Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force – Meet Mark Samurai
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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force – Meet Mark Samurai

August 22, 2019

I’m unstoppable!It isn’t just
the Fruit Ninjas
who have significant
Mark Samurai
is the Deep Fried Samurai’s
Embrace your ancestry! [snarling] Mark Samurai!He is a bumbling
burger joint manager,
completely unaware
of his super villain ancestry
up until now.Hi-yah!Having an obsessive interest
in all things martial arts
but possessing no
discernible skill,
agility, or ability,Mark Samurai is insanely
jealous of the Fruit Ninjas,
so much so that he seeks
to destroy them
however he can.Ah-how!“Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force”♪♪

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  1. takе a lоok аt this, а loоot of StaarFruit & Juiсccce here

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