FULL CASE! Opening FUNKO  Blind Bags Disney Mystery Minis [HONEST Toy Review] खिलौना
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FULL CASE! Opening FUNKO Blind Bags Disney Mystery Minis [HONEST Toy Review] खिलौना

August 11, 2019

Hey BvL Squad! We are gonna check out a full case of these
GameStop Exclusive Disney Mystery Mini Plushies! Stay Tuned. Welcome back to Biggs versus Lilz Blind Bag
Battlez, I’m Biggs! and I’m Lilz! And today we are going to battle a whole case
of these Disney Mystery Mini Plushies. And we need you to head on down to the comments
and tell us who you think found the best stash! Let’s get started! I’m going first. And Funko has some really cool characters. You can get Stitch! and Pooh Bear, Biggs! I want Simba! I want Simba! Buzz Lightyear! Let’s see who we get first. Simba! You got Simba! Yay!!!! Oh, these are so soft. Simba is one of the exclusive ones too. Ah, you started out real good Lilz. Alright, I don’t know if anything is gonna
beat Simba, but I would like to get a Pooh Bear. So, lets see. Oh, I got Buzz Lightyear! That’s the one I really wanted… To Infinity and Beyond! These are super cute Lilz. I like the style, like even his little costume
has cool details on it. Look at his little jetpack! I’m really hoping for Tinkerbell this round. No, I got Pooh Bear! Lilz how am I gonna beat you? You’re getting all the Funko plushies I want. I wonder if we are not gonna get any duplicates
in this box! Well, there are 9 to collect and we have 12
of them, so we are probably gonna get duplicates cause that’s just math. Stitch?!! I got Stitch! I’m getting the ones you want and you’re getting
the Disney plushies, I want. Weird… Neat, I like that. He’s so cute, look at his ears! Who do you think is winning so far, bvlsquad?? Which one would you want to find? Going for Ariel this time. Oh, Mickey! Classic Mickey, wouldn’t be a good Disney
battle without Mickey Mouse. But look, this one, he kinda looks like he
is getting gray hair. Yeah, the seam’s a little weird. This is grandpa Mickey. These are by Funko, right Lilz? Yeah, I think so. Uhoh, DUPLICATE! At least its Stitch. Well you can have him when we are done. Funko usually has really good quality toys
and I always have loved their plushies. Oh no! Duplicate Simba. Now I can have one! Hehehehehehe. Okay, who do we still need to get? We still need Tinkerbell, Nemo, Heimlich,
is that his name? Yeah, I think so. And… Ariel. I want Ariel, cause The Little Mermaid is
one of my favorite movies. Oh, I got Heimlich. Cute, oh look at his back! He is really cute! Yeah, see Funko usually does a pretty good
job. Their vinyls are generally better than their
plushies, but these are still really good. He is one of the exclusives too! Now we just need Tinkerbell, Ariel, and Nemo! I really hope we complete the collection. Is that Nemo?! Nemo!!!!! Yay! So cute. I like their eyes. Yeah. They are kind of like the Funko Pops. Yeah! Hehehehehehe. We still don’t have Ariel, maybe this one
will be Ariel! Please be Ariel…..ohhh…Mickey. Boo, I totally didn’t want Mickey Lilz. BOO! There’s only two left and we still have to
get Tinkerbell and Ariel and then we will haved the whole collection. So these have to be them. Okay…. Oh, no! I can tell its Stitch… Lose! Three of them! Too many…. I really hope this one’s Ariel. I hope its not a fourth Stitch. Alright ready…. Simba. Well at least I got my own Simba. Lilz which Disney Funko Mystery Plushie was
your favorite? I think the favorite one I opened was my Winnie
the Pooh Bear, but my favorite one in general was Buzz Lightyear! My favorite was definitely Simba even though
we got 3 of them. This is like my all-time favorite Disney Movie,
so this won it for me. Which one was your favorite BvL Squad?? Comment down below and let us know. And don’t forget to vote for who you think
won this battle! Was it me, Biggs? Or me, Lilz? Don’t forget to subscribe. We post cool new videos every week! We get to open toys now! Finally!

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  1. Loved the Disney Funko Mystery Minis 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  2. I’m not a huge plushie fan… I think they get dirty easily or rip as my top reasons for not preferring them….BUT OMG THAT STITCH PLUSH!
    Ohana means family!
    P.s.- love that y’all are positive about duplicates 🙂

  3. My favorite is Heimlich! “One day, I’m going to be a beautiful butterfly, and then everything will be better.” PS I got a few bags of these and I think Tink is hiding inside…😉💜🍭🐇

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