Franz Josef Glacier Helicopter Flight and Hike
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Franz Josef Glacier Helicopter Flight and Hike

September 7, 2019

(bright music) – Franz Josef Glacier is one
of the most beautiful glaciers in the world, and today not
only are we exploring it via helicopter, we’re also
gonna hike on its icy surface. Let’s go. (bright music) – Basically, it’s a (mumbles). The helicopters will
land you at the helipad. We’ll unload you, and
we’ll take you on a hike around the glacier into
the other steeper terrain where those (mumbles) blue ice comes out. It’s a fantastic time, and I can’t wait to see you guys up here. – All right. We’re gonna go climb a glacier. Here we go. – The best part about it is
they make this really easy for you. They give you all this great gear, and you get up here, and
you just get to enjoy the scenery. (bird chirps) – I had no idea I was gonna see this. These birds are indigenous to New Zealand. They’re really, really smart. Wow, it’s beautiful! So this is actually a
relatively young glacier, and in some parts, it’s about
300 meters thick with ice. (gasps) It’s so blue! (water running) Just having a sip of glacier water here. Mm. Hey, buddy! He’s just doing the hike with us. (bright music) (helicopter blades roaring) Aye, aye, it’s time to
head back to the base! (bright music) After an amazing day on the glacier, it is now time to relax
in their heated pools. You can go in the public pool, or you have the option of upgrading to a private pool. Oh, man, I can’t believe we just explored Franz Josef Glacier, from
flying high above it, to hiking it, to then
soaking in the pools. As far as experiencing
New Zealand’s nature, I think this is the best way to do it. (bright music)

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