Frostpunk News Expanded Frost land, Vehicle And Airship Concepts!

September 20, 2019

at I risk build the last what’s up guys this is Golozo gamer and
i’m coming at you with another video about Frost Bank in particular I’m gonna
look at vehicle concepts and an expanded process that when I talk about an
expanded frost on first so after you’ve completed the initial make a new home or
the arcs or refugees we are greeted with a screen that shows how you build your
city and different decisions that you took to reach a certain level and the
people that have died and just the whole olicity was constructed from start to
finish and then what the people that survived and I’m thinking that after
this the developers should open it up and allow you to continue building
further on so the sandbox mode is allowed to exist right after you’ve
finished yeah I would call it the adaptive stage of weathering through the
storm right after that stage is finished a new element of the tech tree is
discovered by some miraculous engineer going somewhere and finding some
technology are you sculpting the frost and it says go here and there’s
something there and you find it and it’s a new research tech that allows you to
increase the heating area so that you can weather the next storm that might
come as it released the next storm I’m thinking that if there’s a sandbox mode
the storms need to expand further than just being a one-off situation it needs
to be a continuous thing that affects you at various times within the
environment so let’s say we’re in January and it reaches the end of
January there’s an incoming storm or there is no storm or there’s a freak
storm that randomly appears and it forces you to prepare for the storm in
advance or on the spot testing your critical thinking skills and your
morality did you call sports back or she let them
go on now the vehicle concepts as a resident of Roslyn we can expand it out
into original and then global view and Emma called it has expanded so far
you’re able to visit new regions and probably take over new cities so let’s
say you’ve expanded their developers allow you to expand the build area of
your city and they set a limit so you can only build this far then you can
either go into other areas within the frost line if another city is nearby and
you can add a claim that city or make it a client state I’m more similar to Total
War Attila or you can set up a trade route between the two cities almost like
a no row to exchange resources back and forth almost like on all posts you know
and in another thing about expanding the frost line and the reach of your city it
would allow you to build new technologies to explore the region the
region of view and the global view so you have faster vehicles that can
traverse the land I probably know crawler or something of that sort a
vehicle that size I can carry 10 to 20 or five people or six people I can
traverse the fast line and pick up additional cargo and set up small
outposts or satellite areas that can be used as small observatories they can set
up to test the environment to see whether or not it’s safe or give you
warning signals as to when storms are coming in and you can also gain the
ability to research insulated outpost so what do I mean by insulated output
outpost that can withstand a storm and continue to function even when you are
in below a hundred and fifty or a hundred fifty example that these all
forces can be used somewhat send back data to the main city via a
transportation bill that is able to sustain itself within the storm almost
like automatons if you get what I’m saying build the last

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