FTB Beyond #13 Enderman Farm
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FTB Beyond #13 Enderman Farm

August 18, 2019

oh god there’s a lot of in enderman yep they have spawned god bless america hey guys what’s going on it’s me jb and i’m back playing some more FTB beyond i actually have company this episode what’s up mountain how you doing dude I’m doing good that is live speakers life’s treating you well i’m just bout dude i assume this wasn’t you doesn’t move at all the layouts Mr D Hill has been doing some crazy stuff dude yep who gives him access to the server cheese Louise you get with access that’s true it probably feels bad man wait a minute did it take three to make one all that better not be right guys I might have done my bathroom vibrance vibrance no I never rolled nope nope nope we’re good on the vibrant I know you’re gonna ear about to say jiggly what the hell do I know you were it’s all good I was it’s all good so I am gonna need a soul while I think yeah something like that okay maybe two will just take out one so guys what we are going to do this episode we’re gonna build an Endermen farm what too much controlled right now no no hey Alan arrows whirring didn’t want any more oh okay I’m like it not being children yeah that was real that was crazy look guys we are going to work on this Endermen farm are you excited for this mountain yeah you know what it must endure pearls mean that i teleport forever exactly exactly so it’ll be creative mode with under rules right that’s almost sounds kind of cheating but it is what it is so let’s make be nibud our dad Maggie needed no jetpacks need to do absolutely so let’s make the inhibitor oblique first we need to make a capacitor that’s pretty easy to do crap wait a minute what the heck crap the chassis well we did that okay so now we need to make this vibrant crystal so I need to make okay so clear that out put three of those in there yeah okay let’s go and put those in there put those in there right now let’s go back and hit her vibrant crystal crafts what mountain this routine gravy wait did you grab one oh brother I think we need three of them we only made two of them did you grab them I don’t know where you want guys let’s get real get real out here all right let’s go to the soul visor because I don’t know how long this is going to take truth be told okay all gonna take nothin tell me you have levels I have 14 all thank God ok click on the soul binder and click on the use player exp ok yeah thank God ok but I only if I wave 3 right now I gotta go kill stuff yeah i’m at 12 miles oh okay I’m like gosh darn it man ok what do we need more oh by the way because I didn’t take anything you’re taking me ok all right well that’s okay we’re gonna make it work I think so but we need this inhibitor oblique right and then let’s put that back up in there like that I gotta go back to injure I owe a tender what this thing right here is going to do mountain is it’s going to prevent the internment from teleporting on us that sounds logical does it not yeah oh ok a pulsating ok thank God ok I make alright cool i can make a pulsating I like no we can’t make because I don’t know about that mountain I need for electric steel ingots do we have that I didn’t even check to see can you chat wit we need to vacuum chest so we can suck up the items and then we need a power spawner I think and we have exactly four electricity get out of Dodge holy business all right the only thing I need to make sin is oh oh my gosh that is awesome I’m about to get excited here powered spotter craft know what do I not have I made this all know I made that’s right i made the capacitor i think all i need ironing I need iron bars we don’t have any iron oh uh huh huh huh yeah we do I just gotta remember how to make iron bars no that’s an iron ladder I give up I you know there we go okay boom all right let’s make like 48 of those since we just have an abundance of craft nope gosh darn it craft craft buildcraft powered spawner craft did you do it yeah but I want ahead i wanna i want to vom behead Donna because we of skeleton has really have one and I don’t want to deal with that right now alright powered spawner shoot okay empty cool ok where is our water with yes I had a broken interment spawner now can’t we put that in all right let’s go play some things down now ok too all right what is this whole huh this this this right here is oh god I’m on spikes ok 11 notes it up I know I’m like Weasley’s ain’t got no jet back yeah I was like wait a minute man what is it doing high-powered spotter go laced up the heck I want it mountain yes step up no it’s down there why is it bugging what I got it back ok ok um it’s like bugging out though weird hold on let’s do this like this let’s break that put that like that put the power spawner like that why is it breaking come on give me my block back okay did I get it yeah but why is it not working not sure does it have to be does that to be married oh maybe because it’s empty I don’t like do I have to do it on an anvil may be all right does it specify yeah you’ll drive to do an anvil don’t specify you can like play there oh alright enchantment cough 16 oh ok well i don’t know get some stuff killed that’s why it’s not placing down ok i figured it out i was like guys what the heck mountain we need you to get level 16 I’m going on at 12 still so I happy alright cool good deal strong work do we figured it out I just need some assistance yes we only catch on that I imagine that I know jiggly never needs assistance which I’m just going that is a far like okay so let’s place the oblique like this oh all right now it is powering perfect it’s getting active alright so we might is a daytime it is we should have enough power I’ll mountains doing this thing is turning the night over in the mining Romberg it’s six something at night right now so we should have enough power to get the stuff initially powers that’s all I’m curious about at the moment you’re a couch ever mountain I knew it you dog you where I’m just killing cows you just a cow slaughter or do we need to set up a farm where we just kill stuff evidently yeah well I mean all the reactors are all right now Oh biscuits how many elevators run around deal ah no wonder we weren’t going down on energy but what’s our yellow reham at here we have no yellow reham boilerplate on do ah feels bad do you feel real bad right now I think all the ones that were in here are ya they already burned up absolutely like wife 32 but gosh darn it dude unfortunately that is not endless energy he just needs to not touch it preferably I like the skeleton on there what’s your exp yet I’m almost 13 okay I wonder if we could share the load sex3 levels but you know I on my arse like that okay let’s see what can I smell that doesn’t really care like nickel or I don’t care if that’s a doubled let me go smell that thing it’s an exp own for myself zirconia yeah melted that’d be helpful to cook what’s up yeah so i’m good i cooked up some chacon IAM and we’re just literally waiting on that internment thing and I think we’re set to you that’s pretty cool I’m really excited how long have we been eating ender pearls for a while so the next thing to make thin is the dimensional transceiver and this is why we need intervals with it for electric still super easy to get in der crystal that would be nice if I could just go down there and like slop a soul vial to get an in terment which is a vibrant crystal so we’re going to need another emerald right where are the two because I got to make two of these things but an indoor resonator we need an Endermen head we’re going to be to Allah we’re going to need to internment heads we’re going to be two Arctic capacitors but we need vibrant alloys which also require ender pearls so that’s why we needed ender pearls case I don’t know though if we’ll get intermittent heads off a drop or not I think we might am Not sure I think we might because it’s in der I oh I think any time an in terment skilled it’s a chance we’ll find out that’s what I’m not sure if but essentially that’s all we need is intermittent so regardless if not then what we can do is we can line them up and take the spikes off and then just go down there and slaughter them ourselves yeah kind of like a model arm so how many levels are yet about 40 min that ok so you’re almost done dude yep we are almost there let me see let me look at this annual able to put these bolts in yeah it requires your choir 16 I did not know that that is a lot I mean it’s fair i suppose but that’s a grip I quit I why you’re doing that I’m going to start slaughtering though because I feel we are going to need like the soul wiles and stuff in the future I’m gonna have to have enchantment levels okay there an easier way to get exp how do you get the Bible’s of exp i linger I don’t think you can craft I like do I even vanilla so we also have a villager spawner get i guess i should have said that if it works we’re trying i think we have one too many rolls of doors just plan i don’t know that for a fact i don’t oh I’m just going up a level baby Oh yep level 4 on a boy I go hard d almost 50 are you you need to be level 16 d alright i found a better way to do this I’m just remind some Cola rear oh yeah that might work too ya mar 15 and a half are you wow yeah yep mine mining goes pretty good like a moment of 16 I feel or blocks overall and oh wow i just went up three levels cuz that stack of Egan’s whoo that’d be crazy man so the nickel in there we have almost 300 nickel ingots that’s quite a bit considering we haven’t used any yet I see detail Emma wouldn’t believe it what happens did you that little 16 all did you guys yep all right I’m coming back ok so I will throw you what you need use any advil that you desire and it throw it back to me oh man I’m throwing them down q cute all right place them and crafts it moment of truth you know what i should do though which I didn’t think about is a I should have oh my God look at that thing I got oh it looks so beautiful all right come down here and place it don’t I get it back up around him well where you at I won’t Oh on it I want oh you want it oh Jesus Sophia you’ll never find it in one of these covers oh I’ll never find it in one of these covers I got away stuff in the cupboard I got to be honest with you I mean the trollin is real dude patrol wow he found that quick that’s the end I said covered not parade oh no I go hard bro hahaha I was like if I was a mountain where would I put it so what I was getting at though is what I should have done is put of lover oh man ouch I should have put a lever that’s what I should have done on this but let’s see so I need to put a cobblestone down Oh God okay I’m gonna die I’m gonna die hold on he’s charging 0 vector place don’t love it giggling going on a plate behind it echo hobbits no no no don’t let me down let me uh aah no no aah ok i dink I think it’s powering oh yeah it is oh but 600 RF isn’t enough I think it’s gonna be pretty slow Oh back your chest look at that show rage redstone mode always active dude it’s going all there it goes now it’s transferring energy looking at all no it burns it quick nevermind nevermind spawn capture spawn that spawn okay configure redstone always active show range okay that’s pretty fair hide range so rate nope but stone always active show ring surely do you got the reactor on or no so don’t ya go turn out on real brief it actually it’s not going to make any difference actually how do i turn it online you have to open the panel in and say activate here’s an idea I did idea okay okay here’s the thing though it only gets 640 RF per tick because of the kaylene ndio like exercised in a way i’m using in dry oh but what i need to do is make a sound filings I need to just put a flux point on it and disable the 640 transfer I could use the 640 on this chest though excited that’s all I don’t even think it already just followed that’s seventy percent yeah i just i don’t even think that this thing needs to have power to it actually but i wasn’t sure now thing I’m worried about those of the obliques alright let’s see the thing spawn and then from there oh my gosh do we have we have intermittent I anyone oh god be ready for it ah there’s a bump you up hold a lot of ornery not okay all right back up make sure the chest picks up stuff first I’m back nice plug those into pearls two of them already that easy three of them oh my gosh do yeah that’s good dude that was 3 Interpol study jiggly okay I have an idea I have an idea I’ll go give Lee look at I got though look what I got in different vendor girls oh do we already able to come back how much a spin no but what I am going to do is I’m going to throw flux points we can kind of burn through our Interpol’s down it’s awesome because we have in abundance ah Luck’s got a point no i don’t yes I do okay all right let’s give this thing more juice but only to hear not only fear he is it’s going to liquidate our power do we need more power throw it so we’ll find a way back okay all right so I got to break this vacuum hopper and I gotta break this vector plate the specter plate and this Oh feels bad man Oh give me that okay ouch knock it off by your getting Rick dude I know getting wrecked funneled spike sprint what’s your life what’s your life I’m healing up at the moment actually about the point I’ve forgot to do that before guys and it really sucks dude just saying I’m going to break down because I don’t even think that need to power so let’s go ahead and put this back down like that oh god there’s a lot of in German it day is a song oh god bless america all right here put the back and chest back down real quick all right okay I need I need you guys to die ya see it prevents the teleporting though nice all over this guy’s Oh God dr. Bellin back up back up I got out of there I got out all right he’s dying Dainese Dainese done he’s caught on the spikes scoop okay all right oh it’s oh yeah only one of them can spawn up there anyways so it’ll be area but soon they can’t this is why are you going to put a plate on top of it don’t get up in a flux point just like that how’s that dude huh I tell me I need power outs true okay oh my god oh yeah that’s loading very quickly oh wow yeah that’s why I NSS I it loads more RF than it burns actually so yeah that’s full speed that’s my eye is still only at like forwarded by right now and see if they’ll spawn I’m going to go see how fast we you’re kicking power out Oh them real quick I gotta see that’s from the rear out of the reactors onto yeah turn the reactor off I got a fever can hold which I think it might during the day but if my dad will be just like the Corps during the night at the work hmm i don’t know the reactive lon Moore did it how many at a time for four but the problem is you took those back up like biscuits I’m coming yeah those help move them into those spikes absolutely all right now what’s the what’s the spawner at is that already gonna spawn in shoot I grabbed everything out of the vacuum did you do that good yeah there was only one under girl so okay coming down make way okay all right there we go okay all right uh okay after this 1i got to do one more thing that in German though whoa how they respond already what the heck did like oh it’s a nebulous heart those give us three in der pearls nice nice i’m pretty sure that they can still spawn up there heat away ok so what i need to do is put a block under the other oh please i need to break this stuff hi I’m going to break that and put a cobblestone ouch spikes all right hop out I’ll put the hair I’ll put it back over there I know it have grabbed it the vacuum will grab all that spongy it should all right this is automated bro this is automated we have an automatic inter spotless ticket all right let’s do it this looks for old incoming the Pearl ain’t coming oh did they just go yeah I think so or the divil harsil nice oh my god okay give it to me give it to me here we go dim lit right click nice dimwit bass part did what basic energy model and a regular memory unit oh my god that is also don’t know any of that is alright so I’m really new to it but essentially is this the stuff that will help us start to craft worlds like what we can do is we can make like if we have enough power generation in the future we can make a world full of diamond blocks take the quarry in there and mine just pure diamond blocks does that sounds stupid left it sorry that’s good that’s I know it just sounds kind of stupid though right like that’s just crazy it’s a little bits so our output is 1638 so to answer your question yes we are going to lose power we have to have the reactor going in order to have the n-terminus bombed oh gawd damn pedestrians walking over all the next question is in my Lamborghini Can I grab the the nah I can’t I can’t if I come bow jiggly you know how you were telling us telling me anyways that we need glowstone huh we got someone on the floor right here we can just grab this Paul no we need those from like so it’s nothing spawns bro Buffalo just works which is good but Mountain you know what time it is bro you know what that is we have built an in terment spawner it’s ready it’s crafting we’re getting dimwit parcels now this is awesome oh my god I’m excited guys so hope but I’ll take so much for joining me you in your lambo uh yeah we’ll be here every week we’ll be here every week as always guys thank you so much take care we hope you enjoyed smash that like button be sure to join our channels if you’re new and I will see you guys in another one take care good bye Oh

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