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August 24, 2019

♪♪The art of juice-jitsuwas thought to have been
lost forever
until four ordinary kidsunlocked the ancient secret.Whoever smelt it,
dealt it. That was… Really unhelpful.SebFury of the dragon fruit!NiyaPomegranate power pow!PengBlueberry backspin blast!RalphBig bad coconut… move. That doesn’t sound
very– [groaning]Now, they must use
their sweet powers…
ALL: Let’s get juicy!…to fight the world’s
rottenest villains.
We’re here so we
can help people, serve justice,
beat up bad guys. I must go! [all coughing] Are we just gonna
ignore the fact that there’s still some guy
in that barrel? Yes!“Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force”♪♪

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  1. is it just me but then just not meant to be a TV show or show in general it's just a very stupid because it how the hell they fight with fruit that's nonsense how did they even thought of making fruit ninja into a cartoon series what were they thinking

  2. oh look guys they're trying to make a kids show from a shitty mobile game everyone forgot about in 2010
    never seen that before

  3. please do jet pack joyride anything instead of this horrible monstrosity. i don't even have youtube red, just for the sake of the people who do, don't make this a thing.

  4. This is why you don't make movies based off of mobile apps.
    A lot of the time, they're too shallow for ideas (like Fruit Ninja. No assumable plot).
    See, the Angry Birds movie kinda worked because at least they have something to work with. The pigs took the bird's eggs to eat them, and the birds do what they can to get them back. What's Fruit Ninja's plot? They gotta cook up fruits for a cook out? A party? Do they sell fruit bouquets?
    The animation is extremely generic, and the humor seems basic.
    This show is going to be a waste of money. You'd be better off by making your own original TV show with complex characters that can develop over time and learn something, rather than characters that would probably have the males laughing at a fart or fart joke.

  5. Whats next, elf bowling the series? Continued production of garbage shows for kids does not make adults want to pay for youtube red

  6. if shows based on apps get there own series why can't Tokyo high school summoner have there own series ?

  7. They made angry birds toons this whats next cut the rope oh wait they have episodes on youtube plants vs zombies the animated series. Temple run the hidden trasure ?

  8. Jesus christ, what is this? Even I thought Food Fight was better than this horrible garbage. Someone please get the cross and holy water, we need to banish this, like, you could've made it really good, but really? It just seems like you guys made a REALLY good show, but it was possessed by some horrible, smelly demon.

  9. Everything n youtube red sucks. this is suppose to compete with dragon ball, Steven universe, teen titan go, hell attack on titan.

  10. Who else remembers this game as a kid and it was WAY different back then. Like there was only 3 modes, classic, arcade, and zen.

  11. We're 2-3 months into this garbage now and it's become quite clear this show has nothing to set it apart from other childrens' shows. Except for maybe Rinjin, nobody is likable, the show feels like it has no heart or thematics whatsoever, and quite frankly… it's not even funny. That last one is the DEATH NAIL right there.

  12. The fruit ninja game the first ninja warrior in the past and now the ninja the 2nd warrior of the legacy to fight the enemy that was mess up.

  13. They turn a simple game about cutting fruits into a YouTube red series…

    What's next? Turn Tetris into a Netflix series?

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