Funeral held for Manuel Uribe, the world’s heaviest man, in Mexico
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Funeral held for Manuel Uribe, the world’s heaviest man, in Mexico

August 8, 2019

A funeral for a record breaker. The world’s
heaviest man is laid to rest in Mexico. Manuel Uribe died on Monday after spending twenty
days in hospital. The 48-year-old once weighed as much as a small truck. Family and friends
gather to pay their final respects in Monterrey. Manuel once tipping the scales at 560 kilos
after a diet of pizzas and burgers in the United States where he worked as a computer
repairman. It saw Guinness World Records award him the title of the world’s heaviest man.
Moving back to Mexico, his diet changed to tacos. By the time of his death he’d slimmed
down to 394 kilos. Reportedly taken to hospital by crane due to an abnormal heartbeat. He’s
also believed to have suffered from liver problems. Transported to the funeral home
on the back of a truck. Unable to find a suitable coffin for his large size, he was cremated.
His lawyer Moises Nataren admitting it’s not a dignified way to go. Nobody wanted to see him end up like this.
Unfortunately there is no coffin that is big enough for his weight and size or a hearse
that is adaptable to a person of his weight. Manuel was not one to let his weight get in
the way. Getting married six years ago after being hoisted onto a flat bed truck and taken
to the wedding, on one of the few occasions he left his home.

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  1. He seemed like a nice guy. I wish people weren't put in coffins, he would supply a lot of nutrients. They could grow a tree over him in his memory 🙂

  2. What I don't understand is where they get all the money to fill that pie hole every 15 minutes. The good news is that you should start seeing an increase in food on the shelves at his local grocery store, the locals must be overjoyed that the giant food disposal machine is gone.

  3. Even though we all saw it coming, I feel bad for him. He tried to lose weight but he couldn't do it fast enough.

  4. thats sad. Just how someone can become so. Like that. past the point of no return. Its wrong. Very wrong. Worlds heaviest man. Does that mean there is a heavier woman somewhere. Or is that why there are sinkholes popping down everywhere.   

  5. No respect! He was a burden for his social circle, for society, he consumed so much food, drinks, wasted so much money, all because of gluttony! A waste of resources while so many suffer because of the lack thereof.

    Rest in piece u fat fuck  

  6. I was so looking forward  for him to succeed.  Sad thing is that he lost additional 300 pounds before he past.   Just damn.  Well, he can surely rest in peace and don't have to suffer any longer.  Just damn.

  7. I remember him on Discovery Channel, but now he is dead. Yes, indeed everyone will but I do not think that lying in bed is something that worth my life, so nature makes the changes as well

  8. I can't belive some of you shit heads leave a comment like that.look at it like I did we are so blessed to be able to whip our ass to take a bath this poor man hasn't saw his peker in years I'm shure he hated himself but food is a weekness for so many. May go keep him in his hands.thanks for opening my eyes

  9. I guess he wanted the be the fattest man vet the attention but when he wanted to loose weight it was too late. May he rest in peace. Being in The World Book Of Guiness Records aint worth getting that big.

  10. I can't believe all of the ignorant comments on this video. I hope each of you gets badly injured in a car accident and has to go on pills that make you gain weight as a side effect. And then go back and read your comments about how "he made his bed and now he has to lie in it." Or even better – go shoot yourself and let God judge you as a human being.

  11. I know it's wrong to do so, but I can't not feel sorry for him. Rest in peace, Manuel. I couldn't understand your language in the documentary but I know you were a fucking positive human being. Hope you get an amazing life next time.

  12. Awwww such a nice guy beautiful smile very sweet man I'm so sorry this happen to him I am. Always smiling always happy ?

  13. the thing that pissed me off about this guy, he CHOOSE to stuff his face with fast food while living in America, then put the blame on America because he made the choice to stuff his face with it. NOBODY told him to eat it. Then he goes back to Mexico and eats even MORE disgusting fatten food. He killed himself by his own decisions and his family in Mexico fed him that garbage and got him even fatter.

  14. I felt sad to hear Manuel had passed away. He had so much faith and happiness that he was on his way to a healthy life with his beautiful wife beside him. He also had a wonderful close family, I'm sure their hearts are still missing him terribly, especially his awesome smile. ?

  15. Hey should have done the surgery. He would have lost weight faster and had a better chance. Yes I believe the diet should have been used first but after losing some weight he should have done the surgery. Rip manuel.

  16. Not a dignified way to go. People seriously need to start listening to doctors when they say to loose weight. I know how hard it is because I am over weight too. It does get easier when you get to a routine and force urself to do it. I've lost 45 lbs. I am now 210 and keep going.

  17. Oh so sad… I thought he lost already his weight I've been watching he's journey during the weight lose program… Rest in peace Manuel?

  18. Oh my God, he was doing so much better I thought, he had lost A significant amount of weight, to family of Manuel Uribe, you have my condolences.?

  19. If those zone doctors hadn't used him in this way and combined their diet with a surgical option the outcome would have been so much different. Xx

  20. Too little, too late! But I still feel badly. It’s sooo hard to lose weight, especially when you have a good appetite and you enjoy food. It really is an addiction. So sad.

  21. Lmao..
    Not even dead he got respect. Moved in a box bc the were no coffins his size..hoisted by a crane…lmao.

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