Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force – Meet Ralph
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Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force – Meet Ralph

August 10, 2019

Ralph is oneof the four modern ninjas
chosen to revive
the ancient art
of Juice Jitsu.
Standing taller than the rest
of his fellow ninjas
and brandishing a large
axe and shield,
Ralph is the powerhouse
of the team.
Ralph is an act first,
ask questions later
kind of operator.When you hear the call
of the wild, the wolf’s gotta run. Yeah. What?Always bravely putting
the mission ahead
of his own well-being…Err?…it’s difficult to tell
if his boldness
in the face of danger
comes from genuine bravery
or lack of consideration
of potential consequences.
While not the brightest
banana in the bunch,
Ralph is a genuine soul.Do you walk to school
or carry your lunch?Sometimes Ralph feels
as though he’s not keeping up
with his more cunning
but they wouldn’t have him
any other way.
Despite his occasional
impassioned misjudgments,
Ralph’s strength, courage,
and good nature
make him an invaluable member
of the Fruit Ninja team.
Hoo-rah! [all groaning]“Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force”♪♪

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