questions Ted about the mind control music. Suddenly, Ted goes to the safe to steal money, and Francine chases after him.

    1×03 – Deborah's Fiery Fiasco
    Taking place after 1×01
    Deborah was trying to get out of her house, when she realizes that she can get through the basement door. However, it simply causes a backdraft, setting her house on fire.

    1×04 – Elaine's Elation
    Taking place 20 years before other episodes.
    Elain Klein and Benjamin Dwayne are having a wedding, when the priest suddenly starts speaking gibberish. Elain and Benjamin get out of there and hear screaming and explosions in there.

    1×05 – The Hazmat Hero
    Taking place after 1×03
    Deborah Pan, who is unconscious at the moment, is suddenly saved by someone in a hazmat suit. The Hazmat Person then takes her out of her house.

    1×06 – Francine's Initiation
    Taking place days before 1×02
    Horris has pronounced Francine as the CIAS new spy. When Francine goes out to party, Horris sees something and he panics and runs away.


    Deborah Pan – Female – Was knocked out and locked in her house when green gas came from the house vents and caused a backdraft – Somehow related to Francine
    Francine – Female – Spy and part of CIA – Tried to stop Ted from getting the money – Somehow related to Deborah Pan
    Ted Vienna – Male – Criminal – Attempted to steal his fiancees money using mind control music
    Marla Dwayne – Female
    Elain Klein – Female – Wedding was interupted when priest started speaking gibberish
    Benjamin Dwayne – Male – Wedding was interrupted when priest started speaking gibberish
    Hazmat Person – Unknown – Saved Deborah Pan from her house
    Horris – Male – Pronounced Francine as the CIA's new spy – Saw something that panicked him

    One more thing, I will be updating this comment as more episodes come out. This is so I don't spam the comments section.

  8. ALLRIGHT HOLOCAUST GUY HERE MY THERORY IS, the girl that was in the gas room was also an agent but the person that she was going after was too smart or was Ted and he got her because he had too do the same thing with the girl in this video since this is two hours before the gas accident , BUT HAY THAT [email protected] JUST @ TH30RY, A PAP3R [email protected] THING THEORY TANKS 4 READING

  9. I think that ted is since when they brought the weird music to attention he just ran away without an explanation of where was he going and probably when he saw he was being chased he captured the girl

  10. I don't have a solid theory yet, but here is what I think so far. I am going to make a timeline then make a basis for my theory.

    (1×02) Francine is at Ted and Marla's wedding party to catch Ted before he steals Marla's riches.

    (1×01) Deborah finds out she is locked in her and is gassed by Unknown

    Ted isn't just one man trying to steal from his fiancee. He is actually apart of an operation that steals to get rich. Francine catches Ted not knowing that he is in this unknown operation. The group gets angry because Ted is one of their best members. So to get back at Francine they lock Deborah Pan away (who is somehow connected to Francine) and gas her. So what do you think?

  11. I'm guessing that ted works for Mr Rockford, who told him to steel the safe. That's why it's called the Rockford scheme. The woman in the first on is another spy who got caught.

  12. So what i get from the videos so far is that this episode isn't the beginning, i believe the next video will probably give us a more insider look on certain characters. It is how to place which event is happening, and how they both tie together. Is the house have to do with Deborah's event, she could be a vital influence on how this section will play out. But that is what i really got a hold of, we already know what is happening in each episode so far, but there is still a problem on how it ties together. I will just have to wait and see.

  13. THE THEORIZER: The Rockford
    Characters: Woman named Deborah Pan, Ted Criminal, marla, A bride, Francine sp,Band workers (Also the title says “SCHEME” Related to a heist or raid.)

    (1×01)(The Rockford Scheme) Trapped in her house and the door is locked, Freaks out, Hissing sound (gas comes out) Slowly walks away. MAIN IDEA OF SCHEME: She has been knocked out for quite some time and, locked in her house. Her windows are replaced with Plexiglas, her doors infused with iron,panic attack and gas comes out. Theory: Woman is knocked out and is placed in her house (and is clearly, completely trapped) Someone activates gas which is either could be poison or sleeping gas.

    (1×02)(The Rockford scheme) Francine's Suspicion. Francine was at her “Friends” party named Marla, Marla says “ Our wedding is gonna be the best thing to ever happen to us!” Francine seems to realize that the band was playing strange music, Marla agrees, the soon to be husband walked away, Francine ask where he is going. Francine follows ted and hears him say “ I HAVE SPOTTED THE TARGET!” Francine thinks he is going for the money safe. Theory: The music is mind control And possibly takes place ONE hour before (1×01) PILOT. Francine who could be related to Deborah, is a SPY

    This is for Ep I-2 (And yes i made a document for this) And im working on this rather thank school LOL TIP: Read the description for some more information.

  14. is there reason why she said: "i have spotted the target i repeat i have spotted the target" is she a agent or something????

  15. No matter how hard I think I keep coming back to the idea that maybe Francine IS Deborah. Francine could be Deborah's cover name. Maybe Deborah had ties with Ted and she used the cover name Francine to gain knowledge as to what he's doing.

  16. Hmm.. Well Deborah Pan was clearly knocked out and locked into her house.. But when and how..? I think ted was somewhat included in that.. I'm not entirely sure yet.

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  18. The music is a way of distracting everyone else in the room so Ted can go steal the money… but our main protagonist is actually an undercover cop that was paying attention to anything but the music. She sees him leave and follows him to aee that he is trying to steal the money..

  19. The music is a way of distracting everyone else in the room so Ted can go steal the money… but our main protagonist is actually an undercover cop that was paying attention to anything but the music. She sees him leave and follows him to aee that he is trying to steal the money..

  20. 1) Deborah is knocked out. She was knocked out by Ted, who we find out later is a theif, and brought to her house and locked in to her house.She is freaked out by a green gas that enters through her vents, which is ment to kill her

    2) An hour earlier Deborah is a guest at anpert and somewhere else in the room , which can be guesed ad we dont see her, and Ted is a theif trying to rob the safe. Francine is an undeecover cop looking for a so called thwif. The music was a way of distracting everyone but it didnt work on Francine. She notices the wierd music and then witnesses Ted leaving the room. She follows him and calls for back up when she realizes he is the theif she is trying to stop… in tbe process out the door, Ted knocks out Deborah and brings her home

  21. I now nkonv the basics of this story it is that guy try to steal her money bro from first part try to stop hem but fails and than he torchers her wit gas and than she wonts revenge than evreting is based on hers revenge I think

  22. OMG
    When the girl went to find ted she got locked in the room and the bands hipnotising music made the gas and thats what will stop her from getting to ted who is the target!
    Theorizer, am I right. P.S. I have some theories on my channels that you are free to use whenever you would like at any time. You are free to add more evidence and maybe change them just as long as i get credit

  23. so it being their wedding, Ted probably hired the band himself to play something to hypnotise the guests into think everything is normal or distracting them, while Ted sneaks off to steal money from the safe. Francine is a secret agent that had been suspicious of him for a while, but couldn't act without hard evidence because he was marrying a close friend or relative. She follows him, calling for backup, and one hour later, someone francine works with, maybe a partner she called, finds herself locked in her own home about to be killed or maybe have her memory wiped by Ted's group or held as a ransom to lure francine back (unless there's some plot twist and the villain is someone not introduced and the husband was just a suspect to throw us off)

  24. Ted kidnaps Deborah, bringing her to her house. He attempts (or succeeds I don't know) to kill her to steal her money. Maybe Francine follows him and saves Deborah?

  25. maybe ted went after deborah because she knew something or was otherwise involved in this scheme?

  26. I have made foundations for a wiki including a synopsis for episode 1 and 2 and I will expand Wiki later.
    Here is a link:

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  29. MY TURN TO THEORIZE. Ted is trying to go after Marla's riches, it is only after Francine calls out the music that he realizes he is caught and runs for the safe, I don't think it's mind control as Owl Gamer said but the band aren't skilled with the instruments and are there for another purpose. Also how does Deborah fit here? well she was part of Ted's plan and he needed her out of the way so he trapped her in her own house with the iron door and other type of glass. It wasn't shown that she died and she left the scene before the gas got to her so I would think that she somehow escaped. But how did Deborah affect Ted's plan? And what are the band's real role? I'll fill you in on my theory… next episode.

  30. Hey, you didn't let me figure out the timeline! D:
    You already told me it was an hour earlier

  31. guys, what if ted was framed!? The music hypnotised him! We can assume that Marla has the technology as at her parents wedding there was a robotic priest!

  32. I have a theory. I think Francine, Ted, and Debora are related. I think this because the Theorizer confirmed that Francine and Debora are related, and Ted and Francine are related because they are the only ones not effected by the hypnotic music. Probably because of something that runs in the family. This is how I think they are related:
    I think Debora and Ted are siblings,
    and Debora married Mr. Pan (explaining the last name). And together they had Francine. Note: Francine's last name hasn't been confirmed yet.

  33. EPISODE 2

    Description Synopsis: One hour prior to Deborah's fiasco, (possible cause and effect?) we meet Francine, a woman who is attending a wedding party for Ted Vienna (probably important) and Marla Dwayne (probably important). Francine is there for more than just the food though (side note, why not use drugged food instead of drugged… music? Practically undetectable and doesn't require cahoots with unimportant background characters,)… She is a spy. She knows Ted's true intentions of robbing his fiancee of her riches, and when she calls him out on the "hypnotic" (maybe these air quotes are more than meets the eye) music, he flees to the safe (I'm Ted, and am outside with plenty of room to escape as well as no proof I'm behind the music, might as well run into a corner instead of dismissing the music and fleeing later, hurr durr! Additionally, Marla has no reaction to the fleeing, indicating she was under the music's influence, but Francine wasn't, indicating she was prepared in advance. Additionally additionally, it's unclear as to wether the music caused Ted to attempt theft, or if Ted's attempted theft caused the hypnotic music to be put into place), with Francine in hot pursuit.

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