Friday News Wrap-Up 5 October 2012 –
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Friday News Wrap-Up 5 October 2012 –

August 11, 2019

We’re back in the groove and it’s a new
month, so keep an eye out for our Top 3 picks for September 2012. In the meantime lets talk
about some of the hottest news from the last week or so, because I’ll be honest, there’s
some eye-openers to talk about. This is the Friday News Wrap-Up for the 5th
of October, 2012. The annual update to Gameloft’s top selling
shooter franchise is looming upon us and the developer is keen to show off just how pretty
it looks. Set (one can only guess) in the tropical climate of Hawaii, there’s a distinct
ultra-modern touch to proceedings that could open the path to some unique scenarios. Unfortunately
all we have to go on right now is the slick trailer, but the game is slated for an Autumn
release, so it won’t be long ‘til we can check it out for ourselves. If you remember Plunderland by Johnny Two
Shoes, then you’ll remember their pairing of distinctive visuals and gameplay to create
a fun (and definitely unique) pirate-themed brawler (if you can even call it that). Prevail
is the next-big-thing from the developer and once again you can see their own stamp on
things as it looks like a strange cross-breed between GTA and 2D platforming Minecraft-a-likes.
No news as to when it will be out, but we’ll keep our ear to the ground. Publisher Crescent Moon Games has picked up
the upcoming title from Alpha Dog Games and it’s easy to see why. The dungeon-crawling
slasher looks like it could be fun, especially if it manages pair intuitive controls with
a satisfying combat system. Interestingly you may have already seen the game on the
App Store, but it was subsequently pulled after the company was snapped up. Hopefully
that means more polishing before we get our hands on it for an official release. I’m not entirely sure how to take the news
of Death Dome’s imminent release to the wider public, especially as I’m a fan of
both the Infinity Blade and Borderlands franchises. In particular Glu will be releasing the game
as a freemium title (if the Canadian release is any indicator), which is slightly worrying
considering earlier releases from the developer. Still, I’d like to believe this game is
as fun as it looks, so we’ll definitely check it out once it goes Worldwide. The Lantern Festival that ends most Chinese
New Year celebrations is a beautiful thing to observe and take part in. There’s something
calming about seeing hundreds of softly-lit colored orbs tethered on or strung-up between
buildings, or better yet, floating free in the sky. Lanterns by Big Time Games recreates
the zen-like relaxation of the festival by using the already familiar match-3 system
we’ve seen in the past with randomized, free-floating lanterns. There’s only one
game mode, but managing to get a great score will be dependent on many different factors
– notably which lanterns you decide to combo and how much time you have left. The larger
the combo, the more time/points/level experience you’ll earn, and balancing them all is important
to getting that elusive top-spot on the leaderboards. Although more modes are planned for the future,
Lanterns already makes for a fantastic way to relax thanks to its easy-to-use controls;
elegant visual simplicity; and relaxing soundtrack. Despite having so many great releases in the
last fortnight, it’s hard to beat a game that combines a player’s creativity with
a franchise just about everyone already knows about. Bad Piggies brings Rovio’s full-strength
to bear, placing you in control of the green-pigs of Angry Birds fame as you make (and then
pilot) all manner of vehicular contraptions. Whether you play it for the basic levels,
or to take on its far-more-challenging sandbox mode, Rovio’s latest is definitely worth
picking up. Well it looks like I have a busy weekend ahead
of me, if only to make up for a recent public holiday, so keep an eye on our site for more
news, reviews and features! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Developers should really fucking stop with the Infinity Blade clones. It's really a piece of crap game, I don't know why it has all this fuss around it. Besides gorgeous graphics, it has fucking NOTHING. I'm a sucker for nice graphics and I can usually get over the gameplay issues if it look nice enough, but with Infinity Blade all the gameplay is : SWIPE YOUR FUCKING FINGER LEFT OR RIGHT. Oh and occasionally pressing a button.

  2. The hack and slash started wth fruit ninja bc it was such a popular game ppl thought why not mix tht up wth a lil rpg lol

  3. More infinity blade rubbish at least we can all look forward to the release of mc4 . Andy what level are you in borderlands 2?

  4. what's wrong with the infinity blade? it's really fun and addictive game and has a great story.At least it's better than crappy modern combat that is a clone of already crappy COD.

  5. It's crappy because it's simple. You just swipe left and right… That's IT. It's not what I call immersive. It could have the greatest story, but if the only gameplay element is swiping left and right, it could as well go down the drain.. They should have made it an open world third-person action RPG, not a swipe-fest with RPG elements…

  6. There seem to be more and more infinity blade clones. And none of them look even close to as good as the original.

  7. so if you don't like it don't play it.maybe it's just swiping but it can be really hard sometimes and requires great set of skills.first infinity blade becomes repetitive and boring after some time but it's still a great game.if they made open world RPG fighting would not be nearly as good as it is now.this game is better than every gameloft game to date.look for example ign review of this game,they gave it 10/10 score which only few selected games got.

  8. They really COULD have made it open-world sandbox RPG, AND with good fighting. How ? Just look at Final Fantasy series. It's open world, and once you encounter an enemy it teleports you into a separate battleground. That is what they should have done, instead of a linear RAIL fighter…

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