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Free WordPress Plugins: Awesome Plugins Built by ThemeIsle ⚡

August 31, 2019

One of the best free WordPress plugins you
can get for improving your content creation experience is Otter Blocks. Why? Watch this! It gives you WordPress blocks whit extended
functionalities like Button Group, Section, Service, Pricing, About Author, Advanced Heading,
Google Map, etc. It’s a great plugin but you can’t use it with
the classic editor. It enhances the new editor of WordPress (aka
Gutenberg) with more options for colors, alignment, margins, padding, typography and so on. Use it on any WordPress website, or blog,
even if you are just a beginner. Check out what’s new for Otter Blocks in the
description box below where you can find the download link too. Your content is awesome because it has a lot
of cool images along with the story you tell in each article. But those images are probably slowing down
your WordPress blog and all the beauty is lost because your post is loading so slowly. Is that true? Then I’ve got your back with Image optimization
service by Optimole. This is a plugin which connects your WordPress
website to a real-time image optimization service with a cloud-based system. This will speed up your website and deliver
high-quality images perfectly sized for every device. After activating your account, you get on-the-fly
image handling, automatic responsive images and device based optimizations. This is the all-in-one solution to all of
your image optimization needs. You’ll be free to concentrate on other aspects
of your site. Let’s create more cool content on our blogs. We can do that with interactive charts and
tables, for example, which can display any data you want, easily. This is the Visualizer: Tables & Graphs Manager
plugin for WordPress. A simple and quite powerful WordPress chart
plugin to create and embed interactive charts and tables into your site. I think I already said that twice. Sorry but I am so excited about this. Want to use it on your WordPress website? I put a link in the description down below
so you can download it right now. It’s free. And very easy to use. You have to choose a chart, first, then you
can edit the data within. Follow the step by step video recommended
above or check the links to all resources in the description. No idea what to write on your blog? Use Feedzy RSS Feds to collect the best content,
automatically, then add it to your WordPress website. That’s so cool, right? Just make sure you give the credit to authors. This way, you prove that you respect the work
of others and you keep it legal. What can I say more about this plugin? Make sure you check the video above so you
can understand how to use its powerful features. This is a tool you can use to create beautiful
product review boxes within your blog posts. It has a lot of options You can display pros and cons, different ratings
for each feature, product picture and you can even put your affiliate link over here. Also, you get your comments powered up with
different features which readers can rate along with each comment. We have a video created for you to understand
exactly how it works so make sure you check it out. Is your WordPress menu boring? Make it stand out with Menu Icons. This is a free WordPress plugin which will
help you enhance your menu items. Once you activate it, you can see this link
when editing a menu item which allows you to select a specific icon. If you wonder how to create this colorful
button that stands out, check out the recommended video above. It will teach you how to create create a button
from your menu items which will look exactly like this when it’s done. I also have videos about the Menu Icons and
you can check how to create a Mega Menu too. As I already mentioned, all links and resources
are in the description box. Blocks CSS allows you to add custom CSS to
your Gutenberg Blocks straight from the Editor. It adds a syntax-highlighted CSS Editor where
you can add additional CSS to your Gutenberg Blocks to style them the way you want. Blocks Animation allows you to add CSS Animations
to all of your Gutenberg blocks in the most elegant way. The user interface for Blocks Animation feels
so native and intuitive, you won’t even notice it’s installed. After activating it you will see animation
settings in all the blocks, right in the block settings sidebar. How cool is that? Blocks Export-Import plugin allows you to
import and export blocks as JSON in Gutenberg Block Editor. For example, you have a block with lots of
custom work which you want to re-use later on other posts or pages. Simply export it as JSON and use the Import
from JSON block when needed. Upload the exported file and here we go. We don’t need to recreate the same box from
scratch. Cool. This is a full options plugin which contains
plugins functionality already mentioned in this video like image optimization, menu icons
and so on. By accessing its settings, you can see modules
available for Social Sharing, Gutenberg Blocks which gives you access to the same tools of
Otter Blocks, Uptime Monitoring, Analytics Integration, Page Bilder widgets you can use
with Elementor or Beaver, Template Directory, My stock Import which gives you access to
a lot of free images, Policy Notice and Safe Updates too. The template directory looks like this and
you can click on the Sync Templates button to get the latest designs. You can preview and then import any template
with one click. Then you can edit it as needed with Elementor
for example. What do you think about these plugins? Do you have questions or you want to start
a conversation with me? Leave a comment below and I will do my best
to answer it. Also, if you haven’t subscribed yet, make
sure you click that button and turn on the notifications so you can be the first who
will find out when future videos are published. See you in the next one.

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  1. What do you think about these plugins?
    Do you have questions or you want to start a conversation with me?

    Leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer it.

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