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Furry Superheroes Are Super Gross – FURRY FORCE

August 8, 2019

now back to furry force on Fox kids I love parking lots Victor vivisect er looks like we got here just in time these animals need our help huh how are four kids going to stop me hurry horses on the prowl whoa why are they so sexy cripple crooks or turns they make me really uncomfortable oh come on team time to get the fur flying I don’t like this release power mush Oh ah like what earn sex Oh viv a sector your days of deforestation are done I can’t even look at you when you’re like that I challenge you to man on lion man combat okay all right okay rocket punch oh I can still feel everything vivisect err you need to learn respect for the animals of the forest there’s no seriously any point he’s just at least my hand your furs all sweaty and matter how are you fool you never should have trusted me was there to die perverts furries gif mode activate I love you hip-hop hey if you like that video click me to subscribe you might not know this but Dan’s actually a marionette controlled by a 40-foot giant Demetri cut him loose

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  1. It's Missing:
    The token gay
    Overusage of "OwO"
    Cruelty to actual animals
    The Zoophilia and pedophilia defender
    Pointless drama
    Little girls
    Art raffles you will never win
    Telegram, Discord, and Twitter
    Fear of cheese graters
    Obsessions over Zootopia and Socialism
    And the block button.

    this is exactly the kind of line they would've written for a show like this

  3. Best ways to commit suicide:
    5: the classic noose
    4: the good old knife
    3: guns, guns, guns
    2: tasty bleach
    1: watching this video

  4. Please take this down I'm a furry and this isn't what furry superheros or regular furries are like you are ruining the furry fandom we aren't that bad

  5. I’d like to say as a furry I haven’t seen this art but.. t-that would be a lie…… sadly, at least not all of us are like this but oof

  6. Aaaaaaaaaa aa aa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my eyes MY EYES ARE MELTING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaAAaaaaaAaaaaaaaaAaaAAAA

  7. I'm speechless…I just want to think about how much evolution we humans have went through i want to know what our ancestors would say😑

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