Get Eaten! [Midget Apple Plays]
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Get Eaten! [Midget Apple Plays]

August 10, 2019

(energetic music) – Yo, yo, yo, Little Apple back in the house once again. That’s right. We are back in Roblox once again, and we are playing, Get Eaten. I actually have not played this game yet. I saw Orange and Pear play and thought, that looks like a lot of fun. Let me in I want to come with you guys. Alright, who are we going to arrest. Wow, those are some wonky wheels, you probably want to get those fixed. You think so buddy? Which one are we going to go on? Which one are we going to go on? Oh man, Whoa, I don’t think I’m aloud in this one. Is it going to let me? You probably have to drive it into, there you go. (screams) I’m upside down. What’s even happening? Oh no, he bailed. (laughing) Oh no. I think I’m stuck. No, this is not the way to start the game. Dead already, I didn’t even get eaten. The whole game is about getting eaten, and I couldn’t even get eaten. (laughs) It’s like they make this game, you know, just for us. I swear. This is so sweet. I got myself some bubblegum car. (laughs) Bubblegum versus cake. Who will win? Get back here. It’s a sticky situation, when you’re riding in gum. Excuse me, I’m trying to pick. I want to go down this slide, hold on. Here we go. Yes, surfin’ safari. On some gum. Bubblicious. Oh boy, (laughs) Oh no, am I going to even make it? Oh man, it’s getting close. (screams) I’ve been eaten. Oh no, I’m so conflicted. This is a terrible thing,
but it’s also awesome. ’cause it’s kind of fun. Oh no, no, no. (screams) (laughs) Yay. I got eaten you guys. 40 points and five slide experience. That’s not too bad. I kind of wish that every time in life, when we’re in the kitchen, that I almost get knifed to death, because that happens almost every day. That I would get
experience points for that and then I could use
those experience points. Okay, you drive. Okay, I’ll drive. No, you drive. Drive, okay. Ya, ya, ya, I just wanna chill in the back yo. I just want to be a back seat driver. You’re driving terribly. Your wheels are broken. Fix your wheels. Kinda hard to go anywhere in that vehicle, when the wheels are broken. Excuse me, I want to get in the bus. This is my bus. (laughs) Alright, I’m in the seat. Who’s all on the bus? The wheels on the bus
go, blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah, Blah, blah, blah. Have you seen the wheels on this thing? They just kind of wacky, wobble all over the place. Everybody on the bus. Come on. We’re going down the slide. Lady, how about you don’t
stand in front of me. How about you get in the bus. Here we go. High tide for slide time baby. Ya buddy. Let’s get eaten. Alright, yes. Oh no, we’re upside down. The camera is going wonky, I don’t like that. No, no, no, Stay on, stay on, stay on. We’ve got a whole bus load of people here. We’ve got to deliver them. Yes, we’ve got to get
them to our destination. (laughs) Oh crap, it’s falling apart. (screams) I made it. Oh no, everyone else died. No one else got eaten. I was the only one. I jumped out at the last
second and survived. That was so close. Yay, I survived so I could get pooped out of the toilet. 40 points and five slide
experience you guys. That’s intense. This is the only time in life where I’m okay with being eaten. Any other time, this comes up, do not eat me. I’m really liking this bus thing. Okay, you drive this time. Alright, we’ve got a few
more people on the bus. Stop with the camera. I hate it when the camera does this. (laughs) You’re never going to be
able to get down there, if you drive like that. Come on, we’re almost there. You can do it buddy. No standing up on the bus you guys. You gotta sit down, you gotta sit down on the seats. Here we go. Oh ya, there are a bunch
of us on the bus again. There’s someone in the
middle of the track. Get out of the way, you’re blocking the road. Ah man, bail out, bail out, everyone follow me. Let’s go get eaten. That’s a phrase you’ll never, ever hear me say any other time. Unless I’m playing this game. Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. Yeah! Who wants to get eaten? I want to get eaten. No, don’t take that literally though. In the game I want to get eaten. Yeah! Flushed, flushed down the toilet baby. (laughs) I’ve never been excited to get flushed down the toilet. Which is actually a real fear of mine. Because I’m pretty little, and I could totally fit down a toilet. And that scares me, that scares the crap out of me. (laughs) Get it? Yeah, that’s right jokes. I love getting eaten. Alright, let’s be a drumstick. Excuse me, excuse me. Oh no, (screams) you just got t-boned by a drumstick. (laughs) How many times in life can you say that? Probably not very often. Excuse me racecar, I would like to use this slide please. Thank you very much. Can you get out of my way? I’ll just got around him. I know you’re excited to see me, ’cause it’s Little Apple Army, but, I want to go down this slide. Yeah, here we go. Oh no, you almost went off the side. Oh man, those wheels, you need to get those
wheels checked out lady. ‘Cause I don’t think they’re supposed to be wacky, wobbling like that. That’s probably going
to be pretty difficult to drive, drive straight anyways. Ah! I’m like moshing on top of her. Eat the drumstick. Eat the drumstick. No, you don’t know how to eat. You keep closing your mouth when the drumstick gets close to you. No, you’re doing it wrong. You’re not eating correctly. Do I need to get out of this vehicle, and tell you how to eat? Okay, there we go. Yeah! I got eaten. Feels so good. Now, I’ve gotta run all the way down here. Whoa, what is even, whoa. (laughs) That was awesome. You got eaten with some force. That was amazing. The only thing that is kind of a bummer, is that some of the slides, don’t give you very many points or slide experience. And they totally should. Like even if they’re the easy ones, you should still get a lot, because, you know what, I’ve earned it. You don’t know what it’s like to be a Little Apple, in the world. Always about to be eaten. Alright, here we go. Yeah baby! I’ve got my buddy with me. I’m going to hit this guy in the butt, I’m going to hit this guy in the butt, (laughs) Excuse me, I am going, I am going, I’m hitting this guy in the butt. That’s what you wanted me to do. Hop on bud. Yeah! Alright, who here’s ready to get eaten? I see the dog, the dog. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Yeah! Come on. We caught some sweet air right there, but we didn’t make the jump. Oh no. Come on yo, Little Apple is behind the wheel once again. Get up in here buddy, come on dude, you can get up here there’s one spot left, just for you. Go! I’m gonna leave you. Alright! Yeah! Get out of here cake. Yeah, I’m gonna have that cake, and I’m gonna eat my cake too. (laughs) (screams) This is crazy. I’m so dizzy. What happened? What happened? (screams) I don’t even know if we’re actually making it through. The camera, it’s all crazy and wonky. Here we are, we got it. (screams) Nom, nom, nom, I’m delicious. Yum, yum, yum, (screams) Flushed down the toilet once again. (laughs) Yeah! 80 points and 3 slide experience. That’s pretty awesome. Alright, you drive. You drive this time. Let’s see if you can get
those wheels to go straight. Buddy, don’t try to go under. No, you’re under the bus. Don’t go under the bus. Get on the bus and in one of the seats. You screwed up the driving mechanisms. Okay, I’m just going to take this one. If this one’s going to be over here then. (laughs) Here we go, you guys can stay stuck over there. Get out of here, Meefy, get out of the way Meef. (laughs) It disappeared. Oh no, I destroyed it. Guess we’re going down this one. Come one chicken leg. Turkey leg, whatever you are. Yeah! Sliding baby. Sliding down, the slide, and into someone’s mouth, and they’re gonna eat me. It’s gonna be awesome. That’s a pretty good
song, don’t you think? (laughs) Whoa, just slid right past that guy. Oh no, my car’s in a million pieces. Yeah! Whoa! My car’s exploding. That was amazing. Yeah, cars should explode
when you get eaten. Although, if you’re
the person eating that, that probably wouldn’t feel very good. You eat this person inside of a vehicle, and then it explodes in you. That probably wouldn’t feel very good. It’s so conflicting. How can they make this game so fun? This is so fun. I could play this game for like days. Alright guys, you hoppin’ on? You gonna come too? Oh, you’re break-dancing on the floor. Okay. Well you know, ride on the bus, or break-dance on the floor, whatever floats your boat. Alright, yeah get in. Alright, now we’ve got a
few members on our bus. We are ready. Which one should we go in? Should we go down this one again? No, let’s try this one. This one’s crazy. Although, now that I’m choosing this one, I’m kind of regretting it because it’s got all those figure eights in it. And I don’t think this is going to end well for this giant bus. Oh no, taco traffic jam. I got a taco traffic jam. (laughs) I had a taco hit my booty. That happens sometimes. You know, when you’re playing Roblox, you never know, you never know when a random taco might come out of nowhere and just hit you in the booty. You gotta be ready for
those kinds of things. I’m bailing ship, I’m bailing the bus. Follow me guys. I know how to get eaten. (laughs) There’s my buddy. Whoa! That was awesome. Come on, eat me, I’m delicious. Nom, nom, nom, so good eat, yeah. Nom, nom, nom. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you ready bud? Let’s do this together. Yeah! I love getting flushed down
the toilet with my friends. (laughs) Alright, well I think that’s a good place to stop for today you guys. Thank you so much for watching. Little Apple Army you rock, as always, until next time. Buh-bye! (energetic music)

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