Friday News Wrap-Up 2 September 2011 –
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Friday News Wrap-Up 2 September 2011 –

August 27, 2019

It’s Friday the 2nd of September, 2011 and
you know what that means… it’s Wrap-Up time! Normally I’d not address the recent ‘lost’
iPhone 5 prototype as it doesn’t really fall under our gaming purview, but lets be honest,
either the Apple marketing machine has run out of ideas or this was an actual honest
mistake. In either case, why would you sell it on Ebay for only $200 when tech blogs are
willing to shell out even more? Oh well, I kind of have no choice in the matter and I’ll
have to get one regardless, but I’m definitely looking forward to some concrete news on the
final device specs and it’s a shame this one has been shrouded in secrecy for so long. On to the news! Not much else to say here – last week we pointed
out that popular management-style game developer Kairosoft had their sights set on the iOS
market for their racing themed sim title, though details on an English release were
scarce. A recent update on the Kairosoft site has strongly hinted at a September 8th release
of the game – if you’re a fan of the company’s work you’ll want to keep your eyes on the
store on that date. Some of you may not remember the developer
Tiger Style, but you should because they’re the brains behind the wonderfully intriguing
and challenging game “Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor”; seriously, not enough good things
can be said about a game that manages to tell its story with almost zero dialogue or text.
Lost Mars is a sci-fi themed side-scroller from the same studio tagged with the teaser
of “What do you get when you mix one part METROID, one part 1970s-era sci-fi film, and
one part… gardening?!” For now the game certainly looks intriguing, so it at least
has that going for it, but we’ll update when we get more details of this upcoming title. That’s right, if you haven’t heard of this
delightfully charming Arcade title, you have now and better still you’ll eventually be
able to play it on your iPhone or iPad as well. The aim of the game is to place a series
of blocks on the screen to assist the AI controlled creatures to achieve various tasks in the
time limit provided. Occasional boss battles provide a series of challenges to overcome
as well. While not as cool as using physical blocks on the Arcade version, it may still
provide a family-friendly alternative for those who like to share their games with the
younger members of their household. Big Blue Bubble brought out Burn The Rope
a few months after Chillingo’s release of Cut The Rope and at the time I hoped it wasn’t
a mere cash-in on the name. It wasn’t; and in fact it proved to be a disturbingly addictive
title, if only because of its catchy music that refused to looping in your brain and
haunted you as you tried to sleep. The announcement of a sequel to the iOS device-twisting title
comes as welcome news, though if the screenshots are any indicator it’s going to be harder
than ever and packed with new features to explore. The game is tentatively slated for
a launch in the second week of September. Over a year ago, I took a chance on an unknown
Indie developer and his sexy looking puzzle game and ended up falling in love with it.
Matt Rix’s puzzle title Trainyard included innovations that are yet to be fully embraced
by other developers (such as the ability to view and upload solutions in real time on
his website) and once the word was out the game got the attention it truly deserved.
A recent update to the game has not only added more puzzles, universal support and bug fixes,
but also an ‘Engineering’ mode to create your own levels, giving Trainyard an almost endless
supply of content for those who fork out the $0.99 for the full version. Seeing as we’ve got so much to cover in the
coming week I felt it would be remiss of me to not mention this amazing word-puzzle title
on the App Store. Quarrel by Indiagames and Ignition Entertainment manages to mash together
RISK and Scrabble in a way that’s so addictive you’d have to wonder if an unholy ceremony
was involved. The basic gameplay splits a territory up and distributes the armies of
the player and their AI opponents around the map, with each turn allowing the current player
to move armies around, awarding them with a letter-limit that matches the size of their
army and gaining bonuses for using the same army over and over. The only thing holding
back Quarrel is the lack of multiplayer, something the game should have packed in from the get-go
considering the immense popularity of games like Words With Friends. Even still, if you
fancy yourself a word-smith and want to add a combative edge to your Scrabble gameplay,
Quarrel is the game for you. Does there really have to be an announcement
for this week’s Game Of The Week? I mean really? OK, for those of you who have not already
heard me and just about everybody with a pulse on the App Store talking over the last 24
hours, Jetpack Joyride is where the party is at; and not without good reason. The gorgeously
smooth gameplay and slick 2D graphics pair perfectly with the simple single-touch endless
gameplay that not only rewards players for staying alive for longer, but also for completing
multiple abstract objectives such as giving scientists a high-five or dodging missiles
at the last moment. Add in the slew of unlockable aesthetic upgrades as well as power-ups and
modifications for the many vehicles on offer and you’ve got yourself an addictive title
that rewards you every time you sit down and play. If you thought the endless runner genre
had nothing left to offer, you need to give Jetpack Joyride a try. And that’s the Wrap-Up for this week. As always
I hope this week’s content was enjoyable and if you like what you see, give us a thumbs
up, subscribe and hold on to your hat as content comes flying at you like a Capuchin monkey
after drinking a pack of Red Bull. But in all seriousness, feel free to spread the word
via Twitter, Facebook or any other social network you lurk on – we love seeing new faces
around our site and on the comments! Until next week, have a fun weekend!

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  1. damn… Mega Mall Story was released like 2 weeks ago… i still have to start Game Dev Story… and now Grand Prix Story? Not to mention I'm still trying to start playing Tiny Tower (trying to put down 100 Rogues and Jetpack Joyride is difficult)… Andrew, mind helping out? Which should I start playing? Game Dev Story, Megamall Story or Tiny Tower? (Not interested in Hotspring/Pocket Academy)

  2. @G0dspeed2000 lol… well i got my ipod like a week ago xD and started playing 100 Rogues… just bought a character and a mode for it… so it will be kinda difficult XD but its on my Playlist 😛 just wanna know which one should i start with… GDS or MegaMall… both look tempting and Grand Prix being close and the one i want the most, it's kind of a difficult choice XD

  3. @TheKastenbrot Junk Jack if im not mistaken… check for the July 29 video… i watched that vid like an hour ago, thats why i remember >_<

  4. @TheKastenbrot you mean junk jack? i havent heard nothing about it since appspy shoved it in one of these wrap-ups i CANT WAIT to get that to 😛

  5. @AppSpy do you know if gameloft games… Say modern combat 2 or rainbow six online iPad and iPhone play together or not?

  6. @calumkz Yes it works Modern Combat can play with iPhone players and iPad players together. And so can Rainbow six, except you have to purchase 2 separate games the HD and the iPhone version as they are not universal

  7. @AppSpy Oh.. I was going to invite you to play a game with me since we're friends on Game Center. But since not I have an iPod 4 as well. Do you have any games you have that you would like to play? I've got COD Zombies, MC2, Sonic Racing, and Fruit Ninja.

  8. Appyspy answer me!!!! How do you train your voice and accent so that you sound so much like a professional reviewer?!!?

  9. I'm a new face and spend pretty much all my time playing and leaving reviews on the AppStore soni figure i may as well try to get paid for it or at least get vouchers for free games to review since I'm disabled and I spend all my time doing that anyway I also wish I could work with developers cuz I have so many ideas for innovative apps or improvements to existing ones just don't know how to get started. Also appspy should have an app it'd sure be easier then using YouTube

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