From The Depths Helicopter Tutorial

September 6, 2019

hey guys ballparkkenan here and today
we’ll be learning how to build a helicopter first let’s build the rector place your
dedicated helicopter spinner above the center of mass next place two helicopter pilots but
once the larger side facing in the direction the plate is spinning or
helicopter blades will be spinning clockwise once that’s done for change helicopter
spare motor drives to around 40 most likely have to raise or lower this once
we place our automatic control blocks depending on how heavy your helicopter
is changing always up for action she won second place down to automated control
box these will control your helicopter rotor speed 11 control the minimum I the other would
control the maximum controller macsai in inputs will set it to activate when
out the to greater than under affected by changes to spend blocks and under in
fact will select Set rotational speed in the control panel will change the
Emperor this is the max height you want your helicopter to fly a helicopter now
use 129 next will change the effect you want to set this low enough to
helicopter losses are you most likely have to a justice after we said two men
right now said mind around six next where you see other control block to
control the minimum height and puts for said to activate went out to less than under affected would change to spend
blocks and under effect will select set rotation speed in the control panel the
input is how low you want your helicopter to go all set 925 the effect is how fast your helicopter
blades instead you wonder is this a helicopter games on my hair cut out the
setting this to 10.9 if your helicopter hasn’t taken off yet then try raising this number until your
helicopter games out dude if this numbers at thirty in your helicopter
still hasn’t taken off try raising your helicopters spinner motor drive next we’ll place down the AI in the air
card slot then place the area a card after that or edit the area I settings
change the angle of deviation for turn to a low number to keep it its target
now 7-7 next change the angle of deviation before we roll to turn to 180
this prevents helicopter from using roadways turning then change your cruising out the 220
maximum height was automatic control and change your minimum altitude what your
minimum I was on your other control block you usually want to keep these
numbers close to keep the helicopter to stay with her I maximum height from my
control box 129 and 125 offset my cruising altitude to 129 did you do 125 next change the distance beyond which we
begin our attack on the sets how far away helicopter will begin its attack on
my helicopter I found that one hundred and fifty is a good distance as I don’t
want my helicopter hovering directly after that will change the distance
below which we aboard attack Iran this is how close your helicopter will get to
the target before it starts another tack room on my helicopter outset this 250 next change the lab time before we forced another cochran
215 after that wanna play some type of
forward thrust you want to keep us on the same level as your center of mass or
as close as possible if your trust us to higher to lower your
helicopter will tilt up or down when it’s moving forward once that’s done we’ll play some tail
plane blocks helicopter turn once moving forward be sure these are placed at the tale of
your helicopter sunsets finished helicopters done you have to adjust seventy settings to
fit your helicopters needs but I hope this gives you an overall idea of how
helicopter from the tats if you’re having trouble or have any questions put
them in the comments below thanks for watching

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