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September 6, 2019

The N64 upside down looks like a koala’s face. And here’s a wall that changes color
when you pee on it. Vsauce. Kevin here.
This is Mind Blow. This jet pack of sorts just set a
record by flying for seven straight minutes. The company claims their current model
can carry a 250-pound man for half an hour at a max speed of 60 miles per hour.
But if you prefer to sit down while you travel, try out his motorized easy chair.
It’s just a prototype, so you can’t buy it. Or this monster.
It’s a 1000 watt subwoofer chair with two 16-inch subwoofers and it can
connect the iPods or gaming consoles.
Apparently some people like to sit on recycled computer parts with Ethernet and ribbon woven seats encased frame. And others like to sit on… wow.
The flexible love seat incorporates an accordion
like honeycomb structure made from recycled paper and wood.
It’s kind of like a slinky for your butt.
Get ready for summer with the Nerf Thunderstorm. It’s a battery-powered
super soakers, so you don’t need to pump it and it has interchangeable clips of water. You could stay inside all summer
and just build a giant Lego wall. You’ll need 270,000 legos and probably a bodyguard with a Lego ARC gun from District 9.
Or stay inside for thirty years and build a toothpick sculpture of San Francisco.
There are eight paths for ping pong balls to
travel along as they tore this incredibly intricate creation.
Quick challenge. Listen to this music box and see if you
recognize the song. Time’s up. Here’s the mega answer. This is a prototype of a screen that
follows your eye movements. By using a webcam with face
tracking software, the idea is to make games like
first-person shooters seem even more immersive.
And to make kissing less immersive, here’s a kissing transmission device.
Basically you make out with his strong looking thing and it transmits the data to affect the
other straw looking thing and…
Guy getting struck by lightning. A Russian figure skating couple won
a silver medal thanks to their plumber-themed routine. Finally here’s an absolutely epic record-setting Beatmania performance. I’m gonna leave you with a riddle. “Only one color but not one size Stuck at the bottom yet easily flies Present in sun but not in rain Doing no harm and feeling no pain What is it?” The genius of the week is going to be a number scavenger hunt. Here’s how it works.
I’ve given 5 clues, each clue leads to a number.
Three clues are on this page. One clue is at And the final clue is in ‘Weirdos of the
Month #2.’ Find all five clues, add up all the
numbers and give us your answer. Leave it in the comments below and I’ll
give you a hint for the clue in ‘Weirdoes #2.’ Eurovision.
Good luck. And as always, thanks for watching. Vsauce. Announcement time. First things first, we’ve
got a brand new video on Vsauce2 that’s a little bit different.
It’s a conversation with myself in a group called ‘Underbelly’ where they share with me some creepy Pokemon facts.
They’re really knowledgeable, I think you’ll enjoy it. Speaking of you, it’s about time you got rewarded more. And so, over the next few months,
Vsauce is going to be expanding genius of the week to include more slots.
On our channel page right now we’ve got two. One is the Genius of the Week that Kevin already
mentioned, but the second one is a brand new title called ‘Sauciest of the Week.’
This is for someone who suggested something really cool to Vsauce. Whether it was a private message or on
Facebook, whether it was an online game or a cool image or something to buy, or just a hilarious comment. Now, for the first week I chose ‘sofusser,’ because of all the cool things he made with
stuff that we recommended on DONG. But here’s the excellent part.
Each week the current winner picks next week’s winner. So, ‘sofusser,’ if you’re out there watching and you see something over the next week that was
suggested to us or someone put something on Facebook you think is cool, let us know. Send us a YouTube message and
let us know who you think should be the next week’s winner. And then that winner will pick the week after
that. So every winner gets to pass the crown.
It should be pretty fun to see what happens. And, hey guys, as always, thanks for watching.

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