Fruitful Multiplication – Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force (Ep. 1)
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Fruitful Multiplication – Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force (Ep. 1)

August 24, 2019

[♪♪♪]Under an ordinary house
in an ordinary neighborhood,
four kids found the secretsto the messiest martial art
of all time!
Now the young ninjas
use their powers
to fight great evil!“Great” as in “big,”
not “good.” Ha!
Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force!
All right,
you so-called ninjas. Get a load of my
brutal berry backspin blast! Ha! You guys will have
to do better than that! Taste my…
pomegranate power pound! [laughing] You call those ninja moves? Get ready to experience
my big bad coconut… move. Pfft. That doesn’t sound
very… [gasping] Good one. Fury of the dragonfruit! Enough! We’re all improving. Good work, Fruit Ninjas. I think we’re finally ready. Ready for what exactly? Yeah, Seb, we’ve been training
for months now, and we haven’t even seen
a single bad guy! Unless… Hey! I’m good! Mostly. Come on, guys. Being a ninja isn’t always
about fighting bad guys. It’s about delivering justice! Yeah, by fighting bad guys! Haven’t you even read
the ancient scrolls? I’ve skimmed them. We are the Fruit Ninjas, sworn to reclaim and unlock the ancient secrets
of Juice Jitsu, and defend them
against all those who’d use fruit powers
for evil. Yeah, but nobody even knows
about fruit powers besides us. There’s a whole neighborhood,
nay, universe, out there that needs us. Come on, team! It’s time we showed everybody what being a Fruit Ninja
is all about! Man, this idyllic neighborhood
is such a drag. Honestly,
I’m beginning to wonder if there’s actually
much demand for the services of Ninjas trained specifically
in fruit. Be patient, guys. We’re here to get tips, suss the scene,
gather leads. Adventure isn’t just going
to pop out of a barrel! Aah! The fruit! It’s alive! Oh! Oh, thank goodness. It’s just some creepy old guy. So, it’s enemies you want,
is it? You want danger? Conflict? Bad guys to fight? Yes! Oh, heck yes! Wait, are you a bad guy? [chuckling] Oh, perhaps I am, but perhaps I
am even more not that thing. So is that a yes or no? [laughing] Be careful what you wish for, for danger could be
just… around the corner. I must go! [coughing] “Around the corner.” What could it mean? Wait, are we just going
to ignore the fact that there’s still some
guy in that barrel? [Sensei]: Yes! I don’t get it. All that’s around
the corner in this neighborhood are houses, trees, and that threatening-
looking space-time portal
over there. [gasping] Huh? A-ha! So it’s true! The Fruit Ninjas
have endured the ages. I may have let you down
in the past, master, but this time, I swear I will wipe out
the Fruit Ninjas for– [Seb]: Hey, you! Who are you talking to? Friends! Ninjas! Finally I’ve found you. I’m sorry,
who exactly are you? Uh, me? My name is Rin…
Ooh. Wait. What was it? Why, I’m… Watermelon Pete?
Oh, no. Coconut Jeffries?
No. Orange…Scott? D’oh! Come on. That’s not even
a name. Durian! Uh, that’s me! Durian…Grey! So are we crazy, Durian, or did you just travel here
from the past? The past? [laughing] No no no. That was just a…
a lightning thing. I have been sent to warn you that your produce here
is tainted! Come with me! I operate a small
fruit market with product so superior it will unlock
your ninja abilities like nothing else before! Hmm. Interesting. Ninja huddle! Okay, guys what do we think? -Trust him.
-Trust him. -Trust him. Well, we already trusted
some guy in a barrel today. What’s the worst
this guy can do? Agreed. Huh, he wasn’t kidding! This guy has a lot of stock! I dunno, something
about this place feels a little…off. Hey, what’s in this? Let’s not worry
about that, shall we? So, uh, where’s the
super-special fruit? Oh, I’ll show you. I’ll show you good! I just need you
to stand there. How come? Just stand there! Okay, fine. Geez. Ha! Right in to my trap! Gee, what a surprise. A trap? All right! Finally, some action! [laughing] At last! I will end this pesky
Fruit Ninja lineage once and for all! Then the secrets of Juice Jitsu
will be mine! I mean “yours,” master. Seb! Look! [demonic laughter] [demonic laughter] [demonic laughter] [high-pitched laughter] Ninjas, time to juice up! All right! Bring it on! [roaring] [high-pitched laughter] [roaring] [roaring] I don’t think
there could be a better enemy
for us to fight! Yeah, this seems really badly
thought out on Durian’s part. Arrogance! [roaring] [high-pitched roaring] [roaring] [roaring] [laughing] [screaming] They just keep
regenerating! We need to get them
away from the fruit! [roaring] Hey, you melony maniacs! Over here! [roaring] Rr-rr-rrr! Look out, Ralph! [roaring] Okay. Let’s see you creeps
grow your arms back without any fruit! [roaring] All right! Aw! Sweet! So Fruit Ninjas can beat
fruit monsters. Big deal! Here’s something
I bet you can’t slice. Bet we can! Peng! No! All right, that’s enough! Time to pulp this pretender! Niya, throw me
a dragonfruit, quick! There’s none left! You used them all! Uh, Ralph?
What have you got? I’m out too! [laughing] Now let’s see how well you fight without your precious
fruit powers! It’s no use! Without the fruit,
we’re just ordinary ninjas! Aw, everybody knows ordinary ninjas
can’t fight! Pfft! [laughing] This was hardly worth
traveling to the future for! I knew it wasn’t
a lightning thing! Hey, what’s that? It’s our fruit!
It followed us! I keep telling you!
The fruit’s alive! What? Impossible! You stay back! I’ve got a better idea! It’s a fruit miracle! Ninjas, now! Triple apple grapple! Septuple super salad slam! Banana… Ninja move! You’ve just had a little taste
of juicy justice. Time for you
to leave this neighborhood… for good. Uh, Thank you,
merciful Fruit Ninja. I will. I’m sorry for everything. Ha!
I had my fingers crossed! I’m not sorry at all! You can’t defeat me,
you fruity fools! I’ve fought Fruit Ninjas a thousand years
before you were born! You haven’t seen the last of me! [laughing] [laughing maniacally] Okay, this time I’m really
going! Yeah! We did it! Woo! We ninja’d that guy
good! And it’s all thanks
to training, patience, and incredible dumb luck. I still can’t believe the fruit
just rolled here. That seems…unlikely. [laughing] [laughing] Wha… wha…whoa! Whoa! Whaa!

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  1. 忍術忍術言ってるけどただフルーツを切ってるだけじゃない?

  2. Assalaamualaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakatuhu

  3. Fruit ninja (what I know): what started as entertainment in slicing fruits with a sword, some crazy wizard cast a spell on a batch and transformed them into an army to take over the world because there were no other organic possessables left

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